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Latrese Allen Net worth in 2022, Facebook, age, height, best biography


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Who is Latrese Allen?

Latrese Allen Net Worth
Latrese Allen Net Worth

It is estimated that Latrese Allen’s net worth is $1 million as of 2022, making her one of the most successful U.S. comedians, television personalities, vloggers, social media stars, and Youtube stars of our time. In addition to stand-up comedy, she performs funny skits live.

Having a great sense of humor, she Blogs her daily life on YouTube. As well to comedy and drama shows, she has appeared in a number of movies. Having discussed Latrese Allen’s net worth, salary, income, career, and personal life & biography, let’s now talk about how she earned this significant sum of money.

Originally from Sarasota, Florida, Latrese Allen was born on November 16, 1984. Sarasota was home to her grandmother when she was growing up. In an incident, her father, Anthony Jhonson, was fatally injured. It was a massive shock for Latrese’s mother, Pamela Diane Allen, to learn of Anthony Jhonson’s death.


Due to her husband’s sudden death, Pamela suffered from severe depression. Her Grandmother raised Latrese because she is not able to give her proper time due to this loss. In her childhood, Latrese was fond of singing, but when she turned fifteen, she discovered that she was interested in comedy. As a child, Latrese watched different comedy shows, and later, she started her career in comedy by posting funny skits online.

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Latrese Allen Biography

Known as the Real Comedienne Latrese Allen, Latrese Allen has achieved fame as an American comedian, television personality, vlogger, social media star, and Youtube sensation.


A popular stand-up comedian, she performs funny skits live on stage. Vlogger Latrese Allen has a great sense of humor and vlogs her daily life on YouTube. Additionally, she has appeared in a number of comedic/dramatic television shows.

The height and weight of Latrese Allen are approximately 5 feet and 1 inch/1.54 m/154 cm and 85 kg, respectively. As a result of her weight loss journey, she has also been sharing it on her Youtube channel.

As a child, Latrese always dreamed of being a singer; however, she discovered her interest in comedy at fifteen. During her early adulthood, she watched a number of comedy shows, and later in 2010, she started a comedy career and started posting her funny skits online.

Latrese Allen Net Worth
Latrese Allen Net Worth

Latrese Allen’s net worth?

A $100,000 net worth is estimated for Latrese Allen in 2022. Over 1 million people follow her Facebook page, which is her major source of income. She can charge between $400 and $1,100 a post because of such a large following.


“Real Comedienne Latrese Allen” is the YouTube channel where she earns some of her income. Her monthly views are around 500 thousand, which brings her a monthly income of around $2,000 or $26,000 a year.

Donations from viewers who enjoy Latrese’s personality and what she does are another source of income for her. Additionally, she teaches one-on-one classes about promoting a Facebook business page. For one class, Latrese charges $600.

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Latrese Allen Wiki & Bio

Net Worth:$100,000
Birthday:Nov 16, 1984
Age:37 years old
Height:5 feet (154cm)
Birthplace:United States of America
Occupation:Youtuber, Comedian, Actress, Singer

Latrese Allen Career

Latrese Allen, a YouTuber, has become very popular in recent years. In addition to being an actress and comedian, she is also a famous YouTuber and vlogger. However, there Wikipedia does not have any information about Latrese Allen.

It was in Sarasota, Florida, where Latrese Allen was born on November 16, 1984. Sarasota was the place where her grandmother raised her. Anthony Jhonson, her father, was killed in an accident. Upon hearing the news of Anthony Jhonson’s death, Latrese’s mother, Pamela Diane Allen, was devastated.

As a result of her husband’s sudden death, Pamela had been suffering from severe depression. Her Grandmother raised Latrese because she was unable to give proper time to her daughter after this loss.

In terms of her education, Latrese Allen attended and graduated from a local high school in Sarasota. In the years after she graduated from high school, she quit studying and made a career out of it. Although she wasn’t interested in her studies, she became a famous comedian after becoming a singer instead.

Latrese Allen Net Worth
Latrese Allen Net Worth

As she watched different comedy shows and made comedy skits, she also started posting her performances on Youtube, which caught the attention of viewers. When she began doing stand-up comedy in 2010 in different clubs, she gained a lot of attention.


Social media star Jenna Dewan started creating vlogs of her daily lifestyle in 2011 and posted them on YouTube. Several years after becoming a YouTube sensation, the high-paid star began appearing on TV comedy shows. David Makes Man 2019 was another film in which she appeared.

As well as being the creator and CEO of Serenity Bags & All, a charitable website related to donations, she founded Serenity Bags & All as well. With the help of this website, she is able to collect a substantial amount of donations.

In 2019, Latrese Allen appeared on David Makes Man and gained popularity through her YouTube channel. Her biography states that she’s a top-earning YouTuber. Her company, Serenity Bags & All (, is founded by Latrese Allen.

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How Did Latrese Allen Become Rich?

A Sarasota, Florida native, Latrese Allen was born on November 16, 1984. In terms of her childhood or parents, not much is known about her. Her YouTube channel “Latrese Allen” was set up on April 28, 2013, and her first video was uploaded two months later titled “My Newborn Baby Girl Say Wea uAt”. She didn’t expect her channel to grow that quickly, and she didn’t upload regularly at that stage.

There were only 15 videos she uploaded between 2013 and 2018, most of which were focused on her family and her everyday life. Since they didn’t offer her any money, Latrese Allen changed her approach. Over time, she turned on streams more often and more frequently. Thus, more and more people subscribed to her channel.

Aside from her Facebook page, Latrese Allen also had a YouTube channel where she frequently posted jokes and pranks. The number of followers she gained increased over time. Sheryl, a security guard on the TV drama David Makes Man, gave Latrese her biggest exposure in December 2019.

Many of her videos gained popularity and were recommended in people’s feeds that month. The video “Guy got caught cheating” was one of them. Due to her increased popularity, Latrese Allen changed the name of her channel to “Real Comedienne Latrese Allen”.

In response to an accidental spike in her popularity, Latrese started streaming more often, increasing her subscriber count and getting more donations from her fans. Recent years have also seen a substantial increase in followers on her Facebook page. She reached 1 million followers on Facebook in 2021, and her page continues to grow.

Latrese Allen Social media                             

Frequently Asked Question

How much is Latrese Allen’s net worth?

As of 2022, Latrese Allen’s net worth is $1 Million.

Latrese Allen’s age?

Having been born on November 16, 1984, Latrese Allen is 37 years old.

What is the height of Latrese Allen?

In terms of height, Latrese Allen measures 5 feet and 1 inch (1.54 meters).

Is Latrese Allen’s son still alive?

When A’Blesson Abraham was 12 months old, Latrese Allen’s son passed away. Social media platforms are where she shared her son’s picture.

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