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Who is Choi Min Sik?

Choi Min-sik (born April 27, 1962) is a South Korean actor who has appeared in several films. He garnered positive reviews for his roles in Oldboy (2003), I Saw the Devil (2010), and The Admiral: Roaring Currents, among other projects (2014). He also appeared in the 2014 picture Lucy, in which he co-starred with Scarlett Johansson.

The 40th Baeksang Art Awards, the 24th Blue Dragon Awards, and the 41st Grand Bell Awards all recognized him for his performance in Oldboy, and he received the Best Actor award. In 2014, he was named Gallup Korea’s Film Actor of the Year, an honor he has held since.


Choi Min-shik began his career in the theater before breaking into the film industry with a role in Park Chong-critically won’s praised film ‘Our Twisted Hero.’ Choi Min-shik is a Korean actor (1992). After that, he continued to play in theater productions as well as various television dramas, including Moon Over Seoul, in which he appeared with Han Seok-gyu.

His return to the big screen came in 1997, when he appeared as a tough-talking police investigator in Song Neung-No. han’s 3 (The Third) (1997). His most notable role came in 1999, when he was cast in Shiri, which went on to become Korea’s most successful film of all time (1999).

His portrayal of a North Korean agent earned him widespread acclaim, as well as the Best Actor Award at the 1999 domestic Grand Bell Awards in the United States. Having previously appeared in a theater production of Hamlet in the spring of 1999,


Choi went on to play a husband who discovers his wife’s affair in the film Happy End (1999), and in early 2001, he co-starred as a third-rate gangster opposite Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung in the critically acclaimed Failan (2001). (2001). Oldboy, which he starred in in 2003, is now considered a masterpiece (2003).

Choi Min Sik
Choi Min Sik

Choi Min Sik Biography

Choi Min-Sik was born on January 22, 1962, in Seoul, South Korea, and first gained prominence on the stage and in television. He began appearing in films in 1992 and quickly established himself as a leading man in films like as Ji-Wun Kim’s The Quiet Family and The Quiet Family II (1998).

His first taste of commercial success came in 1999, when he starred as a North Korean agent in Kang Je-blistering Gyu’s action picture Shiri, which became a massive box office hit. In 2002, he gained critical acclaim for his performance in Chihwaseon, a film directed by Kwon-Taek Im, one of Korea’s most renowned filmmakers.

Choi developed a striking portrait of the nineteenth-century painter Seung-Up Jang, portraying him as a boldly vulgar artist who both disturbed aristocratic aesthetic traditions and changed the structure of Korean painting in the process. Choi Min-Sik has stated that he approached the creation of the character OH Dae-su in Oldboy in a totally different way than he approached the creation of Chihwaseon.


According to Choi, he felt a responsibility to bring the painter JANG Seung-Up back to life in Chihwaseon, whereas the character OH Dae-su in Oldboy is the result of his imagination in its purest form.

Choi (as well as several other Korean filmmakers, though they did so separately from Choi) demonstrated in Seoul and at the Cannes Film Festival against the Korean government’s decision to lower the Film Quota from 146 to 73 days at various points throughout 2006.

Despite their failure (the decreased quota remains in place), Korean films continue to dominate the box office, with seven of the top ten grossing films in the country this year being produced domestically (the same rate as in 2005).

Choi Min Sik Wiki biography

NameChoi Min Sik
BirthdayApril 27, 1962
NationalitySouth Korean
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$10 million US Dollars
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Heightfeet and inches- 5’10”
Weightkilograms- 75 kg
Marital statusMarried
Spouse/ExKim Hwal-Ran
SiblingsGuang-il Choi, Choi Moon-sook

Choi Min Sik Age 2022

As of 2022 Choi Min Sik is 60 year old and her date of birth is April 27, 1962.

Choi Min Sik Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs and More

Choi Min-sik has been married twice in his adult life. His first marriage, to Lee Hwayeong, took place in 1990, but the union did not survive long, and it ended in 1996. He has been married twice since then. He later went on to marry actress Kim Hwal-ran in 1999, which was his second marriage. Choi has never fathered a child, although there have been new speculations that his wife Kim is expecting a kid in the first half of 2017.

He describes himself as a perfectionist who enjoys staying in character for the duration of a film’s production, or for as long as it takes to complete the shot. He once admitted that he became a laughing figure among his family and friends because he insisted on keeping his long, unkempt hair in place until the filming for ‘Oldboy’ was completed by the director.

