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Who is Ashley Howland?

Temptation Island is an American reality television series, and the second season features a cast that includes a married couple from Deland, Florida named Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak. This couple will participate in an adventure with three other couples and 24 single men and women to put their commitment to their respective romantic partnerships to the test.

Casey is in charge of the company’s internet sales, while Ashley works as an assistant dentist. The sins committed in previous partnerships continue to haunt the current couple. Prior to her trip to Temptation Island, Ashley Howland had been in a relationship with her boyfriend Casey for about a year and a half.


They came to Hawaii with the hopes of working through the issues they were having with trust and commitment and moving ahead with their plans for the future together. I had the opportunity to talk to her about how she and Casey first met,

what initially attracted her to both Deac and Ben, how she believes this trip has helped her grow as a person, and a lot of other things as well. Continue reading to find out what he had to say about it!

Ashley Howland
Ashley Howland

Ashley Howland Wiki biography

NameAshley Howland
BirthdayAugust 2, 2002
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$300K US Dollars
BirthplaceCosta Mesa, California, USA
Heightfeet and inches- 5’2”
Weightkilograms- 58 kg
Body Measurements32–26–35
Shoe size7 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried

Ashley Howland Age 2022

As of 2022 Ashley Howland is 19 years old and her date of birth is August 2, 2002.


Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak Family

The two of them have not revealed a great deal of information about their relatives to the public. The initial response that Ashley’s family had when she told them about her decision to try out for the show was one of confusion.

She continues by saying that her family couldn’t be happier that they are doing it for each other and that they are supporting one another in their endeavours. Casey has indicated, as far as we can tell, that his loved ones, including his family and friends, are on their side. He reveals that it had at first appeared as though Temptation Island was about to part ways,

but after talking to them, they discovered that the situation was not as terrible as they had previously assumed it to be. He says that this revelation came as a relief to everyone involved. Nobody outside of the couple knows who the couple’s parents and siblings are because their identities have not been made public.

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak

Howland and Casey have been in a committed relationship for almost a year and a half. They initially connected with one another through a popular online dating service. When Casy, who admits to being a Florida party boy, met Ashley, he was simply looking for a quick fling, but he ended up getting a lot more out of the relationship than he had bargained for. Casy is a Florida party boy.


Despite the fact that they have recently moved in together, the couple continues to struggle with issues related to commitment and trust. Because of Casey’s volatile history and the fact that Howland has been hurt in the past, he approaches the situation with extreme caution.

Casey, on the other hand, is not ready to pay the price for the mistakes committed by other men, and he regularly ruminates on the fact that he has given up the single life he formerly had in order to start a family.

Casey’s primary concern is that Ashley will not devote her whole efforts to achieving this goal, whereas Ashley’s primary concern is that Casey will fail to earn Ashley’s trust over the course of their relationship. Casey’s primary concern is that Ashley will find someone else to spend time with.


Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak Temptation Island

Casey received an email about the show’s search for couples to play roles. At that time, the couple was completely unaware of the nature of the problems they were experiencing at that time. They gained insight and became aware of the areas in which they required additional development as the casting process for the show advanced.

They came to the conclusion that the show was something that may assist them in developing their relationship with one another. The pair feels that if they are successful on Temptation Island, they will be able to put their past actions and mistrust behind them for good, and they will be able to move forward in life with complete self-assurance.

On Temptation Island, the four couples consisting of Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur, Kate Griffith and Dave Benavidez, Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker, and Casey and Ashley join the other three couples, Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur.

After that, the couples split up into two different villas in Hawaii, with the four men who were already in relationships playing house with 12 single women, and the four women who were available doing the same thing with 12 different men.

During the course of this procedure, which lasts for one month, the pair will have no contact with their respective partners while they are out on dates with the singles. They will throw late-night pool parties and put their relationship in jeopardy in the process.

There will be two campfires held each and every single week. At this point, the members of the cast are shown vignettes of their significant others’ experiences while they were away on the island. In light of what has transpired in the prior seasons,

this is the point at which the intensity of the drama begins to rise. The second season of Temptation Island will make its debut on the USA Network on October 10, 2019, and will be presented by Mark L. Walberg.

