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Who is Lauren Kwei OnlyFans?

A 1997-born West Virginia woman named Lauren Kwei went viral after her name was revealed in an article by a New York Post reporter after she requested to remain anonymous.

She served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), but her name was l**ked due to her wish to remain anonymous. According to Kwei, who works for SeniorCare EMS, an ambulance service in the Bronx, she sold photos of herself on OnlyFans to “make ends meet.”

Lauren Kwei has received backlash since the New York Post exposed her name in an article published on December 12th, 2020 titled “NYC medic helped ‘make ends meet’ with racy OnlyFans side gig.”


She said through a GoFundMe campaign that the publication published her name against her wishes and now she may lose her job.

In addition, she claims the publication misquoted her and portrayed her as “flippant and uncaring”, shamelessly exposing her conduct outside of her paramedic work.

Lauren Kwei OnlyFans
Lauren Kwei OnlyFans
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

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OnlyFans Lauren Kwei Biography

In 2015. A graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Lauren moved to New York City for her musical theater studies. Her career path included pursuing an entertainment-related career after she graduated in 2017.

Later on, she decided it was not the right choice for her. Lauren then became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in 2017 and earned $15 per hour. She then joined SeniorCare EMS in 2018 and graduated from paramedic school in February 2020.

At that time, she was employed by SeniorCareEMS, which provided ambulance services to hospitals in New York’s 911 system.

Two years after entering the service, she joined the Center for Allied Health Education and became a licensed paramedic, and obtained a salary of $25 per hour. In spite of this, her salary was not enough to cover the cost of renting an apartment in the Bronx, which costs over $1,600.


An article in the New York Post described how a New York City paramedic was able to make ends meet with a side gig on OnlyFans. According to the Post, she sold photos of herself online since it was easy and it did not interfere with her paramedic duties.

The Twitter account @foxxyllama was run by Lauren, but she has now made it private and appears to have deleted or suspended her Instagram account. Lauren has even deleted the exclusive OnlyFans account.

During the time of writing, she had raised $50,504 of the $5,000 goal through a GoFundMe campaign that she launched on December 13th. Her campaign ended on December 31st. Lauren, who works as a paramedic in one of the hardest-hit areas of the country, makes very little money.

Lauren turned to s** work as a way to support herself and her family during the AIDS pandemic. An anonymous article was recently published in a national newspaper. Lauren requested to remain anonymous and not be identified.

The newspaper and the journalist (male) chose not to honor her request rather than quote her and misquote her in an attempt to make her look careless and flippant. Now that Lauren is facing losing her job and her ability to help support her family, her father is seriously ill, and she doesn’t know who to turn to, Lauren is at risk of losing all her options.

Please consider donating to Lauren to help her maintain her freedom of expression and personal liberty as she fights to keep the job she loves while fighting against the newspaper.”

Additionally, she explained why she had not taken on overtime shifts at the ambulance service rather than selling pictures of herself on the internet for extra cash. I wasn’t able to take on any additional shifts because I could not work 40+ hours per week while maintaining my mental wellbeing.

Since I am an adult and want to support myself on my own, my parents didn’t ask for help. It has never crossed my mind to solicit subscribers through my paramedic job or to talk about my pictures there. It was not my intention to do anything wrong or to appear to be unprofessional. T

hose quotes in that article are mostly quoted from me defending myself to that reporter. Despite my repeated requests (which were never granted) and my warning that my safety and job would be at risk if he posted this article, he did not mention it. “He could not be arsed to care about me.”

Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

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Only Fans Lauren Kwei Wiki biography

NameLauren Kwei
Full NameLauren Caitlyn Kwei
BirthdayAugust 20, 1997
Famous AsParamedic, Model
Zodiac Sign
Net worthApprox. $100K US Dollars
BirthplaceWest Virginia,USA
Body Measurements
Shoe size
Marital statusUnmarried

Lauren Kwei Age 2021

How old is Lauren Kwei? As of 2021 Lauren Kwei is 24 year old and her date of birth is August 20, 1997.

Lauren Kwei Family

A GoFundMe campaign by Kwei, a West Virginia native, announced that she returned to her hometown to assist in caring for her father after he went into cardiac arrest. Kwei said her father was the family’s main breadwinner, but he would not be able to work for a period of two months.

Regardless of how much money is donated to GFM, any donations will benefit me and my family. Thank you all so much for all of the kindness and support. I don’t think I deserve all of it, but I am grateful to all of you.”

Kwei added, “I am a strong woman because surrounded by strong women.” Kwei added, “I did nothing wrong and I will not be taken down easily.” Nevertheless, I will work hard to maintain my good name. It’s going to take me time to tell my story. I’ll be ready when the time comes.”

Kwei Said She Sold Photos of Herself Online

Throughout social media, Kwei can be found using the handle @foxxyllama. By the time of this writing, her Instagram account appears to have been deleted or suspended, and her Twitter account has been made private.

In a report in The Washington Post, Kwei reported that she had deleted all of her OnlyFans posts as of December 11. Previously, she had linked to her OnlyFans Twitter account to promote her account, according to the newspaper.

Her first partially n**e photos were posted online in August 2019, according to the Post. Her side job was never a distraction from her job as a paramedic, she told the newspaper. “It has no effect on my relationship with patients,” she added.

