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Who is Amirah Dyme?

Amirah Dyme onlyfans
Amirah Dyme onlyfans

Amirah Dyme, better known by her Instagram handle Cake Queen, is a well-known German Instagram model and actress who is reported to be Ray Hushpuppi’s lover. On Instagram, she has promoted a slew of different fashion firms. After publishing a beautiful vine video on social media channels, she soon gained attention and became well-known.

Following the publication of this update, Amirah’s vine video became viral in the social media world, and she soon established herself as a well-known personality among the general public, particularly among youths. Amirah Dyme’s professional profile has expanded throughout the years, as seen by the millions of fans she has amassed on social media platforms. It’s not just that she’s admired by many; she also serves as a role model for aspiring and established models alike.


Amirah Dyme was born on January 14, 1995, in Berlin, Germany, to a family of three brothers. During the course of this year, she will turn 27 years old. Father Kosar Dyme and mother Elsa Dyme are the most gorgeous people on the face of the planet. Aside from that, she comes from a beautiful and loving family with seven siblings, one of which is her brother. Her brother is quite close to her and she cherishes their relationship.

The majority of her primary schooling was received in Germany. Even though she doesn’t provide any information on her higher education, she appears to be a well-educated young girl based on her previous efforts and accomplishments. This young lady exudes a calm and compassionate nature.

Amirah Dyme had started assisting people in philanthropic endeavors in order to promote environmental harmony. She had a passion for helping others. The objective she set for herself was to raise up to 20,000 dollars in donations for peace development, and she was successful in achieving that target via her constant efforts and dedication.


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Instagrammer Amirah Dyme is best recognized for promoting well-known fashion labels such as Fashion Nova, Blanco Bay, and NA-KD across all of her social media channels, particularly Instagram. Her supporters on social media have dubbed her the “Cake Queen,” which means “Cake Queen.”

Amirah was born and raised in Germany, where she spent most of her youth. In addition, Amirah is the daughter of Kosar Dyme and Elsa Dyme, who are both deceased. In addition, some of her sources claim that she has seven siblings, one of whom appears on her Instagram videos on a regular basis.

If the information from the sources is correct, it is likely that Amirah had a difficult upbringing when she was growing up. According to her educational background, however, the young Dyme may have attended elementary school and high school at the same time and graduated at the same time.


Alternatively, it might also be the other way around. Because of her protective personality, we are unable to provide any information regarding her educational background at this time. When you get down to the meat of the matter, it is clear that Amirah is primarily well-educated, and she has also performed admirably in endorsements and promotional activities.

Similarly, the curvaceous diva, Amirah, is of German nationality and of Sudanese heritage, despite her appearance. Dyme is an adherent of Islam, which she practices. It is because she was reared in a Sudanese Muslim family that she has this viewpoint. Unfortunately, there is no additional information about her childhood.

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Wiki biography

Real NameAmirah Dyme
Nick NameAmirah
Famous AsInstagram Star, Social Media Star
Age26-years old
BirthdayJanuary 14, 1995
Birth SignCapricorn
amirah dyme leaked

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Amirah Dyme Age 2022

As of 2022, Amirah Dyme will be 27 years old. She was born on January 14, 1995.

Amirah Dyme Height, weight, etc.         

Amirah Dyme’s height is 5 feet 3 inches and her weight is 55 kg.


Amirah Dyme (Cake Queen) is a well-known Instagram model who has amassed a large following. She started uploading her images on Instagram in 2016, and her account soon gained popularity. As a result of her efforts, she received more admirers, brand endorsements, and promotional opportunities. A number of fashion firms, including Fashion Nova, NA-KD, and Blanco Bay, have benefited from her Instagram promotion.


The amazing clothing and breathtaking photography of Amirah Dyme earned her more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram by June 2020, thanks to her stunning Instagram account. The Instagram sensation is involved in a number of philanthropic peace activities in addition to modeling and business endorsements.

Her fundraising page just surpassed its fundraising goal of more than 20,000 people donating to the peace project. Amirah Dyme is not married, and she is most likely single at the moment. Amirah, on the other hand, was in a relationship with a lovely man with whom she had a good relationship. It’s only her boyfriend, Ray Hushappi, who she cares about in this world.

She didn’t hesitate when it came to introducing him to the news media. However, what was once a happy and joyful period has now turned into a terrible fairy tale for them. Ray Hushppiy was arrested for fraud in the month of June 2020, according to court records.

The Dubai police were able to catch him. Following a negative dating experience, she redirected her full attention to her impending professional endeavors. She also made an effort to maintain her personal appearance. She didn’t provide any details about her current romantic connection, though.

Prior to that, she was said to be dating Hushpuppi, a Nigerian Instagram celebrity who is currently facing criminal charges in the United States for conspiring to launder money obtained through business email compromise fraud and other scams, including schemes that defrauded a U.S. company out of more than a million dollars in a single day.

Detectives seized more than 150 million dirhams (approximately $40 million) in cash from Hushpuppi and eleven other people during six simultaneous raids. They also seized thirteen high-end luxury cars worth Dh 25 million ($7M), 21 laptops and 47 smartphones as well as 15 memory storage devices and five external hard drives.

They also seized 800,000 emails from potential victims as well as suitcases full of cash.As soon as he was detained, Amirah appeared to rejoice, claiming that Hush was full of pride and dismissing her because of her clothing, claiming that “she isn’t well dressed enough to sit among the rich.”

Amirah Dyme Onlyfans news

Amirah Dyme, the claimed girlfriend of Ramon Abbas, better known by his stage as Hushpuppi, has revealed the identity of a new man via social media. This comes after the FBI apprehended the internet fraudster after he defrauded over a 1.9million individuals out of over 160 billion naira using deceptive online advertisements.

On June 5, he was apprehended in Dubai together with another Nigerian, Olalekan Ponle, and a total of ten additional suspects. However, Amirah, who used to brag about her relationship with Hushpuppi, moved to her Instagram page, which has more than 3 million followers, to publish images of herself and the unidentified man.

“I’d never force him to pick between me and his PlayStation,” she stated in her letter. “I’m just going to end up hurting myself.” Meanwhile, a video detailing how Hushpuppi was able to lead the FBI to himself through his bizarre Instagram posts was made public.

During his time in Dubai, Hushpuppi resided at the opulent Palazzo Versace, while running a global criminal enterprise that employed computer breaches, business email compromise schemes, and money laundering to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from businesses. He even has an eye on a team from the English Premier League. Investigators recovered nearly $41 million in cash, 13 luxury cars valued at $6.8 million, and phone and computer evidence, according to a statement from Dubai Police.

amirah dyme only fans

Amirah Dyme Onlyfans Networth

Modeling can be a lucrative vocation if it is carried out with the necessary care and precision. Amirah has mastered the art of her profession, and as a result, she has amassed a substantial sum of money in her possession. Her net worth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $2 million.

The model, who was born in Germany, earns approximately $116,067 per year. Not only does the money come from social media modeling, but it also comes from brand endorsements and ads. The following are some of the major fashion businesses for which she has worked: Fashion Nova, Oh Polly, Oh Polly Swim, Pretty Little Thing, and Blanco Bay, to name a few.

Amirah Dyme Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Amirah Dyme Onlyfans video, images, and pics

amirah dyme reddit

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