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Who is Holly Scarfone?

Holly Scarfone is a lovely Canadian model, reality personality, and social media phenomenon. She was born on December 17, 1998, and is currently 23 years old. As a result of her participation in many reality television series, she has built up a large following among viewers at home.

She is a young woman who possesses beautiful eyes in addition to other physical qualities. Miss. Holly has come a long way and put in a lot of effort in order to get signed with a reputable modelling agency so that she may increase the number of jobs she has available to her.


As a result of the assistance provided by her modelling agency, she was recently given the opportunity to appear as an actress in the third season of the critically acclaimed television show Too Hot to Handle.

Everyone who uses social media or watches TV shows has been talking about her ever since the first episode of this show aired on January 19, 2022, and the number of people who support her is expanding.

She has already impressed the people who follow her on social media, and she will soon impress the people who watch the Too Hot to Handle television show. The attractive young lady, Holly, always keeps her viewers on the edge of their seats, waiting for something new from her.

Holly Scarfone
Holly Scarfone

Holly Scarfone Biography

Holly Scarfone is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, having achieved success in the fields of modeling, reality television, and social media. She entered the world on December 17th, 1998 in North Bay, which is located in the province of Ontario in Canada.

The internet is currently being dominated by discussions about her. At this time, people are interested in learning more about Holly. After making an appearance on the reality show Too Hot To Handle, which was broadcast on Netflix in January 2022, Holly was catapulted into the public eye and gained a lot of attention. It is the third season of Too Hot to Handle, in which she has participated.

The first episode of the show aired on television for the first time on January 19th, 2022. Because she is participating in this reality television show, Holly is receiving a significant amount of attention from the general public. Her birthday is December 17th, and she was born in 1998.

North Bay, in the province of Ontario, Canada, is where Holly was born. Holly is a Canadian by birth and a Canadian by nationality. As of the beginning of the year 2022, the well-known Canadian model Holly has already reached the age of 23 years and one month old.


In December of 2022, she will turn 24 years old. According to the information included in her birth certificate, Holly was born under the sign of Sagittarius. On the seventeenth of December of each year, the well-known Canadian model Holly gathers with her loved ones to celebrate her birthday.

And Holly was born and raised in North Bay, which is located in Ontario, Canada. According to the information provided by the sources, Holly completed her secondary education at Scotts Valley High School. In 2017, Holly graduated from Scotts Valley High School, which she had attended previously.

During her time at high school, Holly participated in a variety of athletic activities, including swimming, track and field, and more. After that, Holly registered for classes at the University of Colorado Boulder with the intention of earning her degree there in 2018.

Where Holly earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2021. She graduated from this institution. Student and model Holly Scarfone hail from Colorado, in the United States of America. She comes from Canada and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology.

According to what she states on her Instagram account, “They nickname me hurricane Holly for a reason, I am the life of the party.” She attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology just recently. When I started writing this piece, she had 20.8 thousand followers on Instagram and had posted 345 times.

In the introduction video, she says, “I love a good accent, honestly, who doesn’t?” I guess you could say that warms the cockles of my heart just a little bit. “I’m a little bit of a wild child, I’m continuously just doing what I want to do,” he continued. “I don’t really care what other people think of me.”

If there are a few males fighting for me, that can make the experience a little bit more enjoyable for me. Because I don’t enjoy feeling confined, I find that an open-minded man is more attractive to me. She has travelled to a variety of places, some of which include Miami, Puerto Rico, Denver, Mexico City, Monaco, and Lake Tahoe, among others.

Holly, who was born on December 17th, 1998 to parents who are Canadian, was raised in North Bay, which is located in the province of Ontario in Canada. In the year 2021, she had just turned 23, and at the beginning of the year 2022, she had just begun to go through the new doors that led to success.

When she was younger, she was a sweet little girl who often pretended to be asleep while playing with her doll collection. When she was a little child, she would fall asleep holding one of her dolls in each hand. She started doing acrobatics at school when she was younger, which sparked her interest in flexible activities like Yoga, which she later became passionate about.

