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Who is Dillion Harper?

Dillion Harper onlyfans
Dillion Harper onlyfans

In addition to being a famous actor, model, and webcam, Nudist Harper is also an active nudist model for the mature industry. Originally from California, Harper was born on September 27, 1991. Her previous educational background is in dental college. After her teens, she discovered the passion inside herself and began working in the mature industry on a voluntary basis. Although she moved to Los Angeles from Florida initially, after gaining some social and financial security she now spends the majority of her time there.

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In 1988, Dillion Harper became an only child after she was born and raised in Florida. Her town is not small, so she was known as a troubled child. I always threw parties behind my parents’ backs and I had a wild side, but I kept it under wraps too. She grew up in a conservative family and went to church every Sunday. She said her father disagrees with her career choice and they have lost touch.

The virginity of Dillion Harper was lost when she was 15 years old. She became known for her skin business after modeling exposed when she was 15. She got into Po*n because “the economy hit really hard in my area.” In high school, she used webcams a bit, often in my bedroom next to my parents’.

It would be Dillion Harper’s dream to become another Marilyn Monroe. Her innocence makes her stand out in a lot of girl-next-door roles because she has a lot of girl-next-door looks. In the early days of her career, she did not watch Po*n, but now that she is in the business, she watches scenes to learn new things.


When asked why she chose that career, she said that she needed to earn a living like everyone else. Her profession draws attention to her. This is a new experience for her. I honestly was the girl sitting at the back of the classroom. It was my way of getting out and letting loose since I was very shy and intimidated.”

According to Dillion Harper, the best thing about being a Po*n star is “being able to write back to my fans, and even though it’s Po*n, what I’m doing is helping them in the process. A lot of my fans have struggles. I help them through my writing. It’s pretty cool.”

Po*n has the most misconceptions about hardcore s*x being hard to handle on film. Seeing it first hand is vastly different from how it’s put together.” Dillion Harper believes her trademark is her boob. In addition, she claims she is always tanned.

 I try to maintain a good appearance for them. In regard to lining everything up, she said: “Having s*x with older men was bizarre at first.” At work, I turn the tanning bed on. That helps me stay focused. I’m highly competitive.”


A dream of hers is to “f*ck while skydiving that’d be cool.” She’d also want to hang out with James Bond’s Daniel Craig rather than George Clooney. Aside from walking on the beach and camping, she enjoys spending time with her family. Dillion Harper currently lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

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Wiki biography

Profession NameDillion Harper
Birth/ Real NameKelsey Marie Hayes
ProfessionPo*nographic film actor & Model
User Rating8.89/10 (299 votes)
Date of Birth27th September 1991
Birth PlaceJupiter, Florida, USA
Grew Up inJupiter, Florida, USA
Age30 Year Old
Current CityLos Angeles
Dillion Harper pics

Dillion Harper Age 2022

As of 2022, Dillion Harper will be 31years old. She was born on 27th September 1991.

Dillion Harper Height, weight, etc.       

Dillion Harper’s height is 5 feet 2 inches and her weight is 55 kg.

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Upon reading Dillion Harper’s biography, she learned that struggle has been her only constant in life. She lived with her parents, but the financial crisis required her to do full-blown video shoots despite living with her parents. In the first few days, she used to shoot the entire video in a locked bathroom with the camera open.

In the future, she was forced to leave her family to live on her own. She encountered difficulties at the beginning of living alone, and she ended up running out of food, money, and other necessities. When Dillion Harper first started shooting footage inside a locked bathroom, she wanted to become an oral hygienist. But fate had other plans for her. Due to the crisis, she was almost forced to make such a big decision.


Her life was independent when she lived alone, according to reliable sources. She was recommended for many projects by former Po*n star Bella Roxx, which marked a turning point in her career. Some of the companions of Dillion Harper on her journey supported her despite her background. On the beach of Miami is where Dillion Harper’s filmography began. Through the years, she had improvised a lot when it came to producing naughty, attractive gestures.

However, she has always been very vocal about what she wants, that she now wants to go for a mature one, instead of a normal one. The name Dillion Harper itself is becoming a big name now, but Harper is not prepared to stop working towards it. The idea of exploring every aspect of her life had always fascinated her, and she wanted to learn more about her MI*F history. In her mind, she pictured much of this stage of her life.

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Dillion Harper Onlyfans news

Trying her hand at webcamming in 2012, Dillion Harper began her career as a mature actress. In later days, she sent her photos to studios and was then signed by an agent. As soon as she met the agent, her career took off, and she became a mature actress.

In Harper’s case, she was referred by somebody in a country club to the mature film industry. Moreover, she suggested that she could make some extra money by doing some webcamming work.

“Twisty’s Treat of the Year” and a “Hustler Hottie”, Dillion was one of Twisty’s stars in 2014. She was also named Miss Congeniality at the Night Moves awards ceremony. Earlier in the year, she had been nominated for an AVN Award.

In 2014, Dillion’s first film with BangBros was produced after she sent them her photos. She has a unique name in that most people pronounce it incorrectly; they usually pronounce it as “Dillan”.

Her young age is no barrier to her being one of the best mature film actresses of all time, and she has collaborated with some of the top producers and stars. According to Forbes, Dillion Harper’s net worth will reach $250 thousand by 2022.

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Dillion Harper pics

Dillion Harper Onlyfans Networth

According to Dillion Harper’s Instagram feed, she leads quite a luxurious life. She constantly updates about her expensive possessions. Her belongings are estimated to be worth $1 million based on reliable media and other reports. Her career was her sole focus in most of her interviews, and she made it look successful and commendable.

A look at her garden, interior, exterior, and other important delicacies makes one aware of her expenses. The sources in her garden indicate she is a passionate gardener. There are a lot of rare species that have been collected, which has taken a lot of work and money. It is also obvious from the brands that she wears and promotes that her net worth is increasing over time.

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Dillion Harper Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Dillion Harper Onlyfans video, images and pics

Dillion Harper video

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