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Who is KKVSH?

In addition to being an Instagram star, Youtuber, and social media influencer, Mikayla Saravia is also known as Kkvsh on social media platforms.

Her modeling and photo-sharing profiles on Instagram and YouTube are famous for showing off her hot, curvy, captivating looks. With her parents and siblings of Jamaican and Salvadoran descent, Mikayla was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida.

She attended a local school and graduated at the end of her high school career. As a young girl, she developed a passion for modeling, fashion, and glamour, leading her to share her beautiful lifestyle and fashion photos on Instagram.


Despite gaining fame quickly on Instagram, she quickly attracted millions of followers.

KKVSH OnlyFans
KKVSH OnlyFans
KKVsh onlyfans

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KKVSH Onlyfans Biography

In addition to having a tongue that is reportedly 6.5 inches long, Kkvsh (real name Mikayla Saravia) is a social media star in America.


Originally from Jamaica, the 24-year-old star now resides in Palm Beach, Florida, and is of Salvadorian and Jamaican descent. Khvsh has over 3.5 million Instagram followers, and she also participates in Twitter and TikTok.

In addition to her fame, Kkvsh has made a fortune in music production and business. There is an app on her phone in which she is selling merchandise, phone holders, and s** toys.

I’ll look at Kkvsh’s upbringing, the strange requests about her tongue, and her s**uality and career, as well as a shooting that nearly paralyzed her. The United States Kkvsh was born on October 29th, 1997.

Her parents wanted her to hide her long tongue, even though she loved it. Growing up, she realized she had a longer tongue than others. As well as bullying from peers because of her tongue, Kkvsh experienced s**ual harassment from men.


Although her parents were once annoyed at what she did with her tongue, now they are appreciative, and the bullies have become her friends. During her teenage years, Kkvsh pierced her tongue many times.

In a recent interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Kkvsh described her motivation for piercing her tongue: “It would make my tongue look longer too because there is a ball in the middle of my tongue which makes it appear longer than it really is… It was cute I thought.”. It could be customized with different colors…”

As for having tongue piercings, Kkvsh wasn’t bothered by the stereotypes. Dj Smallz Eyes told her that she isn’t concerned with what people think of her body. Kkvsh replied: “You know what, it’s your body.”

It’s yours to do with as you please. Would you mind getting your entire face pierced? Go ahead and pierce your whole face. You can pierce your tongue twenty times all around, but if you want, pierce the tip of your tongue… I have a lot of piercings on my body.

Besides that, I have tons of tattoos. Did you know that? Go for it. Kkvsh had always gotten weird requests about her tongue before she became a social media sensation.

Due to the way she initially marketed herself on social media, she thinks she may have contributed to the odd requests.

The original photos show Kkvsh licking things to a point where they look s**ually provocative, and it led to the assumption that she was into doing filthy things with her tongue.

The following is an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes in which she talks about some of the requests she has received: “With a long tongue, is anything too normal?” There is a lot they want from me.

Obviously, they want me to stick it in their body parts, especially their butts. Some other things are on their list as well, such as licking certain things in front of their faces.

The strange thing is… I feel uncomfortable when a lot of people are watching me in a certain area, so I’m like, “I don’t feel comfortable.”. “I don’t feel comfortable with that and I need some time.”

Aside from the odd requests, everything else about being a social media star is great. By selling things on her app and by using Instagram, she is making money. In an interview with Complex, she told us that she’s proud of what she’s accomplished so far.

“I think people don’t realize how down to earth I am,” she said. o-earth individual. Most people think I’m cocky and boujee since I have a lot of followers, but in reality, I’m quite down to earth. One of my biggest inspirations is my mother.

As strong a woman as she is, she truly inspires me. Despite my young age and ownership of my own company, I feel very proud of my accomplishments. A common misconception about her is that she is a p**nstar.

The marketing strategy used by Kkvsh after joining social media led to the idea that she made p**n. She used to be a stripper before joining social media.

People who think she does p**n assume she does it because she has friends in the p**n industry as well as a page on OnlyFans. Sometime during her career, she sold photographs of her feet.

Her feet photos made a respectable amount of money, but she didn’t become more explicit in her photography because of it. In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Kkvsh said she is not feeling pressure from her friends to pursue a p**nographic career.

According to her, even their managers tell them that they should focus on whatever makes them happy. For example, if you want to do p**n, then do it. If you don’t want to do p**n, then focus on what you want to do.


