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Who is Gemstar?

Gemstar onlyfans
Gemstar onlyfans

Gemstar is a fashion model, social media celebrity, and Instagram personality. She was born in London and raised in New York. Instagram became a go-to place for her hot photos and videos of her modeling and fashion. At 20, She moved to New York, US, with her parents and siblings after being born in England.

While finishing her graduation, she decided to pursue a career in modeling since she had been passionate about modeling, fashion, and glamour since she was a child. In the beginning, she gained fame on Instagram for sharing her hot and voluptuous photos and was then signed to several modeling agencies in New York.


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Her eponymous Instagram account has made her a British Instagram Star, a curvy plus-sized model, actress, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and social media personality. Originally from London, Gemstar was born on April 22, 1988. Currently aged 32, She lives in London.


Astrologically, she belongs to the Taurus sign. Her hometown is the United Kingdom, where she was born and raised. Born Jamaican and Irish, she has a multicultural background. The singer has a sister named Suzie. In New York City, Gemstar currently resides. In 2008, She immigrated to the United States.

Since October 2011, Gemstar has been modeling professionally. She has modeled for some of the top brands in the fashion industry, including glam women’s clothing, FashionNovaCurve, shoes to die for online, jury she, Shein official, Pretty Little thing, bad Deville, famous clothing, Judy law clothing, Turkish boutique, shop luxe appeal, African mall, get online, joins plus, among many others.

FashionNovaCurve has made her a brand ambassador. Over 2.4 million followers follow her self-titled Instagram account, sharing breathtaking photos.      

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Wiki biography

Full NameGemstar
OccupationInstagram Star
Date of BirthApril 22, 1988
Place of BirthEngland
Star SignTaurus

Gemstar Age 2022

As of 2022, She will be 34 years old. She was born on April 22, 1988.

Gemstar Height, weight, etc.                    

Gemstar’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 62 kg.

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Gemstar is an Instagram star and social media personality who lives in classic beauty and classic style. She became famous for the YouTube video she uploaded. Several of her fans loved the video she posted on her self-titled YouTube channel in 2018. Several of her fans have viewed the video more than 5,000 times.


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  • England is the home of Gemstar.
  • She loves pets and owns a dog.
  • She loves spending time in Mexico.
  • She loves the colors brown and green.
  • Basketball and table tennis are Gemstar’s favorite sports.

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Gemstar Onlyfans news

Born in the UK and raised in the US, Gemstar has established herself as a well-known fashion model, Instagram personality, and social media personality. The real Gemstar is Emma Walshe. Moreover, she gained fame after posting her sultry, curvy fashion and modeling photographs and videos on Instagram.

April 22, 1988, was Gemstar’s birthday in England. She goes by the name Gemma Walshe. While completing her education, she decided to pursue a career in modeling since she has always been interested in modeling, fashion, and elegance. Following her sultry and curvy Instagram photos, she became well-known as a model, and she was soon signed to many agencies in New York.

Gemstar became an Instagram sensation when she started her career. A model since October 2011, she has worked with Turkish Boutique, Glam Women’s Clothing, Pretty Little Thing, FashionNovaCurve, Jurlly She, Shop Kuxe Appeal, and many more.

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Gemstar Onlyfans Networth

In financial terms, net worth represents the value of all capital owned by an individual or an organization. Alternatively, you don’t have a net financial worth, but you have a net worth. Gemstar’s net worth equals the value of all her assets.

Additionally, you have recently heard a lot about Gemstar and want to know how she is doing financially. You will find all the information you need on our website if such is the case.

According to some estimates, Gemstar’s net worth is between $1 million and 5 million dollars. Due to her successful career as a model. Regardless, that is a significant amount of money when considering her age.

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Gemstar Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Gemstar Onlyfans video, images, and pics

Gemstar Onlyfans video

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