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Who is Ashley Ortega

You can see Ashley Ortega’s videos on her YouTube channel, where she posts a variety of videos. Storytime vlogs, pranks, games, haul videos, day out videos, etc., are some of her most popular videos. Many of Ashley’s videos have featured her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Boucaud. Besides her alluring beauty, she keeps her viewers interested with her videos, so her channel has amassed well over 800,000 subscribers.

Ashley Ortega onlyfans
Ashley Ortega onlyfans

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Download Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images, pics 2022, Reddit, Best biography
Download Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images, pics 2022, Reddit, Best biography 14

Other YouTubers who have worked with Ashley include Corie Rayvon, Khalil Underwood, and Nathan Davis Jr. Ashley also has a robust following on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. She has more than 330,000 Instagram followers, which comes as no surprise given the number of beautiful pictures on her Instagram profile.



The YouTube personality Ashley Ortega uploads videos to her channel in a variety of subjects. Storytime vlogs, pranks, videos about games, haul videos, day trips, etc. are some of her most popular videos.

Over 800,000 subscribers have been attracted to her channel thanks to her alluring beauty and ability to keep the audience entertained. Additionally, she has worked with other YouTubers, including Corie Rayvon, Khalil Underwood, and Nathan Davis Jr.

In addition, Ashley is very popular on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. She has received more than 330,000 followers on her Instagram account, which is full of her beautiful pictures.


Before leaving her home in Southern California, Ashley started her YouTube channel. YouTuber Nathan Boucaud, her ex-boyfriend at the time, also posted her first video alongside her. There was a storytime video showing how she lost 500 dollars to Nathan in a bet.

Nathan and Ashley appeared in her videos with one another for decades afterward. During the time they were both moving to Washington, both of them shared videos showing the process of picking and choosing furniture for their new house.

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 Wiki biography

Real NameAshleigh Marguerretthe Krystalle Nordstrom Samson
Profession  Actress and model
Marital Statusunmarried
Date of BirthDecember 26, 1998
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, U.S

Ashley Ortega Age 2022

Her birthday is February 9, 1997, and she is 24 years old. The sign of her zodiac is Aquarius. She is an American.


Ashley Ortega Height, weight, etc.

She is approximately 5’ 4″ inches tall and weighs around 57 kg.


Date of BirthDecember 26, 1998
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, U.S
School NameNot Known
College NameSoFA Design Institute, Makati, Philippines
QualificationsDegree in Interior Design


Her parents were from San Fernando, La Union, Philippines, where Ashley Ortega was born. It is not known what her father’s name is. Her mother’s name is Kathleen Nordstrom Samson. Her two siblings are a brother and a sister. Her brother is named Malcolm Nordstrom Samson and her sister is named Allyzza Nordstrom Samson.

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Initially doing commercials for the GMA network at the age of 12 and then moving into acting at age 16, Ashley began her career and appeared in television.

Additionally, she has been awarded Ms. Olive-C 2014 Campus Model.

In addition to being a professional skater, she is also a dancer. When she was 4 years old, she started skating and competed in countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.

The following is a summary of Ashley Ortega Filams’ remarks:

  •  Cielo de Angelina
  • Dormitoryo
  • Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw
  • A1 Ko Sa ‘Yo
  • Oh My Mama
  • Magpakailanman
  • Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko
  • Wowowin Co-host
  • Dear Uge
  • Magpakailanman
  • Maynila Nida
  • Wish I May
  • Maynila Maya

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Ashley Ortega Onlyfans news

Prior to moving out of her Southern California home, Ashley created her YouTube channel. Nathan Boucaud, who is also a YouTuber, was her boyfriend at the time when she posted her first video. A storytime video was aired to illustrate how she lost 500 dollars on a bet to Nathan. Ashley and Nathan continued to appear together in almost every video she released after that. During their move from Maryland to Washington, they shared a lot of videos, starting from packing to selecting furniture for their new home.

Jonathan then presented Ashley with an engagement ring, which she was delighted with. The couple also exchanged Christmas gifts of considerable value. After their Facebook accounts accumulated a million followers, they were seen celebrating together. The ‘mannequin challenge’ was also taken up by them both. Their vlogs were pretty entertaining and their fans loved watching them.

Despite this, some Ashley fans warned her against Nathan because he was rude to her in some of Ashley’s videos. Nathan would always pester her about something. During the time she was suffering from pain from her wisdom tooth, he left her alone. After she developed rashes all over her body, he repeated the mistake of leaving her alone.

Ashley, however, never missed an opportunity to show her love to Nathan and decided to stay. Whenever his birthday or Thanksgiving rolled around, she always made sure to plan something special for him. They broke up in 2017, but their relationship continued.

Ashley did not discuss the breakup with her fans until they requested that she do so in a question and answer video. They split due to petty disagreements and unnecessary ego issues, she said. She also felt Nathan was taking advantage of her with his money.

When Ashley realized that Nathan and his girlfriend were using her name in their videos a few months later, she once again started talking about her ex-boyfriend. Ashley was defamed by both of them and they said nasty things about her. After moving back to California, she no longer felt comfortable there. Following that, she and her friend, Corie Rayvon, rented a two-bedroom flat together.

Her fans heard her declare upfront that she does not intend to get into another relationship anytime soon, but destiny had other plans for her. Nate Davis Jr. soon joined her in California, and they both spent a good deal of time getting to know each other. ‘Detroit’ was a 2017 movie starring Nathan Davis Jr. She played the role of Aubrey in the movie. She was taken to the show and he subsequently asked her out. Within days, Ashley agreed and the couple began dating.

In addition, Nathan appeared in some of Ashley’s vlogs. The band was also featured in numerous videos, including ‘Bean Boozled’ and ‘Extreme Truth or Dare’. Nathan was once selected to compose a song for Ashley, which she posted on her YouTube channel. When Nathan turned 25, Ashley also got him expensive gifts. It was even arranged for the two of them to have dinner at a restaurant on the 74th floor of the hotel. Additionally, Ashley has posted videos on body piercings, skin and hair care routines, etc.

Ashley Ortega Onlyfans Networth

Ashley Ortega has acquired a substantial net worth as a youtube star, with no doubt she earns a good salary and has accumulated a good salary. Currently, Ashley Ortega has an estimated net worth of $82 million.

 Ashley Ortega Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

What is the Ashley Ortega Instagram Official Account? 

Actress and model Ashley Ortega are the best in the business. The Instagram Account below is the one belonging to her. A million followers followed his Instagram account at the time. There were many posts added to the account. Keep reading this article and follow this link at the bottom of this article if you’d like to check Ashley Ortega’s Instagram story.

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What is the Ashley Ortega Twitter Account

As an actress and model, she makes a living doing what she loves. Below is her direct Twitter address with the URL of her Official Twitter account. The below are the Twitter accounts for people to find Ashley Ortega. At the time of this post, his Twitter account had many followers. If you would like to know more about Her social media information, continue reading and you’ll learn all the details.

Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images and pics

Click here to watch her onlyfans Video and Images

Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images and pics
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans images
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images and pics
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans pics
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images and pics
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans image
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video, images and pics
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans pic
Ashley Ortega Onlyfans video

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