I conduct my business as I see fit in my spare time. Having a personal business does not affect the way I treat my patients. My work as a paramedic is what I’m known for. Kwei told the Post he believes he is fairly good at what he does.

It is perfectly legal and ethical for people who are doctors to do whatever they want with their bodies. However, I’m not doing that at work. The healthcare industry pays its workers very little. Besides, I’m not the only one who struggles to pay the bills.”

In her further explanation, Kwei explained her GoFundMe campaign and clarified why she didn’t take on overtime shifts with an ambulance service instead: Enjoy my explanation because I do not believe I am required to do so.

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My heart tells me I didn’t do anything wrong, but being reminded that I should not be treated or spoken of in such a way really helps. My entire life has been characterized as s**ualizing and treating me as a s** object no matter what I did or said.

Selling pictures of myself on the internet is easy and yields extra income. I did not pick up extra shifts as I am unable to maintain my mental health while working 40+ hours per week. My parents did not assist me because I am an adult and I wanted to make money on my own.

While working as a paramedic I never mentioned my pictures to anyone or attempted to recruit subscribers. Many of the quotes in that article are me defending myself to this reporter.

I have nothing to be ashamed of. Interestingly, he did not mention that I asked him to remain anonymous (which was never agreed to) and that I explained to him that my job and safety would be at risk if he published this article.

He had no caring about Kwei. She claimed the reporter called her mother and employer to get their opinions.

Despite Kwei’s claim that she wanted to remain anonymous to protect her job, the New York Post published her full name. In an online comment, many online commenters accused the newspaper of being s**ist toward Kwei.

The magazine provided a blistering assessment of the newspaper by claiming that Kwei had been “shamed” in it. Rolling Stone reporter wrote in his online article: “The real shame here is that the 23-year-old couldn’t live off her salary as a medical worker – not that she used the picture sharing app, like millions of Americans did while the pandemic was going on.”

Other people said it was unfair for an employed medical professional to need a side business. In his article about Kwei working at a Korean steakhouse, Yahoo News correspondent Alexander Nazaryan quoted a statement that read, “Three jobs.

One of them apparently displeased The New York Post, so maybe she won’t have any.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented on Twitter, “Leave her alone. The true scandal here is that American doctors have to work two jobs to make ends meet.”

Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

Mountaineer Joe Evans, a candidate running for Congress from Idaho as a Libertarian, in the article said, “Here’s the ratio on this bulls** article. #S**WorkIsWork and you’re slutshaming me.”.

What is wrong with this country when a medic is thinking about getting a second job? It is a failure of our bureaucrats. There is an administrator playing Candy Crush all day getting paid her salary. And you write a hit piece about her. GFY.”

@LadyLecondoliak who identifies herself as a nurse, told Twitter that there are few side gig options for medical professionals to earn extra income: “As a direct care RN, I considered s** hotlines or stripping to supplement my income”.

As a single mom, I needed a flexible part time job that paid well. But the real story here is that health care workers do not get paid well enough to risk their lives on your behalf.”

Also, Twitter user @theMADcripple cited a paramedic who told the Washington Post anonymously, “Instead of pulling extra hours, paramedics and EMTs make more money by taking their clothes off.”

Patient @theMADcripple commented: “As a patient, I would prefer my healthcare workers make cash by taking n**e pictures rather than working extra hours.

When the exhaustion sets in, mistakes will be made.” The New York Post has not yet publicly addressed the criticism. The two journalists were not able to post the story to their Twitter accounts and have not provided any comments since it went viral.

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Lauren Kwei height, weight, etc.

  • Height –
  • Weight –
  • Body Measurements – (Breast:  Inches, Waist:  Inches, Hips:  Inches)
  • Eye Colour –
  • Hair Colour –

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Lauren Kwei Instagram

Lauren Kwei operated the Instagram site where she had a small following and fan base. As a result of the controversy sparked in the news media, it is currently in the deleted status. Therefore, she cannot be contacted via her Instagram account and pictures can’t be retrieved.

Lauren Kwei Only Fans

In response to the New York Post’s headline in regards to Lauren Kwei’s onlyfans, the paper is currently facing Backlash Online. Likewise, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (political personality) commented on it.

In reality, she made the comment because her real name was in the report. The impact on her personal life as well as on her medical care job was severe.

Lauren Kwei GofundMe

Lauren Kwei received a lot of support from the community. She was helped by one of her friends to set up the donation page, which almost collected $31,000 in one day. As a result of this donation, she said, her family in West Virginia will be able to cope a bit better.

Lauren Kwei Carrier

The licensed paramedic started working for SeniorCare EMS in March 2018. She earns $25 an hour from her current media job, based on reports in the media. On top of that, she also sells her photos online on Onlyfans, where she earns additional income.

To sell her pictures online, Foxxyllam used the social media tag @foxxyllam on social networks. In fact, her Instagram account is no longer active after the newspaper published the story, and her Twitter account has been set to private.

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Lauren Kwei onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

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Lauren Kwei Onlyfans Images

Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit 10
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit 11
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit 12
Download Lauren Kwei OnlyFans Videos & Images best biography 2022, Reddit

Lauren Kwei Onlyfans Videos

OnlyFans Lauren Kwei Net worth

Approx. $100K US Dollars

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