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Autobiography of Cricket Bat | Evolution of Cricket Bat

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Introduction- (autobiography of cricket bat)

Hi Mr. Bat, why are you desperate? Were you also flung away by your chief ?” Mr. Tinman asked me. I rush into tears and told to him my sad story “Ah! Those were my excellent days as an infant. I was born in England. My father was one of the extremely prized racket trees.

It was experienced for about a year before it was assumed to a master craftsman for carving into a fine bat-like sculptor they handcraft raw wood into lovely bats. With efficient curves and turns, I was born into a lovely but strong bat. I was well oiled and refined.

 I was finished and marked with perfection my head rose with pride when my manufacturer confirmed that I was one of his best formations, which was fit for a world-class cricketer. I along with my three brothers was introduced to be thrilled with joy when I create that Kapil Dev had chosen me.


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Love and care- (autobiography of a cricket bat)

Kapil Dev, the captain of the Indian cricket team was most particular about his bats. So I was given all the adoration and care. I still recall the day when I smash my first century for Kapil Dev. It was 12th march 1985.

When I was playing cricket together with Pakistan. The interest of the viewers was shocking. And then there was no ending for me in the iron hands of Kapil savored the sweet smell of success day after day.

The accident I could not bear- (evolution of cricket bat)

The times were temporary happily but these Were to end one day. It was 12th July 1987. This was maybe the poorest day of my life. When Kapil Dev was working with all his strength, he tried to hit the ball with the rough bat. My bones crushed with the sound of a crack. Kapil was very sad to see my tragic situation. With a full heart, he gave me to a new boy, Sachin who loved cricket.


He was very caring of me and was always imagined to wear the shoes of Kapil. Rather he hoped to play with the Kapil’s bat, so for him, it was a dream satisfied. He loved me and assumed it was a blessing from Kapil. In fact, he was very honored of me.


 One day when he was performing in the field my old body could not allow his hard and nonstop blows. With a thud, my head detached from my chest when he tried to smash a fastball. He could not help but toss me out. So this was my end. That is how now I am two-faced in the bin. While I am now crushed I am happy that I had proud innings of my life.”

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FAQ related to Autobiography of a cricket bat

Which wood is used for making cricket bat?

Willow wood
Today, the mainstream cricket bats are naturally made from 2 types of willow wood: English willow and Kashmir willow. The handle, regularly designed as rounded or oval, is made up of resources like cane, wood, or twine, and combined with a tiny portion of rubber “springs” to decrease the vibration on the bat handle

How are bats made?

But roughly, the method is as follows: A trunk of willow is formed into incompletely cricket bat-sized chunks known as . Before being sliced into a more familiar-looking bat shape, their ends are hollow in wax, and they are air-dried for up to a year

Which country makes the best cricket bats?

• Sareen Sports Industries (SS) Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara uses SS bats.
• Gunn & Moore (GM) England’s skilled batswoman Sarah Taylor has recorded a lot of runs using GM bat.
• Kookaburra Sport. AB De Villiers raising his Kookaburra Kahuna after slashing a century.
• Spartan Sports.
• Sanspareils Greenlands (SG)

Which bat does MS Dhoni use?

English Willow Cricket Bat
The MS Dhoni basic Seven Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is a class in its own. Made from optimally stable premium English willow make this bat is truly a mastermind – just like MS Dhoni on the cricket pitch.

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