Choi Min Sik height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 10″
  • Weight – 75 kg

Choi Min Sik Carrier

Choi began his acting career as a theatrical actor after graduating with a degree in theatre from Dongguk University in Korea. He subsequently began acting, appearing in Park Jong-early won’s films, such as Kuro Arirang and Our Twisted Hero, before moving into filmmaking himself. He continued to perform on stage and in television dramas such as The Moon of Seoul, in which he co-starred alongside Han Suk-kyu.

Following his part as a police investigator in Song Neung-No. han’s 3, Choi took a position in Kim Jee-feature woon’s film debut, The Quiet Family, which was released in 1997. The character of a North Korean agent in the film Shiri, which he played in 1999, was his first genuine break.

Although the picture received positive critical reception, it also performed well at the box office. Choi was awarded the Grand Bell Award for Best Actor for his performance in this role. In the same year, he also appeared in a theater rendition of Hamlet and later starred in the film Happy End, in which he played a husband who discovers his wife has cheated on him.

In Failan, he played a gangster opposite Cecilia Cheung, and he won an award for his performance. Choi then starred as Jang Seung-eop, a Joseon painter, in Im Kwon-Chihwaseon, taek’s which won the Best Director medal at the Cannes Film Festival the following year.

Choi made his acting debut in Park Chan-Oldboy wook’s in 2003, a role that not only made him popular in South Korea, but also garnered him international attention. His roles included a trumpet player in Springtime, an unsuccessful former boxer in Ryoo Seung-Crying wan’s Fist, and a child killer in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, the final installment of Park Chan-vengeance wook’s trilogy.

When Kang Woo-suk, the director and head of the Cinema Service, accused Choi and Song Kang-ho of wanting a cut of the earnings in exchange for so-called “contributions” when no such contributions were made, Choi and Song were fired. Later, Kang apologized for making the statement and retracted it.


Choi and other members of the South Korean film industry, both together and separately from Choi, demonstrated in Seoul and at the Cannes Film Festival against the South Korean government’s decision to reduce the Screen Quotas from 146 to 73 days as part of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States at various points throughout the year 2006.

Choi, in a show of defiance, returned the renowned Okgwan Order of Cultural Merit that had been bestowed upon him, stating, “I do not accept this medal.” “Cutting the screen allotment in half is equivalent to giving Korean cinema a death sentence.


Despite the fact that it was once a source of pride, this medal has become nothing more than a source of embarrassment, and I must return it with heavy heart.” Choi then embarked on a four-year self-imposed exile from the film industry, which began as a protest against the screen quota but was also partly motivated by studios’ unwillingness to recruit the outspoken and politically engaged actor as a result of his political activism.

Instead, he returned to his theatrical roots with the 2007 production of The Pillowman, his first play in seven years and his first stage production in over a decade. Choi expressed his displeasure with Hollywood during a retrospective of his work held at the 14th Lyon Asian Film Festival in November 2008, when asked about the upcoming remake of Oldboy.

He told the French reporters in attendance that he was upset with Hollywood for using what he described as “pressure tactics” on Asian and European filmmakers in order for them to remake foreign films in the United States.

The art film Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells, directed by Jeon Soo-il in 2009, marked Choi’s comeback as the sole South Korean actor to collaborate with Tibetan actors who were cast on location in the Himalayan region.

Despite the fact that Kim Jee-2010 woon’s action thriller I Saw the Devil attracted condemnation from some quarters for its graphic violence, critics unanimously agreed that Choi Woo-performance sung’s as a serial killer was unforgettable, and the picture was a financial success at the box office.

Lee Choi provided voice acting for Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild, which was released in 2011 and went on to become the highest grossing South Korean animated film of all time at the box office. Choi reprised his role as a sophisticated, multidimensional antihero in Nameless Gangster:

Rules of the Time, directed by Yoon Jong-bin, which was both a critical and financial success at the time of its release in 2012. At the 2012 Asia Pacific Screen Awards, he received the prize for Best Performance by an Actor for his work. Immediately following that, Choi directed Park Hoon-New jung’s World (2013), a noir about an undercover cop working in the world of criminals that was both critically and commercially successful.

