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In 2019, healthcare spending in the United States reached $3.8 trillion. Managing limited resources while providing quality care to a community is the responsibility of healthcare administrators.


You can prepare for these leadership roles in healthcare enterprises with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. Between 2020 and 2030, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates 32% job growth for medical and health services managers. 

The mission of healthcare administrators is to ensure the health and safety of patients and to ensure quality care for healthcare facilities, insurers, and regulatory agencies.

Discover exciting career opportunities in healthcare administration with this guide to the best online schools.


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Which Online Healthcare Administration Courses Are Available?

online health administration degree
online health administration degree

With a bachelor’s in healthcare administration, you will receive both business and healthcare-related instruction. The degree may also be offered as a standalone program at some schools. Healthcare administration may also be offered as a concentration in some business programs.

Healthcare administration degrees enable individuals with clinical or patient care backgrounds to move into supervisory or management roles. Online bachelor’s programs in healthcare administration provide you with the convenience of continuing your education while working.

It typically takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration with 120 credits. Science, mathematics, and communication are among the requirements for the degree. A minor concentration and electives complete the coursework.


In order to earn a healthcare administration degree, you are required to take classes in health policy and management. Online healthcare administration students also take medical terminology and healthcare policy courses in addition to microeconomics and managerial accounting courses.

Healthcare administration degrees offered online by some schools allow students to specialize their studies further. Concentration courses include three or more courses in a particular subfield of healthcare administration.

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The following concentrations are available:

  • Computing
  • Administration
  • Management of finances
  • Advertising
  • Quality and safety of patients
  • Personnel
  • Policies and laws

Provide students with the opportunity to participate in internships. They can work in hospital departments, human resources offices, and marketing offices. In some schools, internships count toward a capstone project.

In an online bachelor’s in healthcare administration program, what courses will I take?

Core business courses are required for all healthcare administration students. In major classes, you learn business principles in a healthcare setting.

Depending on your school and concentration, you will have different classes. Find out more about some of the most common healthcare administration courses.

Policy and Management of Healthcare

There are many challenges facing healthcare organizations today, including changes in policy, reimbursement, and technology. Leaders in healthcare can use this course to evaluate challenges and identify opportunities to innovate. Care coordination and delivery, cost and utilization management, data and information technology are among the topics covered.

Accreditation and Compliance in Healthcare

To remain accredited, healthcare organizations must comply with strict regulations. Accreditation is a key component of business success. This course introduces students to the U.S. regulatory system that oversees healthcare standards, as well as significant health policies in the country. HIPAA privacy and healthcare compliance are covered.

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Measurement of performance improvement

Organizations in the healthcare industry must continually assess patient safety and quality of care, as well as implement continuous improvement programs. Students will learn how to analyze data qualitatively and quantitatively to help meet regulatory requirements. In this course, students learn about data collection methods for patients, physician profiles, and continuum of care studies.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

The proper billing of insurance and government programs ensures prompt payment. Students will learn billing processes, medical coding, and reimbursement monitoring in this course. To comply with insurance and reimbursement policies, students learn to perform data quality reviews and validate billing codes.

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Systems for delivering healthcare

Students in this course will gain an understanding of the evolution of modern healthcare delivery, payment, and regulatory agencies in the U.S. Students will examine the social, legal, and economic factors that influence healthcare delivery, as well as landmark medical policy changes. Additionally, students learn how to gather statistical data, interpret it, and evaluate its reliability.

Can I earn a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration online?

Similar admission requirements apply to most campus-based and online bachelor’s in healthcare administration programs. You will need a computer or laptop to participate in online programs. These are some of the most common requirements.



A typical undergraduate application includes information such as a prospective student’s name, address, birthday, and citizenship status. In addition to filling out an application online, you might submit the Common App, a universal application that can be used to apply to more than one college.

Scores on tests

ACT and SAT scores are no longer required for admission to some colleges and universities, but they can still serve as a basis for evaluating whether students are college-ready. The tests are usually taken as juniors or seniors in high school.

