Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit


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Who is Crystal Jackson OnlyFans?

The adult content of Crystal Jackson gained her quite a bit of influence on OnlyFans since she is a Californian mom. In addition, it has been reported that she makes around $150k per month from her content.

Aside from being a devoted wife to her husband and a doting mother to her three sons, Crystal is also a creator of adult content. Crystal clarified that she really began the OnlyFans account as a response to her husband’s request to spice up their marriage after menopause in 2019.

The strategy backfired when her children were expelled from school early in 2021. During this time, her story caught the attention of many media outlets as web users rose to her defense.

Crystal Jackson OnlyFans
Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

OnlyFans Crystal Jackson Biography

She rose to fame after her children were expelled from school after administrators learned about the n**e and semin**e photos and videos she posted directly to her OnlyFans account. Jackson is 44-years-old and resides in Sacramento, California.

In Sacramento, Jackson’s three children went to Sacred Heart Parish School until 2021. In a post on Reddit that she shared over a year ago, she said she was taking pictures of her in a b**ini to spice up her relationship with her husband.

After she shared the post, an onlyfans suggested she sign up. After starting a page, it became popular immediately. After more than a year in the business, Jackson sells access to photos and videos, some of which contain nudity, to Only Fans, earning up to $150,000 a month, she tells PEOPLE.


It was the fathers in her community who became some of her most devoted fans. Apparently, a group of mothers hacked into her Only Fans accounts and sent explicit envelopes to the diocese and school principal over the summer.

The three children of Jackson were expelled from school as a result. In a copy of an email obtained by CBS13, the Jacksons were informed, among other things, that:

We see no conflict between what we hope to impart to our students and what you are seeking for high-profile controversy to support the closure of your adult website.

Our school will no longer be associated with your children. You are thus required to find an alternative school for your children.


Among those who signed the email was school principal Theresa Sparks. Apparently, Richard Levin, an employee of the school involved in the videos, was fired. Two of his children were told that they could attend the school, but he had them removed.

Additionally, CBS13 has learned that there are other moms selling n**ed videos and photos online who have children at Catholic schools.

Only Fans Crystal Jackson Wiki biography

NameCrystal Jackson
Another nameMrs Poindexter, Tiffany Poindexter
Famous AsActress
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$150K US Dollars
Shoe size             Marital statusMarried
Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

Crystal Jackson Age 2022

As of 2022 Crystal Jackson is 45-year-old and her date of birth is 1976, you may be surprised to know about her age. It is best to know her age exactly by age calculator online, you simply need to enter her date of birth. The main thing here is her charming physique and attractive body, all it needs to manage life. Crystal Jackson regards exercise as one of the important tools in her life along with maintaining a healthy diet.

Crystal Jackson Husband, Boyfriend, Affairs and More

The Sun reporter Chris Jackson reported that most people do not seem to take offense to her online behavior when they learn of her online activity. Chris Jackson:

“There are some people who just won’t leave us alone, but 99% of the people who find out really don’t care about us.” I think the majority of husbands have read Tiffany’s account, so maybe that’s why these women are upset by us.”

CA Onlyfans Mother’s Kids Banned from School – What happened?

After other parents discovered Crystal Jackson’s OnlyFans content in February, her kids were banned from school. She and her three sons got kicked out of Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento after her OnlyFans photos were revealed by other parents to the school board.

Media outlets around the world, including People, gained attention to the scandal. Crystal talked openly about the reason for keeping her ExclusiveFans account, and she was enraged when her children were banned from it.

At the time of this writing, the names of her sons are not available. They are 8, 10, and 12. Crystal told People in February that her children are good and all this is doing is hurting them. Furthermore, “Take me down, that’s fine, but don’t involve my kids in this.” was her reply.

Is Crystal Jackson on Instagram?

At the moment, it’s hard to find Crystal Jackson on Instagram. In the meantime, her OnlyFans account is currently not available; however, we cannot be certain that this was done intentionally.

When Crystal spoke about the controversy, she addressed the issue of women’s choices in society. It appears that she has entered negotiations with the school because this is an extremely serious matter that will impact her children’s future.

Crystal Jackson Community

It took several months for Jackson’s situation to make national headlines after he faced pressure from other community members. Sacred Heart Parish in Sacramento, where Jackson’s children go to school, began bullying Jackson after finding out about her OnlyFans account.

A recent interview with People revealed that Jackson claimed that some of the other women had printed and mailed explicit pictures of her to the school principal and diocesan leadership of the church. The editor of the New York Post did not get involved at first, according to the newspaper.