Ashley Howland Boyfriend, Husband, Affairs and More

They had been dating for almost a year and a half before to joining the show after initially meeting on a dating app; however, we do not know if Ashley and Casey depart Temptation Island still together after participating in the show. According to their USA page, the reason why they decided to participate in the reality show is that “Ashley has been burnt before and is cautious of Casey’s party boy background,

whilst Casey doesn’t want to pay the price for previous men’s mistakes and often wonders about the single life he left behind.” Because of her loyalty to Casey, Ashley has been on Temptation Island torn between the “hot singles” Ben Knobloch and Deac Conti.

She is unsure of what she should do because she is committed to Casey. Things started to change for Ashley after she witnessed Casey declare during a campfire ceremony that he would be okay if they split up. Casey admitted that he would be okay if they broke up.

Ashley Howland height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 6″
  • Weight – 57 kg
  • Body Measurements – 32-26-35 (Breast: 32 Inches, Waist: 26 Inches, Hips: 35 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – brown
  • Hair Colour – blonde

Are Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak still together?

Before Ashley made her decision to leave with Ben Knobloch, the audience would have witnessed the embarrassing moment in which Casey proposed to Ashley in the finale. Their fling didn’t go on for very long. It was also reported that Ben ended his relationship with Ashley a few days after the show aired.

She explained to Bustle that they were living in a bubble and that the people in that bubble were the ones with whom they spent the most time. As a result, people in that bubble develop crushes on one another.

When Ashley went back to her house to get her things, Ben accused his ex of kissing Casey behind his back. It is said that Casey and Ashley are still in contact with one another. Ben took to Instagram to show off his new girlfriend, Megan, to his followers.

Are Kate Griffith and David Benavidez still together?

On the episode, David and Toneata Morgan were the ones who were going to leave the Island, while Kate was going to leave by herself. After some time had passed, Kate revealed that she had resumed her relationship with David.

She explained to the audience that she had come to the conclusion that she did not owe anyone an explanation for the decisions that she had made once the cameras stopped rolling, real-life resumed, time and space were taken, and real conversations were done between her and David. Nevertheless, it would appear that they were unable to work through all of the issues because the duo has now parted ways.

They removed any and all traces of one another from all of their social media accounts. It would appear that Kate has moved on from David, given the fact that she and her new boyfriend, Anand Sukhadia, have been sharing images of themselves together on Instagram.

Are Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur still together?

The two individuals appear to have struggled during their stay on the island, but in the end, they left together as a couple. However, when they appeared on the reunion show a few weeks later, Rick and Ashley disclosed that they had both ended their relationship. At the close of the previous year, Ashley shared with her Instagram fans the news that they were working hard to maintain their friendship.

In her letter, she expressed her gratitude to Rich for sharing the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride that has now come to an end. She went on to say that sometimes we get too comfortable with unhealthy relationships, but that we had now realised it was time to mature and move on in our own different directions.

Are Gavin Rocker and Esonica Veira still together?

The relationship between Gavin and Esonica was first considered to be one of the more solid couples. Before the end of the episode, they both decided to end their relationship with each other. Gavin made the decision to maintain his single status when Esonica and Kareem left the Island together.


After that, we have no idea what took place with them. It is not clear what transpired between Esonica and Kareem at this time. On their own social media platforms, the two did not post any images of each other together.

Ashley Howland onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashley Howland

The reality show “Temptation Island” brings together couples for a variety of reasons; Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak went on the show with the intention of strengthening their relationship. Ashley did not even see the point in being on the island because everything was going well on her side of things.

Nevertheless, as time passed, she came to the realisation that it could have been exactly what she required to gain some insight into her relationship. Because of her attractiveness, she became a reality show star; thus, let us enlighten you with some information about Ashley that you probably did not learn from watching the show.

1. She and Casey met on Bumble

In order to find love, you do not need to put yourself in uncomfortable situations; we are all aware of how challenging this can be, particularly for people who are more introverted. You are in luck because technology has arrived to save the day, and all it takes is one swipe of the finger for you to meet the person you have been looking for all along.

Bumble was the venue where Ashley and Casey had their first encounter, which led to the beginning of their relationship. The dating app allows women to open a chat with a potential suitor if they are in a heterose**al relationship, but anyone can start a conversation with a potential suitor if they are in a same-s&x relationship.

2. She did not want to be on “Temptation Island”

It is common for people to refer to men as the “head” of the household. Nevertheless, there are situations in which the level of power is excessive, and as a result, the women are left with the impression that they have no say in the matter. Unfortunately, this was the situation with Ashley and Casey;

she did not want to appear on the show, but Casey pushed that she does so for her own egotistical reasons. Even while Casey stated that being on the show would be beneficial for their relationship, it appeared that his desire to achieve fame as an aspiring actor was the driving force for his decision to do so.

