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Who is karla ramirez?

karla ramirez onlyfans
karla ramirez onlyfans

Karla is originally from Brownsville, Texas, and has lived in San Antonio, Texas for more than a decade now. She is married to Manoli Zacharias, a businessman who she affectionately calls “Grexican” because he is half Greek and half Mexican.

Hotel Discotheque, a thriving nightclub that caters to the wealthy community of San Antonio, is one of their many businesses.


As a couple, they have two gorgeous boys and see one another as equals in their marriage, all the while providing their best assets as parents in their everyday lives. Family and friends hold a special place in her heart, and she believes that mutual respect is vital to a lasting marriage.

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karla ramirez Onlyfans news

TikTok and OnlyFans creator Karla Ramirez detailed, in a series of TikToks posted on Jan. 28, the childhood S*xual abuse she says she suffered from her father and other adults, which culminated in Ramirez discovering that her father had subscribed to her OnlyFans account under a fake name.


In the overlay text of her original video, which has been viewed over 8 million times, Ramirez wrote she discovered her father had been subscribing to her content via two different accounts for more than a year. Ramirez was 18 years old in June 2021 (OnlyFans users must be 18 and provide a photo ID to share content).

Having just played with me for $150, the only way I learned about it was when his mom was talking on the phone in the background while he called,” she recalled. The caption of Ramirez’s video said that “your [father] is not forbidden from buying your n*des.”

Ramirez’s story has been shared by others on TikTok as well. Ramirez’s words were expressed in sympathy and a request for more information was made. Ramirez wrote in a follow-up TikTok video that his father has been S*xually attracted to him since he was a child. I remember when I was four, he would take me to a friend’s house or a girl he used to date and let them touch me.”

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When her mother was a minor, her father used fake social media accounts to contact her and sent her pictures of his penis, asking her to rate the photos for money.

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The S*xual attraction between them has just built up over time,” Ramirez said with a crack in her voice. As well as screenshots of her father’s alleged fake Snapchat accounts, she shows what she told her father via Snapchat after realizing he had been one of her clients on OnlyFans.

Additionally, she showed screenshots of her CashApp and said that payments are coming from her father under another false name. “How am I supposed to explain this?” Ramirez said. He got me all screwed up.” She said her “childhood trauma” was never acknowledged and that her mother never believed her when she was abused S*xually.


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 Apparently, the TikToker’s mother was “out of the loop” and unaware that her father had been abusing her. Ramirez said that she confirmed that her mother’s voice was in the background of her father’s call, then ran to her mother’s house to tell her mother to call the police. Likewise, Ramirez said that her father immediately became defensive and that she began beating him.

The reason why I was there was so obvious, I did not need to explain myself,” Ramirez said.

 She said her father immediately tried to cover his tracks. After she told her mother, her mother “automatically” believed her since her mother had known about a fake social media account under the name of her father. Ramirez used the term “child endangerment” for her mother’s behavior.

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In addition, Ramirez explained that her father financially supported her mother, who is mentally ill. She told me that her mother and brother reside with her grandmother at the moment. On one of Ramirez’s TikToks, one commenter said the situation was “some of the sickest things they’ve ever heard in their life.” Others offered Ramirez legal advice.

Don’t be hurt by what he had to endure, and don’t allow your mother to influence you either,” commented @masssyjerez. “Go at him full throttle, get an attorney!attorney!attorney!— “The pictures he sent himself are incriminating,†wrote @ratacoochie12345 in reference to the pictures Ramirez’s father sent himself when he took his phone away when he was a minor. “The police need to be contacted.”

I beg you, please get a lawyer and prosecute to the fullest extent,” replied @maitav38. He may do it again to someone else. The Daily Dot contacted Ramirez via email.

 karla ramirez Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

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karla ramirez Onlyfans video, images and pics

karla ramirez Onlyfans video, images and pics
Karla Ramirez Onlyfans images
karla ramirez Onlyfans video, images and pics
karla ramirez Onlyfans pics
karla ramirez Onlyfans videos

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