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Jimmy Humilde Net worth in 2022, Age, best biography


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Who is Jimmy Humilde?

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth
Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy Humilde is well known for creating Rancho Humilde Mexican Regional Record Label. His birthday is July 21, 1980, and he is 41 years old. His childhood was spent in Venice, California, and his 21st year was spent in Inglewood, California.

One of the most popular music producers is him. In addition to uploading videos on YouTube, he collaborates with other artists on some great tracks. As well to the original Mexican music, he incorporates American Hip Hop into his music.

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Jimmy Humilde Biography

The Mexican artist Jimmy is also a well-known music producer. Rancho Humilde, the record label he founded, is his most famous accomplishment. He gained a lot of recognition by uploading quality videos on YouTube with a Mexican flair. Additionally, he has good connections with a variety of artists. As a result, he creates some good music with them.

Born in Venice, California, United States, on 21 July 1980, he is 41 years old now. Until the age of 21, he lived in Venice before moving to Inglewood. Due to the fact that he doesn’t disclose much about his parents, little information is available about them. On his Instagram account, he usually posts pictures of himself and his mom together.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth
Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy Humilde’s net worth?

As a result, the company attracted a lot of attention in the late 1990s, and it has become well-known by the end of the decade. As time goes on, its music continues to gain popularity, especially among young people. Originally from Venice, California, Jimmy Humild was born in 1980. He is 41 years old at the moment.


A well-known YouTuber, he has a large following. In June 2009, he launched his YouTube channel. As of today, it has been viewed by more than 540,000,000 people. Over 120,00 subscribers subscribe to the channel as well.

Jimmy Humilde’s net worth is approximately $2,700 per year. Jimmy Humilde’s net worth is estimated to be between $19,600 and $47,700 based on his YouTube videos. The number of followers he has on YouTube exceeds 120,000.

At Rancho Humilde, you can make money in a variety of ways. Affiliate commissions, sponsors, and sales of his own products are the ways he makes money. In the range of $20,500 to $125,000, Jimmy Humilde’s net worth lies. In approximation. The amount has been confirmed and calculated by Forbes and CelebrityNetWorth.

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Jimmy Humilde Wiki & Bio

Real NameJimmy Humilde
First NameJimmy
Last NameHumilde
Nick NameJimmy Humilde
Date of BirthJuly 21, 1980
Age41 years old
OccupationAmerican music artist, music producer, YouTube
BirthplaceVenice, California, U.S
CountryUnited States of America
Jimmy Humilde Net Worth
Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy Humilde Age

The year 2022 marks his 41st birthday. Inglewood, California, was Jimmy’s birthplace, but he moved to Miami, Florida with his parents soon afterward.

While playing in the sun as a child, he spent many evenings playing dominoes and poker with his aunt and uncle. In order to pursue an artist’s career in Los Angeles, Jimmy decided it was time to leave his parent’s home when he turned 21.

During his stay, he became fast friends with Natanael Cano, a singer. Natanael was one of Jimmy’s closest friends during his early years as an artist.

Jimmy Humilde Wife

In spite of the fact that Jimmy is married, it is not uncommon for him to share pictures of his wife publicly on social media. His personal life does not seem to be something he likes to share with others. The only time he has posted a picture of himself and his son is when he was a child.

Jimmy Humilde Career

At the beginning of Jimmy Humilde’s career, he dreamed of becoming an artist. Later, however, he fell in love with making music. Originally a musician, Jimmy decided to pursue a career in music production after pursuing a generously paid position as a record producer.


It was Russell Simmons’ masterpieces that influenced Jay Z and Jimmy Humilde. In the course of his career, he has produced some excellent songs.

As CEO of Mexican Rancho Humilde, he oversees the label’s local and urban presence. Humilde has signed one of the most important contracts ever with Clinq Music. The company is a global distributor of music recordings, so he will benefit greatly from this agreement.

Mexican flavor has helped his music become incredibly popular. His music uses Mexican elements, and he has benefited from the cultural transition.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth
Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Contemporary musical art correlates with success in the music industry. Eventually, all of the music industry’s promotional strategies will become well known if just one song takes off. The first thing Jimmy Humilde did was explore his artistic goals, but he also developed his business management skills.

In addition to Natanael Cano, he is widely known. Many of their projects have been collaborative, and they have produced some amazing music.  Among the artists, he has signed are Legado 7 and Fuerza Regina. His current position is the result of hard work and dedication!

As a child, Jimmy Humilde started singing songs, with the goal of becoming an artist. As time went on, he discovered his passion for music production and behind-the-scenes work.

As a result, Jimmy was particularly motivated by Russel Simmons’ Masterpiece label because his name had always been associated with cutting-edge quality in hip-hop.

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Something interesting about Jimmy Humilde

  • Animals are his passion, and Bruno and Shasha are his pets.
  • The only tattoo on his body is a small one on his wrist.
  • Travel is also a favorite activity for Jimmy.
  • Later, he gave up on becoming an artist and became more interested in making music.
  • The man is probably not a vegetarian.
  • Caucasian and American nationalists, he belongs to the Caucasian race. A Christian, he describes himself as such.
  • The number of people who follow him on Instagram exceeds 900K.

Jimmy Humilde Social media

Frequently Asked Question

How Tall Is Jimmy Humilde?

Despite being a public figure, Jimmy Humilde is a private person. There is no information about his height or body measurements available to the public at this time.

How Old Is Jimmy Humilde?

Jimmy Humilde was born on July 21, 1980, in Venice, California. His 42nd birthday will take place in July 2022, when he will be 41 years old.

Who Is Jimmy Humilde Dating?

Jimmy Humilde seems to be single right now and not dating anyone. No past relationships have been reported for Humilde.

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