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Katrina Kaif’s Devrani outfit required a coat to cover her body


Sharwari Wagh, who appeared in Bunty and Babli 2, is dating actor Sunny Kaushal, the brother of actress Vicky Kaushal. Both were seen at the same time. People were taken aback when they saw Sharwari Wagh’s appearance.

Katrina Kaif's Devrani outfit required a coat to cover her body
Katrina Kaif's Devrani outfit required a coat to cover her body 12

Sharwari Wagh had to put on a coat in order to conceal her body because the dress she was wearing was so revealing and had a cutout in an inappropriate location. Sharwari Wagh flaunts her breasts in a braless look while donning a skin-colored dress that has a cutout in the bodice just above her breasts. The cutout allows Sharwari’s breasts to be seen clearly.

Because of her daring appearance, Sharwari Wagh has been making headlines recently. Because the dress was cut away at such places, Sharvari’s breasts were exposed, giving the impression that she is not afraid to reveal some skin.


In order to conceal this section of her body, she wore a coat that matched the dress. Sharwari Wagh is the only person who has worn this blazer; before to that, she wasn’t even wearing sleeves.


Open hair, dark red lipstick, a choker around her neck, and high heels were the finishing touches that Sharwari Wagh added to her outfit. In addition, Sharwari Wagh was spotted attending Katrina Kaif’s wedding as well as her birthday celebrations.


In addition to this, Sharwari Wagh’s boyfriend Sunny Kaushal was there to cheer her on when she earned the Filmfare Award for Best Debut Actor not too long ago. The award was presented to her recently.


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