Holly Scarfone Wiki biography

NameHolly Scarfone
NicknameHolly, Hola, kylie Jenner
BirthdayDecember 17, 1998
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Net worth$300K US Dollars
BirthplaceNorth Bay, Ontario, Canada
Heightfeet and inches- 5’7”
Weightkilograms- 54 kg
Body Measurements34–25–35
Shoe size7 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried
FatherAnthony Scarfone
MotherMichelle Ladds Scarfone
BoyfriendNathan Soan Mingomezulu

Holly Scarfone Age 2022

As of 2022 Holly Scarfone is 23 years old and her date of birth is December 17, 1998.

Holly Scarfone Family

When we speak of Holly’s parents, we should mention that she is their devoted daughter. Anthony Scarfone is the name of Holly’s paternal grandfather. At the moment, he is employed at RBC Wealth Management as a senior investment advisor in addition to his role as a wealth advisor.

Michelle Ladds Scarfone is the name of Holly’s mother. Holly is an only child. She leads a happy married life with Holly’s mother and Holly’s father. At this time, there is no information that can be relied upon regarding Holly’s siblings that can be found anywhere on the internet.

There is a strong possibility that Holly is older than her presumed younger sibling. But Holly has not disclosed any information about her younger sister as of yet. Holly Scarfone has not disclosed a great deal of information about her family in either her social media posts or her interview.

On the other hand, it would appear that her father, Mr Anthony Scarfone, is a well-known figure. Her paternal grandfather is currently employed at RBC Wealth Management in the role of senior investment and wealth advisor. Her paternal grandfather was likewise an Ontario native and raised his family there.

Mr Anthony Scarfone has successfully completed his studies at Laurentian University and received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Her mother, Michelle Ladds Scarfone, is currently residing in a companionable relationship with Holly’s dad. In addition, there is the rumour that Holly has a younger sister in the family, but she has not disclosed any information about her or their relationship.

Holly Scarfone Boyfriend, Husband, Affairs and More

It should come as no surprise that Holly has never been in a relationship. However, after she was a part of the reality program, she violated a lot of the regulations, just like the male model Nathan Soan Mingomezulu did. When Holly first appeared on the show, Nathan was shown to have won her heart quickly, and the two went on to enjoy their first kiss.


Holly and Nathan continued to have a physical relationship despite the fact that they were aware of the rules. The group’s efforts to strengthen their ties to one another continued to rack up financial losses, which finally totalled $90,000. Holly revealed that she has no regrets about it and that she was able to make contact with someone she had always been curious about.

Because she said that it would be detrimental to both of their well-being if neither of them explored the other, Nathan and she made a point of kissing one another. After the filming of the show was over in the earlier part of 2021, Nathan and Holly are still dating as of January 2022, according to additional information.

Holly Scarfone height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 7″
  • Weight – 54 kg
  • Body Measurements – 34-25-35 (Breast: 34 Inches, Waist: 25 Inches, Hips: 35 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – brown
  • Hair Colour – blonde

Holly Scarfone Carrier

Holly’s LinkedIn page indicates that she has worked in a variety of entry-level positions for a number of different businesses. Holly developed into a self-sufficient young woman when she was attending high school, and we’d like to tell you about it.

Simply Skin Spa was Holly’s first employer, and she started there in 2016 as a receptionist. Between the months of April 2016 and July 2019, she was employed by Simply Skin Spa. Between the months of May 2018 and August 2018, Holly was also employed as a hostess at the Sforno restaurant.

In April of 2019, Later Holly became a member of West Elm. From April 2019 until February 2020, Holly was employed at West Elm in a variety of roles, including sales manager, social media manager, and interior designer. Holly made the decision to become a model while she was employed at West Elm.

After that, in April of 2019, Holly became an agent with Donabaldwin. Holly is currently working as a well-known model in her own country of Canada. Since April of 2019, Holly has been represented by the Donabaldwin agency as a popular model in the Canadian industry.