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Recommendations in letters

Former teachers, supervisors, mentors, and others who can speak knowledgeablely about the student and his or her chances for success in higher education are often asked to write letters of recommendation. Rather than asking recommenders at the last minute, give them plenty of time to prepare thoughtful letters.


College essays, on the other hand, enable students themselves to explain why they want to study at a particular institution and why they want to attend that school. These should be highly personalized and thoughtful.

Transcripts of the official proceedings

To ensure that learners meet all prerequisite requirements, schools require official transcripts from high school and any colleges previously attended. Transcripts provide information that enables a student to assess whether a class will count towards the degree at their new institution if they wish to transfer credits.

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An online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration can help you pursue your career goals.

Perspectives on the future

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration are prepared to work in healthcare management. Strategic planning for healthcare organizations, recruiting of human resources, or marketing healthcare organizations are some of the responsibilities of these positions.

Healthcare administrators’ jobs are projected to grow by 32% between 2020 and 2030, according to the BLS. As the nation’s population is aging, healthcare needs are increasing, and prevention is becoming more important than ever before. There is a strong job market for recent graduates. If you are applying for positions in the field of health informatics, a master’s degree is a competitive advantage.

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Pathways to Careers

Administrator of healthcare

The healthcare administrator manages budgets, hires and schedules staff, and sets strategic priorities. Health agencies, hospitals, and physician practices employ healthcare administrators. Their average annual salary is $67,320, according to PayScale data from August 2021.

Marketing Manager for medical products

Public and private hospitals, physician groups, outpatient medical facilities, and long-term care facilities employ medical marketing managers. In addition to print, digital, and video marketing, they also deploy social media marketing. They may focus on a particular health issue or a particular service. In August 2021, PayScale reported that they earned an average annual salary of $66,290.

Manager of Health Services

Typically employed by government or nonprofit organizations, these administrators are responsible for managing community health initiatives and providing care. The administrator manages budgets and staff, communicates the organization’s mission to the community, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. The BLS estimates that the median annual salary for health services managers will be $104,280 in 2020.

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Administration of nursing homes

In nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities, they are managed by nursing home administrators. Inspections and quality care reviews are required to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The facility is also responsible for staff hiring. The average annual salary for this position is $92,900, according to PayScale data from August 2021.

Policy analyst for health care

An analyst of health policy works for government agencies, nonprofits, and political action committees. The organization collects and evaluates data on the effectiveness of different policies across different demographic groups. Models are used to assess the short and long-term impacts of policy changes. The average salary for these workers was $64,300 per year, according to PayScale data from August 2021.

What are my options for an online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration?


An average four-year public, nonprofit institution costs $13,900, while a private, nonprofit college or university costs $27,200. Be sure to understand the true cost of programs before you enroll. Online courses can also be more affordable than in-person courses.

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This is the program format

Online programs for bachelor’s degrees in healthcare administration offer synchronous and asynchronous learning options. Asynchronous learning is popular with learners seeking greater flexibility. Additionally, students must decide whether to study part time, full time, or at an accelerated pace. The duration of the program may range from 3-6 years.


When choosing an online healthcare administration bachelor’s degree, location can be an important factor, especially if some in-person learning is required. It is possible that learners will select a school further afield, but still within driving distance, if this is the case. The program can be located anywhere in the country if there are no requirements for in-person attendance.


The accreditation process is the process that universities and colleges go through to ensure they meet the educational quality standards set by accreditation agencies. The most widely-accepted and recognized accreditation form for schools is regional accreditation. Depending on the field, some programs are also accredited programmatically.

Best online health administration degree of 2022

Supporting students

A student’s college experience can be made or broken by finding the best student support services. Students can learn from health administrators in the field through mentorship programs, while internships enable them to apply what they’ve learned. Prior to enrolling in any school or program, find out what online student services are available.

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