Best Houston maritime attorney 2022


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In search of the best Houston Maritime Attorney? There is no lawyer who would not want a good one, but getting a good lawyer is as difficult as extracting gold from barren land.

Best Houston maritime attorney 2022

Throughout his career, this Lawyer has won hundreds of cases and never lost one.

When it comes to your life, every person wants the best result and is willing to spend any amount of money to achieve that.

Additionally, here are listed Houston maritime attorneys who have won cases over 10 billion with the biggest companies in the world. These attorneys are therefore easily able to handle even simple accident cases.


In the event that your case involves a motorbike accident, these attorneys will guarantee you a win at a lower price. In case you are a common man, you should certainly contact them so that you can easily win your complicated case.

Houston Maritime Lawyer – Top Ranking

Best houston maritime attorney
Best houston maritime attorney

You can be sure that you will win your most complicated cases with this top lawyer’s list in Houston.

1.Kurt B. Arnold (Most known Houston maritime attorney)

  • The award has been recognized since 2016
  • It is located at 6009 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77007
  • Admiralty and maritime law are her areas of expertise
  • The website is
  • Contact us for a free consultation at (888) 493-1629

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2. Jason Itkin

  • The award has been recognized since: 2018
  • I am located at 6009 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas, 77007
  • Maritime law, mass tort litigation, and accidents
  • Maritime and Admiralty Class Actions – Plaintiffs
  • is a law firm’s website.
  • The website is
  • (888) 493 1629 is the company’s telephone number

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3. Lemor ben Maier (Most valuable Houston maritime attorney)

  • It has been recognized since 2021
  • Houston, Texas 77002 1001 Mckinney Street, Suite 1400
  • Admiralty and maritime law are her areas of expertise
  • The website is

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4. Micajah D. “Caj” Boatright

  • The award has been recognized since 2018
  • Houston, TX 77007 6009 Memorial Drive
  • Maritime and admiralty law are among his practice areas
  • Visit the website
  • Contact us for a free consultation at (888) 493-1629

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Some other popular lawyers in houston-

  • Christopher Todd Morrison, P.C
  • Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP – Accident & Injury Attorneys
  • James Patrick Cooney
  • J. Patrick “Pat” Cooney
  • Spagnoletti Law Firm


Houston has a high density of businesses, especially those in the maritime sector, which creates a community where information travels quickly. If one of the companies in the Houston area is taken to court in a maritime injury suit, the other companies pay attention.

An injury case involving maritime accidents does not draw much interest from either side. In fact, many do not. Many do not. The opposing side will often decide it’s in their best interest to settle out of court when a maritime lawyer enters the case on the side of the victim.

An offer that says, “sign here, we’ll finish this”, is often withdrawn and replaced by a more substantial and fair offer. As soon as you stop using intimidation techniques, they will usually leave you alone and deal with your attorney directly.

Maritime injury claims should not be initiated by you. It differs greatly from the kinds of laws you might be familiar with. It is constantly evolving as well. There have been multiple updates to the Merchant Marine Act and Jones Act since their inception, and there are now calls for new revisions, and even for their repeal.

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Although Houston-based maritime firms and their employees have been involved in thousands of maritime injury cases, there is always something new. Several cases from around the country set precedents for similar cases in the future.

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The ship’s owner, American Seafoods, was found negligent for not providing a safe working environment for a crane operator who fell trying to reach a control that should have been more accessible.

A crane was mounted on the trawl deck in the middle of the ship, and the worker had to operate it. Wireless remote control is typically used to operate the crane, so workers can use it during inclement weather. The remote control was not available on the day of the accident. It had been taken out of service by the chief engineer so that it wouldn’t be misplaced by the crew.

He had to climb a ladder in order to reach the control tower in order to use the crane. Even though the ladder was written company policy to have evenly-spaced rungs, the ladder was sub-standard. As a result of the ladder’s uneven rung spacing and lack of handrail, the worker fell and suffered a serious knee injury.

A ladder was used that didn’t even meet the company’s safety policy, leading to the case being won. A $900,000 judgment was awarded.

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Ultimately, the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which established a modern precedent regarding what constitutes seaworthiness and reasonable care.

The handrail of the fishing trawler Racer was covered with slime, so Frank C. Mitchell slipped on the stairway. It was claimed that the ship was unseaworthy and was negligent. Despite not knowing the condition of the handrail, the ship’s owner said that reasonable care had been applied to the vessel’s maintenance and that the condition of the handrail was temporary.

Despite the Jones Act’s provisions for negligence and standard maintenance, the jury ruled in favor of the defendant for unseaworthiness, meaning Mitchell was able to collect on the maintenance and cure.

Mitchell appealed the ruling, arguing that the presiding judge erred when instructing the jury that the defendant had to have known about the slime on the handrail and taken no action to address it in order to sustain the plaintiff’s seaworthiness claim.

In this case, the appellate court sided with the lower court based on the presumption that the plaintiff did not prove beforehand that the crew knew there was slime on board. When the case was eventually heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals, the case was overturned.

Assistant Justice Potter Stewart wrote that a ship owner’s responsibility to provide a seaworthy vessel goes beyond applying reasonable care and that a temporary condition rendering the vessel unseaworthy does not relieve the owner of responsibility.

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Best Houston maritime attorney 2022
Best Houston maritime attorney 2022 11


Gauvreaux (first name unavailable) was seriously injured when an electric winch suddenly activated while he was holding a manual crank handle on top of it. In order to free the winch, he had been using the manual crank. Gautreaux was injured by the crank handle.

Gautier said Scurlock Marine had not properly trained him on how to use the manual crank on the vessel, and he sued them for negligence. According to Scurlock, Gautreaux had been trained specifically on deploying the manually operated winch crank on the Brooke Lynn towboat, where the accident occurred. His safety could have been better managed, they said.

A seaman is only required to exercise “slight care” for his own safety under the Jones Act, while his employer is required to ensure a safe work environment. Attorneys for Scurlock claimed that the court had blindly followed an incorrect statement of the law.

Despite the correctness or fairness of the “slight care” provision of the Jones Act, the court said that it couldn’t alter it. It said higher courts should change how they interpret the law, and lawmakers should change the law itself. Scurlock was found to be 95% at fault, and Gautreaux to be 5%, and he was awarded $854,000. A lower figure of $736,925 was subsequently reduced by an appellate judge.

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