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The Autobiography of a Bicycle 500 word

I am a Hercules bicycle. I was collected in a factory in Jurong and was finally distributed to a small bicycle shop in the city. I was the midpoint of charm in that shop. None of the other bicycles there had my shiny body, my classy lights, or my Dunlop tires.


The seller was so satisfied with me that he refined me all the time. One day, a man paced into the shop with his teenager quickly. The minute the boy saw me, he declined to part from me. The father had no option but to buy me. I expected that the boy would take good maintenance of me, but I was horribly dissatisfied.

autobiography of a cycle

The boy not only moved me unevenly, but he also rented me to his sister. She was just training to cycle and so she demolishes many times, scratching off my luxurious paint. Happy at having his own bicycle, the boy harassed me kilometer after kilometer, often over muddy roads.

He never worried to wash me and gradually, my beautiful body became covered with dust. The boy dropped me out in the rain. Soon, erosion arose to set in all over me. My retailer would be surprised to see me now.


I am all muddy and rusty. How I wish I had not been so good-looking before. The boy would not have seen me then and maybe I would have originated myself a nicer owner. Right now, I stand unhappily outside the boy’s house, doubting what the future has in stock for me.

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Autobiography of a bicycle 500 word

The initial recall I have of myself is in the fingers of a factory holder who was giving me the last drops of paint and proudly announcing to himself that I shall be shortly giving desire to many young boys and shall be set off for new journeys. The next enduring memory which I have is being booked out of wrapping after a bouncy truck ride that continued about two days and being opened and placed in a brand new, glittering showroom in Chandigarh. The place was busy with activity since it was a major sports store located in the heart of the city.

So many young boys and girls came, observing for a two-wheeler that would give them the flavor of their first real journey on the road, on their own. A bicycle ride sideways on the streets predicted independence and freedom and this young blood was excited to have a taste of what it sensed like.


I bided my time and delayed for a young boy or girl to come and place a claim on me. Till one day a young boy did, hold the hands of his mother. The mother appeared very anxious and cautious to enter a showroom of this height but the boy was demanding. He made a conventional bee-line for me and pointy his fingers towards me. At Rs.6000/- I was not a low-cost buy and there were far-off more practical options on display and his mother took him round trying to assure him for another one but the boy continued inflexible.


The mother had to lastly give in and after much including and re-counting of notes, she achieved to make the payment and I was full off in a cart to be shipped to their address while the mother and son tracked me in a rickshaw. I still recall the bright sparkle and the charming smile on that boy’s face as his mother said to him and asked him if he was happy? I saw I was going to be in the worthy hands of someone who was going to raise me and take maintenance of me with all his heart.

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autobiography of a bicycle

I was not very incorrect. I originate a lot of love, warmness, and care in that family. The boy told already how to drive a cycle so I did not have many initial glitches and the mother was controlled enough to confirm that the boy did his part of giving me a full cleaning every Sunday and keeping me in good shape.

Together, the boy and I walked off for new journeys every evening and every vacation would find us going far and inclusive in search of old books, record players, and antique items which were reasonable. I saw angels of the city which I would have truly missed out on had I fallen in the hands of a more rich boy and remained transferred within the four walls of a secured house.

I was Privileged that the boy and later his little sister create in me good company and I set them off on their way to liable freedom. Today, I am old and rundown but I still find a place in their family and given a monthly repair to keep me in shape. I have caught that the boy now has a son and they might soon be staying with me. Who knows what new journey lies in store for me ahead?

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