You can do s**y things without doing p**n.’ Kkvsh was attracted to men at first, but as she stripped, she discovered she also preferred women. Her experience as a young stripper included a relationship with a woman, and she still finds women attractive.

Kkvsh is open to the possibility of finding a man, but she feels like she will end up with him. Right now, Kkvsh does not seem to be interested in discussing her love life.

Despite being single, DJ Smallz Eyes was assured that she wouldn’t post about her boyfriend on social media, even if he were her boyfriend. DJ Smallz Eyes originally said she didn’t post about her boyfriend because people would try to ruin it.


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According to her: “I wouldn’t post that on Instagram because if I tag him or anything, it would be seen as a revealing post.

It will take a while for them to track him down… they’re going to go to his page, slide into his DM, and tell him they want to make her miserable because this is Kkvsh’s boyfriend. Basically, I want to slide into his DM and f**k her nigga because that shit is awesome.

Additionally, Kkvsh feels that her career would stand in the way of her beginning a relationship. She believes that some of the things she does in her career are not suitable for a potential partner.

Kkvsh said DJ Smallz Eyes would not shy away from posting about a prospective partner on social media if he was comfortable with her career. She continued: “They realize that this is what I’m passionate about.”

Now, they should understand where I’m coming from. In April 2019, Kkvsh came close to losing her life after she was injured in a shooting that occurred at Lake Worth’s Howard Park. When the time is right and I’m at the right stage in my career, I’ll be able to show you off.”

Khakvsh sustained an upper arm wound and the other victim suffered a shoulder wound. Kkvsh suffered broken ribs, a broken left scapula, and injuries to one of her lungs from a bullet that passed through her arm.

After passing through her arm, it stopped outside her right shoulder. She believes that she was given a second chance at life as she stood a real chance of dying or being paralyzed by the bullet.

Because removing it immediately after the shooting would have caused more damage to her body, the social media star ended up leaving the bullet in her body for several weeks.

She recorded the entire process and uploaded it to her YouTube page, and the video shows the removal of the bullet.


KKVSH Onlyfans Wiki biography

Real NameMikayla Saravia
BirthdayOctober 29, 1997
Famous AsModel and Social Media Star
Zodiac SignScorpio
Net worthApprox. $500K Dollars
BirthplacePalm Beach, Florida, US
Heightfeet and inches- 5’7”
Weightkilograms- 62 kg
Body Measurements34-29-38
Marital statusUnmarried

KKVSH Age 2022

As of 2022 KKVSH is 25 years old and her date of birth is October 29, 1997.

KKVSH height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 7″
  • Weight – 62 kg
  • Body Measurements – 34-29-38 (Breast: 34 Inches, Waist: 29 Inches, Hips: 38 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Brown Eyes
  • Hair Colour – Black Hair

KKVSH Onlyfans Carrier

In addition to sharing beautiful, curvaceous, and smokin’ lifestyle photos and videos, Mikayla began modeling on Instagram. Within a short period of time, thousands of people liked and followed her photos and videos.

At the time of this writing, she has accumulated over 7 million followers on Instagram. Mikayla’s immense popularity on Instagram led to her being the face of numerous lingerie, makeup, sports, b**ini, and swimwear brands.

Aside from this, she operates a clothing store online called “Kkvsh Store.”. We can expect to see her on the cover of various fashion, entertainment, and fitness magazines shortly.

On her self-titled YouTube channel, Mikayla uploads prank videos, reactions, travel videos, and video diaries. A new single featuring her was released in the same year called “KKVSH BIRTHDAY BASH DENVER”.

The YouTube channel has more than 113k followers as of this writing. She has three videos that are particularly popular: Living With a Bullet Inside Me, Getting my LONG TONGUE Pierced!, Pierced!, when Bae gets mad at me, and When Bae gets mad at me.

KKVSH onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

It is no secret that KKVSH is a familiar face on Instagram as she operates a fully verified Instagram account where she has gathered 2.7 million followers by sharing 86 posts.

Her Youtube channel KKVSH contains more than 100k subscribers and is an authority in the YouTube space. Additionally, she has gathered 62.5k devotees and 256 preferences on her authority Tiktok account.

KKVSH Onlyfans Images

Who is KKVSH - News, Videos, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022
Who is KKVSH - News, Videos, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022 14

KKVSH Onlyfans Videos

Only Fans KKVSH Net worth

According to Mikayla Saravia’s estimated net worth, her net worth in 2021 will be more than $500K. She earns her living modeling, by doing brand promotions, endorsing brands, and by doing commercials.

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