Crystal Jackson Instagram

Although Jackson has posted images despite these concerns, he continues to do so. The expulsion of her children has resulted in many images being uploaded to her Instagram account.

Crystal Jackson height, weight, etc.

  • Height – Nil
  • Weight – Nil
  • Body Measurements – Nil (Breast:  Inches, Waist:  Inches, Hips:  Inches)
  • Eye Colour –
  • Hair Colour –

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Crystal Jackson Mrs Poindexter

A fun activity to reinforce the marriage between Jackson and her husband was posting s**y photos of them together. As reported by People, she told the magazine that her marriage had gone downhill and she was on the verge of divorce as she entered menopause.


We spent a lot of time together, and she was going through menopause at the time. I missed that intimacy. There’s nothing that attracts you or makes you feel s*xy.”

Crystal Jackson Reddit

“It was my husband’s idea to share a photo of me in a b**ini on Reddit,” Jackson told The Sun. “We started in September 2019 and everybody didn’t know.” There were no friends or family members involved. Jackson said, “It was a fun and exciting secret that my husband and I shared.

Her page gained popularity quickly after her husband and her decision to do it. The New York Post reported that the website generates more than $150,000 per month in payments from members who pay a subscription fee to view the photos and videos. The only fans account was recommended by a Reddit commenter.

Crystal Jackson OnlyFans

In interviews with People, Jackson claimed that 20% to 30% of the images in OnlyFans contain bold, which is “elegantly” presented and is not s**ually explicit. She claims that the images have improved her relationship with her husband and strengthened her confidence.

In his comments to KOVR-TV, Chris Jackson wrote, “it’s a way for me to work in our privacy and live my fantasies.” Jackson also remarked in his response to the images that they were both “artistic or s**y and s**y, funny and playful, but certainly not hardcore.”

Photos by Crystal Jackson Sacramento

She posts a large number of positive comments and questions on Jackson’s Reddit page, which seem to be followed up on. Jackson claims that fathers and husbands found her OnlyFans page because she had explained to them that “her worlds collided.”.

Jackson stated that a man at her children’s school started the controversy because he told her wife about the photos of her on the site. ‘I found a single father who couldn’t keep it a secret and he told his wife what he had done.

He was the first father to find me, and, according to the Code of Man, the others hid their f**king mouths from their wives! Duh. right? ” Jackson added in a separate comment:

“I’ve had husbands get angry with me when their wives are around, but I actually enjoy it when they’re not.”

Crystal Jackson onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

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Crystal Jackson Onlyfans Images

Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit
crystal jackson onlyfans photos
Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit
crystal jackson onlyfans pics
Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit
crystal jackson onlyfans pictures
Crystal Jackson OnlyFans Free Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

Crystal Jackson Onlyfans Videos

OnlyFans Crystal Jackson Net worth

Her husband Chris Jackson’s naughty photos and videos reportedly bring Jackson more than $150,000 per month in commissions. His children were expelled from Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento because of his seductive adventure.

Sacred Heart Parish School’s Principal Email

News sources reported that the school’s principal told the family that the school could no longer accept the family, and even children were not permitted to take their belongings.

The site was discovered last summer by a group of mothers who launched a campaign to have their children expelled. CBS sent anonymous envelopes to the diocese and principal containing the group’s open materials.

Jackson said those who wanted to banish his children, who were innocent, were the ones doing all this stuff to him. ‘Now that we’ve been exposed, our secret life is revealed, just as if we were found.”

‘The Jacksons’ sent a copy of an email to the station, the station said. You are searching for high-profile discussions to support your adult website in direct opposition to what we are trying to achieve for our students.

Consequently, you should find another school for your children and not maintain any relationship with our school,” he said, and allegedly signed by Principal Theresa Sparks. Mail.

The Jacksons planned to continue posting on the OnlyFans page and they applied for another Catholic school for their children but were worried they might be banned completely by the city’s diocese.

It all began with a post on Reddit, in which Anne sought to spice up her relationship with her husband. The idea was raised, ‘Hey, why don’t you start an OnlyFans app?’’ Jackson said to CBS13. I thought it was funny.

“What’s that, what?what?what? It’s like the thing her husband said; people think it’s cool, s**y, and fun. But it’s definitely not a harsh thing.

In an attempt to punish innocent kids for an opinion she doesn’t agree with, Crystal, the sophomore ‘room mother’ discharged two weeks ago, said, “You’re taking these kids and punishing them for something you disagree with.”

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