3. Why she felt her relationship with Casey was over

After finding herself on “Temptation Island,” Ashley hoped that Casey would have the self-control to resist being seduced by the other contestants’ attractiveness, despite the fact that she did not want to be there herself. Casey had revealed to another woman, much to Ashley’s surprise, that he would not mind if she left him so that he could return to his former lifestyle as a party boy.

Considering how much Ashley had held back from the single guys who were persistently chasing her, it is only natural for those remarks to cause her pain. As a result, she stated that the admission from Casey prompted her to begin investigating the various possibilities available to her.

4. The singles on “Temptation Island” intimidated her

As soon as Ashley arrived on the island, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she and Casey would leave the island as a couple and return to their normal lives. As a result, even before the shooting began, her thoughts were entirely focused on Casey rather than any other man. On the other hand, Ashley noticed how stunning the singles were on the day they were presented to her.

The introductions, which, as Ashley revealed in an interview with Talk Nerdy with Us, made her feel scared, were another factor that contributed to her perception that she needed to watch out for herself. As a result, she shifted her focus away from the single gentlemen who were in the vicinity and onto the women who were also there.

5. She has her own swimsuit company

We become aware of the many opportunities available to us but that we do not take advantage of as a result of being exposed to them, whether it be on television or in school, and we decide to do something about it. Bikinis were the item of clothing that surprised Ashley the most because of how difficult it was for her to find items that correctly suited her.

After spending six months working for a swimsuit manufacturer, she gained the experience necessary to launch her own business, A. Swim Line. The reality star has already released her first swimsuit by October 2019, and there are already four different bikini styles available for purchase.

6. She has a YouTube channel

If you have seen Ashley showing off her physique in a bikini, then it is unavoidable that you have some level of admiration for her. This level of self-assurance was also instrumental in her starting a channel on YouTube, which she uses to provide her viewers with advice on how to be curvaceous.

It would appear that the vast majority of the exercises she shares are geared toward increasing buttock size, but she also provides tutorials on how to properly apply makeup and maintain a good diet for radiant skin. Ashely’s videos have had a total of 126,426 views as of this writing, despite the fact that she joined the platform back in June of 2016. She only has 3,27,000 subscribers.

7. She is not the type of girl to make a move on a man

Hearing Casey expresses that despite the fact that he loved her, he would not mind losing her brought a lot of weight on Ashley’s shoulders. However, despite the fact that she found Ben attractive, she claimed that she would not have pursued a relationship with him.

Ben therefore might not have had the opportunity to be with her if he had not kissed her; Ashley added that most likely, he would have called a stop to the dates if he had not kissed her.

8. She is no longer living in Florida

Love is delightful, but it has also been described as being naive and blind in certain situations. Ashley was willing to sacrifice anything in order to remain with her partner, including appearing on a show that she had no interest in at all. She had also relocated to Florida in order to be with Casey,

but as she discovered the man’s true nature, she realised that she could no longer continue to be with him. Therefore, after the event, Ashley did what seemed to be the most reasonable option, which was to relocate to a location that was a significant distance away. According to Bustle, she is currently residing in the city of Los Angeles.

9. She makes rash decisions

People may say they will stick by each other through thick and thin, but it’s rare for marriages to stick together when the going gets tough. People may say they will support each other no matter what, but it doesn’t mean they will.

A number of partnerships have been severed as a direct result of cheating scandals, while others have become even more stable. Ashley believed that Casey would abandon her, and despite the fact that Casey claimed that the remarks had been taken out of context, she did not believe him.

Ashley believed that Casey would leave her. Instead, she did not waste any time in getting to know Ben, and she even asked him to warm up in her bed. Casey was inconsolable since he had never entertained the idea of cheating on Ashley, whereas she had acted on an instinct. Even to the point that he regretted even inviting her to appear on the show.

10. She has a donut obsession

On Instagram, Ashley admits that she has a doughnut fixation, and among the doughnuts that she enjoys the most are the ones that come from Donut Friend. It should come as no surprise that Ashley needs to keep up her exercise routine in order to keep her stunning body,

given the number of calories that are included in the sweets. As a former dental assistant, the celebrity need not be overly concerned about her oral health because she is well-versed in the best practices for keeping good oral hygiene.

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