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Who is Aricia Silva?

Aricia Silva’s Age, Bio Profile, and Contact Information (Phone number, Email Address, and Social Media Accounts including Instagram and Twitter) – ARICIA SILVA is a social media phenomenon as well as a model from Brazil. She is well-known for her appearances in well-known magazines like Playboy.

ARICIA SILVA is a social media phenomenon. She started working as an office administrator when she was just 17 years old. In addition to that, she began doing cardio exercises with the goal of sculpting a figure that was suitable for the beach. In addition to this, she has posted all of her images and videos to Instagram, which has contributed to her widespread popularity on that platform.


In addition, the authenticity and veracity of her Instagram account have been confirmed. In addition to that, she is the owner of a YouTube channel on which she has hosted all of her videos. In addition, she established her Twitter account in July of 2014, and she tweets frequently from that account.

Aricia Silva OnlyFans
Aricia Silva OnlyFans

Aricia Silva Biography

Aricia Silva is a social media personality hailing from Sao José, Brazil. She is a glamour model, an athlete who is sponsored, and a sponsored athlete. She is a well-known figure who has made a name for herself by appearing in well-known magazines like Playboy.

Aricia did not always consider working out to be her primary love, despite the fact that she has achieved a great deal of success in the modelling and fitness professions. When she was just 17 years old, she began her training to become an administrative assistant with the intention of pursuing a career path in the corporate sector.


She also started doing cardiovascular workouts about this time with the goal of getting her body ready for the beach. Her desire in pursuing a career in modelling was spurred by the countless hours she spent in the gym focusing on her glutes and abdominal muscles. She continued to hit the gym, and Brazilian modelling scouts began to take notice of her gradually as she gained muscle tone.

A number of years later, Aricia is now one of the most successful models in Brazil. In order to boost her modelling profile, she has gone globally, forging relationships across the United States and South America along the way. She has also put in a lot of effort to build a significant following on social media, and thanks to her consistent uploads, her fan base is growing every day.

Aricia Silva Wiki biography

NameAricia Silva
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$300K US Dollars
BirthplaceCosta Mesa, California, USA
Heightfeet and inches- 5’5”
Weightkilograms- 65 kg
Body Measurements32–26–35
Shoe size7 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried

Aricia Silva Age 2022

As of 2022, Aricia Silva is 28 years old and her date of birth is 1994.

Aricia Silva Family

Aricia Silva Boyfriend, Husband, Affairs and More

Aricia Silva height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 5″
  • Weight – 65 kg
  • Body Measurements – 32-26-35 (Breast: 32 Inches, Waist: 26 Inches, Hips: 35 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – brown
  • Hair Colour – blonde
aricia silva gostosa
aricia silva gostosa

Beach-Body Workout

Aricia directs her workouts with the goal of preserving the beach body that she has worked so hard to achieve. She avoids exercises that include dumbbells or strong upper-body motions since she does not want to gain any mass anyplace on her body other than her legs and glutes. On the other hand, she conducts exercises for her upper body that focus on cardio, such as the battle rope swing.



Aricia takes a lot of satisfaction in the well-developed legs and glutes that she has achieved by concentrating the majority of her workout routine on these areas. Her leg muscles are toned and defined thanks to the inclusion of lunges, squats, and lying hamstring curls in her workout routine. Because she considers her thighs and glutes to be her most attractive characteristics, she makes it a point to work on them on a weekly basis.


Aricia enjoys performing core exercises such as crunches, leg raises, and planks in order to define her abdominal muscles. In the days leading up to picture sessions, she will step up the difficulty of these exercises, which will typically include an additional session of high-intensity interval training. These high-intensity interval training sessions, in addition to Aricia’s regular runs, are significant components of her workout routine. Cardio is essential for Aricia in terms of shedding fat and exposing her abs.


Healthy Eating

Aricia places a high amount of importance on her nutrition, and she makes an effort to consume foods that are organic and high in nutrients. She consumes meals that are typical of Brazil, such as salads that are loaded with tomatoes, peppers, and other indigenous veggies. In addition to that, she makes certain that she satisfies her daily requirements for macronutrients.

She consumes meat and fish that are low in fat, such as tuna, chicken, and turkey, in addition to nuts and other beneficial sources of fat. In addition, she frequently experiments with different low-carb meal options because she does not wish to add an excessive amount of weight to her frame. She adores beginning her day with a breakfast consisting of natural tropical fruits, along with fruit juice and smoothies.


Aricia prefers to utilise some goods as a supplement to her already healthy diet, and she believes that this is the best way to go about it. She uses branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), whey protein drinks and bars, and a variety of pre-workout teas developed just for her.

Aricia Silva Carrier

Aricia Silva onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  • Aricia Silva Instagram
  • Aricia Silva Facebook
  • Aricia Silva Twitter
  • Aricia Silva nua Youtube
  • Aricia Silva playboy Tiktok
  • Aricia Silva fazenda Snapchat
  • Aricia Silva panico Reddit
  • Aricia Silva namorado Twitch

Aricia Silva Onlyfans Images

Aricia Silva Onlyfans Videos

aricia silva pelada
aricia silva pelada

OnlyFans Aricia Silva Net worth

What We Can Learn From Aricia Silva Only Fans

The story of Aricia illustrates how important physical activity can be to a person at any stage of their life. Aricia’s goal was to begin a career in the business sector prior to beginning her very first workout; but, as her physique began to improve, she became more and more certain that this was not the right path for her.

The self-assurance she gained via her efforts at the gym enabled her to successfully land jobs in the fitness modelling and modelling professions. She established a prosperous career as a model on an international scale through her tireless efforts. Your own routines could provide you with the motivation you need to reach the professional goals you’ve set for yourself.

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