In terms of her modelling profession, she is doing really well. Too Hot to Handle made Holly Scarfone a household name with her performance in the film.

holly scarfone and nathan soan mngomezulu
holly scarfone and nathan soan mngomezulu

A Career in Reality TV Netflix Too Hot To Handle 2022

Holly held a number of entry-level positions at a range of companies before deciding to pursue a career as a model, as stated in her LinkedIn profile. After finishing high school, she matured into an understanding young woman and started working to support herself. When she was a teenager, she got her start in the beauty industry working as a receptionist at a spa called Simply Skin Spa.

She stayed for a total of three years, starting in 2016 and leaving in 2019 (inclusive). In 2018, she put in a total of four months working as a hostess at the SFORNO restaurant. She worked as a hostess on the side so that she could augment her income.

Holly’s undergraduate career was marked by a steady increase in the breadth and depth of her abilities, which led to her 2019 employment by West Elm as an Interior Designer and Social Media Manager. In 2019, while still employed at West Elm, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to pursue a career in modelling and subsequently signed with the Donabaldwin agency.

It was on January 19, 2022, that the first episode of the popular reality TV show Too Hot to Handle was shown on Netflix. She is now a featured contestant on the show.

Holly Scarfone Recent News Netflix Too Hot To Handle 2022

Netflix, a famous online streaming service, hosted the world premiere of the third season of the hit reality program To Hot to Handel on January 19, 2022. This show has a long history of stirring up debate and has attracted a significant amount of attention from the media. And this time it’s getting a lot of attention since a young model named Miss. Holly Scarfone who looks a lot like Kylie Jenner has arrived.

The reality program will consist of ten episodes, and the winner will get a monetary incentive of two hundred thousand dollars, in the United States Dollars. Holly Scarfone is a contestant who has gained a lot of attention because she is Miss Holly’s youngest model. She entered the competition when she was 23 years old.

She created waves in the first episode, which was broadcast on January 19, 2022, by saying that she liked the thought of men competing for her. This information caused her to be the subject of much media attention. When she gave a passionate kiss on the lips to male contestant Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, she ignited yet another scandal.

Holly revealed that she was born to be on the show by saying, “I’ve been told that I kind of radiate se**ness.” 66 “I’ve been told that I sort of radiate se**ness,” Holly said. A contestant from Season 3 shared their thoughts on themselves in a promotional video, saying,

“I’m a little bit of a wild child, I’m constantly just doing what I want to do.” “Perhaps if there are a lot of guys fighting for me, I’ll start to enjoy it a little bit.” As an addition to the reality show Too Hot to Handle,

Holly has been allowed to continue on as a finalist, and Mr Beaux Raymond has been awarded the prize money for the show. Despite the fact that the first episode of this show debuted on Netflix on January 19, 2022, the majority of it was shot on location in the Turks and Caicos Islands during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Holly Scarfone onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  • Holly Scarfone Instagram
  • Holly Scarfone Facebook
  • Holly Scarfone Twitter
  • Holly Scarfone Youtube
  • Holly Scarfone Tiktok
  • Holly Scarfone Snapchat
  • Holly Scarfone Reddit
  • Holly Scarfone Twitch

Holly Scarfone Images

Holly Scarfone Videos

scott disick and holly scarfone
scott disick and holly scarfone

Holly Scarfone Net worth

Holly’s employment as a professional model is the primary contributor to the revenue that she brings in. Holly’s professional modelling career brings her a sizable amount of money for her every month. Holly supported herself financially with a number of different part-time jobs before she began her career in modelling.

Holly has just recently made her debut on television with the reality television show Too Hot To Handle, which airs on Netflix in the month of January 2022. At this time, it is unknown how much money Holly has in her net worth.

However, Holly lives an extravagant lifestyle. Holly is living a high life and enjoying every moment of it. She has a lot of pricey accessories, including clothing, jewellery, purses, makeup, and other items.

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