Choi made his English-language film debut in Luc Besson’s Lucy (2014), in which he played a thug who kidnaps a young girl and forces her to work as a drug mule (played by Scarlett Johansson), but she ends up with superhuman abilities as a result of the ordeal. After that, he starred as Admiral Yi Sun-sin in the blockbuster period epic

The Admiral: Roaring Currents, which was based on the Battle of Myeongnyang, which is considered to be one of the admiral’s most astounding naval victories of all time. After being the most seen picture in South Korean film history,

Roaring Currents went on to establish a new record by becoming the first film ever to exceed 15 million admissions and the first local film to gross more than US$100 million. Choi’s next role was as a hunter in the historical picture The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale, in which he also appeared. Choi starred in three films in 2017:

The Mayor, a political thriller in which he portrayed an unscrupulous mayor, and Heart Blackened, a remake of the crime thriller Heart Blackened, in which he played the main character. Choi will next appear in the period film Astronomy, in which he will portray Jang Yeong-sil. When Choi’s contract with C-JeS Entertainment expired on December 10, 2021, he was liberated from his obligations.


1989Kuro ArirangJin-seok
1990That Which Falls Has WingsTae-sik
1992Our Twisted HeroKim Jung-won
May Our Love Stay This WayJoon-hyuk
1993Sara is GuiltyMusic teacher
1995Mom, the Star, and the Sea Anemone
1997No. 3Ma Dong-pal
1998The Quiet FamilyKang Chang-gu
1999ShiriPark Mu-young
Happy EndSeo Min-ki
2001FailanLee Kang-jae
2002Chi-hwa-seonJang Seung-up
2003OldboyOh Dae-su
2004TaegukgiNorth Korean commander
2005Crying FistKang Tae-sik
Sympathy for Lady VengeanceBaek Han-sang
2009Himalaya, Where the Wind DwellsChoi
2010I Saw the DevilJang Kyung-chul
2011Leafie, A Hen into the WildDrifter (voice)
2011Ari Ari the Korean CinemaHimself
2012Nameless Gangster: Rules of the TimeChoi Ik-hyun
2013New WorldKang Hyung-chul
In My End Is My BeginningDoctor (voice)
2014LucyMr. Jang
The Admiral: Roaring CurrentsAdmiral Yi Sun-shin
2015The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s TaleChun Man-duk
2016Old DaysHimself
2017The MayorByeon Jong-gu
Heart BlackenedIm Tae-san
2019The Battle: Roar to VictoryGeneral Hong Beom-do
Forbidden DreamJang Yeong-sil
2021Heaven: To the Land of Happiness
2022In Our PrimeLee Hak-seong

Television series

1990Years of AmbitionKuchon
500 Years of JoseonPark Seung-hwan
1992The BelovedLee Dong-wook
Sons and DaughtersN/A
1994The Moon of SeoulPark Chun-seob
1995Till We Meet AgainHan Suk-jin
The Fourth RepublicKim Dae-joong
1996Their EmbraceAhn Dong-chul
Dad Is the BossN/A
1997Miss and Mister
Love and SeparationKim Chan-gi


  • Grand Prize (Daesang) (“Roaring Currents”) – 2015 (51st) BaekSang Arts Awards – May 26, 2015
  • Best Actor (“Roaring Currents”) – 2014 (51st) Daejong Film Awards – November 21, 2014
  • Best Actor (“Roaring Currents”) – 2014 (34th) Korean Association of Film Critics Awards – November 13, 2014
  • Best Actor (Nameless Gangster: Rules of The Time) – 2012 (4th) KOFRA Film Awards Ceremony – January 30, 2013
  • Best Actor (Nameless Gangster: Rules of The Time) – 2012 (33rd) Blue Dragon Film Awards – November 30, 2012
  • Best Actor (“I Saw the Devil”) – 2010 (13th) Director’s Cut Awards – December 17, 2010
  • Best Actor (“Oldboy”) – 2004 (24th) Critics Choice Awards – November, 2004

Choi Min Sik Instagram, Reddit, etc.

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  • Choi Min Sik Facebook
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  • Choi Min Sik Reddit
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Choi Min Sik Net worth

Choi Min-estimated sik’s net worth is as follows, based on information from trustworthy web sources such as Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and others. You can see his net worth, salary, and other information from prior years in the table below.

This page has been updated with the latest information on Choi’s net worth, monthly and yearly salary as well as his principal source of income, cars, lifestyle, and other relevant information. Choi, who earned $3 million and has a net worth of $5 million, was the winner. Choi made the most of his money through the sale of his Yeezy sneakers.

While he had overstated the size of his business throughout the years, the money he earned from his job was genuine–enough to place him among the top ten highest-earning celebrities of all time in terms of earnings. His primary source of income comes primarily from his popularity as an actor. His net worth ranges from $5 million to $10 million, which is enormous. The actor has a large social media following in addition to that.

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