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Who is Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock onlyfans
Bretman Rock onlyfans

Britman Rock is an internet sensation famous for his videos on YouTube and Instagram. As the name of the band indicates, Bretman Rock is named after Bret Hart as well as The Rock. In reality, Bretman Sacayanan is the real name of the band.

His official Instagram handle has more than 14 million followers and his official YouTube channel has more than 6.9 million subscribers. When it comes to his merchandise, he has his own fashionable online store named Wnr’s Market.


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Born in the Philippines on July 28, 1998, Bretman Rock Sacayanan was best known as Bretman Rock. He was named after two of his favorite wrestlers by his father, who was an avid wrestling fan. Bret Hart (The Hitman) and the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) were Bret Hart and The Rock, respectively, and thus, he was named Bretman Rock.

A Filipino-American makeup artist, vlogger, YouTuber, and model, he’s also known for his YouTube channel. His parents separated when he was young and he was born in the Philippines. Therefore, he emigrated to Hawaii with his sister and mother.


The talented beauty vlogger is funny, sarcastic, sassy, and has an excellent sense of humor, so he is one of the best in the business. His YouTube channel was created when he was 14 years old on September 23, 2012.

At the time, he was already a social media star on Instagram for his makeup tutorials and comical posts. Currently, Bretman has a subscriber base of over 7.5 million people, which has led to him accumulating 450 million views.

According to his channel description, it is “A channel for the worst.” We cannot agree more. It is truly impressive and commendable that a young professional such as Brettman has achieved such great heights in his career.

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Wiki biography

Nick NameBretman
Real NameBretman Sacayanan
Age23 Years Old
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1998
ProfessionInstagram Star

Bretman Rock Age 2022

As of 2022, Bretman Rock will be 24 years old. She was born on July 31, 1998

Bretman Rock Height, weight, etc.        

Bretman Rock’s height is 5 feet 9 inches and her weight is 70 kg.

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Brettman Rock’s mother is named Mercedita, and his father is named Edmund Laforge. It was in November 2020 that his father passed away from a coma. Bret Hart and The Rock are two wrestlers whose names his father inspired for him.

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Youtube is where Brettman began his career. Making up has been his passion for a long time. He was inspired by some flawless makeup artists in his teenage years such as Patrick Starrr and Talia Joy. Hence, he utilized his social media platform as his primary tool for showing off his abilities to the world. In September 2012, he opened up his YouTube channel at just 14 years old.

Though he was criticized for his career choice, he never gave up. He is currently a self-made millionaire. In the beginning, he posted comedy videos to YouTube, but once he switched to makeup, his subscribers exploded. In addition to uploading vlogs, he also uploads them to his YouTube channel.

In 2017, Time Magazine named him one of the most influential teens in the world. His makeup videos caught the attention of a lot of people, leading to collaborations with some of the renowned brands. As a makeup artist, he has teamed up with Morphe, Colorpop, and Wet’n’ Wild to increase his skills, and now he has a vast collection of makeup.


The place where Brentman lives give him a lot of inspiration for his eyeshadow palettes. In spite of their accessibility, even the youngest members of the audience can easily purchase his products. One of the most successful and influential social media personalities, he has defied all stereotypes and taken the world by storm.

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Bretman Rock Onlyfans news

A crowd of Brettman Rock fans assembles. Founder of social media site OnlyFans, the platform is free for anyone to use.

The legendary Bretman Rock is one of the best. Hundreds of thousands of people have fallen in love with his sense of humor, incredible skills, and entertaining videos since the 22-year-old rose to fame on YouTube.

 Over Bretman has won dozens of awards in the last few years, including Beauty Influencer of the Year at the People’s Choice Awards.

A new OnlyFans page where Bretman shares n*des with fans has added to his impressive resume. On his Instagram stories yesterday (Nov 16), Bretman said: “I also realized today that I might make a free OnlyFans account to post my n*deson.”

“I’m squatting all this time, but nobody can see my ass. I’m taking all these pictures like people don’t want to see it?” he continued.

In his tweet, Bretman wrote: “And you know Instagram is going to delete them, so I’m gonna make a free OnlyFans.” Bretman also tweeted: “I feel like making a free OnlyFans. I’m tired of taking n*desand no one seeing them. Bretman added: “And you know Instagram is going to delete them so I’m gonna make a free OnlyFans.”

Within minutes, Bretman had posted a link to his new OnlyFans page as @rock_bottom4. “Honestly, I just wanted to post my n*desfor free, because I keep seeing cute ass pictures I am taking and Instagram keeps deleting them” Baddest Bihhh’s bio reads: “Honestly, I just wanted to share my n*desfor free because I kept getting sick of no one seeing my cute ass pics”

The following is what Brettman wrote in the retweet: “Pics going up today ” He later added: “I’m trying to post by bussy but my account’s not verified.”. After being verified, he has begun posting tweets, saying: “Tips will be donated ! Unless it’s a correct tip.”. My account is not verified, so I’m posting by bussy – Bretman Rock Paper Scissors (@bretmanrock) November 18, 2020

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Bretman Rock Onlyfans Networth

From 2022, Bretman Rock’s net worth is $500 Thousand USD. In terms of earnings, he makes most of his money through YouTube and Instagram. Several hundred dollars are paid each time he endorses a brand online through his official channels.

“What Do You Meme?” is available as an expansion pack” that can only be purchased on Amazon. In the pack, you’ll find 14 photos and 50 captions that you need to add to the game. A 4.8-star rating by 156 Amazon customers has brought the game’s price to $15.

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Bretman Rock Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Bretman Rock Onlyfans video, images and pics

Bretman Rock Onlyfans video, images and pics
Bretman Rock Onlyfans pictures
Bretman Rock Onlyfans video, images and pics
Bretman Rock Onlyfans images
Bretman Rock Onlyfans video, images and pics
Bretman Rock Onlyfans pics
Bretman Rock Onlyfans videos

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