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Who is Lee Joon Gi?

Lee Joon-gi (born April 17, 1982) is a South Korean actor, singer, dancer, and model who has worked in a variety of roles. Upon landing his first main part in the highly acclaimed film The King and the Clown (2005), he shot to prominence, and he went on to star in the romantic comedy My Girl (2005-06), which helped him acquire even more attention.

As a result of his success, he has expanded his writing into other genres, such as historical tragedies (sageuk) and action thrillers. He is also well-known for his role as Wang So in the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo television series.


His work has gained widespread recognition throughout the world, particularly in Asia, and he has established himself as a leading Hallyu star. Lee Joon-gi was born in Busan, but grew up in the nearby town of Changwon, where he attended school.

He first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after seeing a production of Hamlet at the school’s theater department. After graduating from high school, he decided to move to Seoul in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, over the desires of his parents, who wanted him to continue his education.

The following many years, Lee worked in a variety of part-time jobs such as waiting tables in between auditions for roles. In 2001, she made her modeling debut in a print advertisement and commercial. He was awarded a scholarship to attend the Seoul Arts College, where he completed his studies in 2007.

Lee Joon Gi
Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi Biography

Lee Joon-Gi was born on April 17, 1982, in the South Korean city of Busan. His immediate family comprises of his parents and a younger sister, who lives with them. At the time of his early childhood, Joon-Gi was a reasonably regular youngster who enjoyed sports and computers.

A performance of “Hamlet” at his high school inspired his first interest in the performing arts, which he pursued further after that. Lee Joon-Gi initially failed to gain admission to college and, as a result, he relocated to Seoul with little more than a desire of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

As part of his preparation for admission to the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Joon-Gi worked at numerous part-time jobs for a few years before being accepted. In 2001, Lee Joon-Gi made his modeling debut for the fashion brand So Basic, where he co-starred with actress Hee-seon Kim in a campaign.

He would go on to star in a large number of commercials and music videos in the future. Joon-Gi continued to audition for a variety of acting parts, but did not find rapid success in the process. In 2004, Joon-Gi won his first significant acting role in the television drama “Star’s Echo,” which was co-produced by MBC and Fuji TV and aired on MBC and Fuji TV.


In the same year, Joon-Gi would also make his acting debut on the big screen in the film The Last Samurai. Despite competing against over 2,000 other contestants, Joon-Gi was selected to appear in the Japanese film “The Hotel Venus.” During his stay on the set of “The Hotel Venus,” Lee Joon-Gi discovered that he was dissatisfied with his management business and that he needed to take on part-time employment in order to support himself financially.

“The Hotel Venus” would go on to be a modestly popular film in Japan, with 2.8 million tickets sold in its first year. In addition, Lee Joon-Gi will begin production on his first Korean film, “Flying Boys,” in 2004. Lee Joon-Gi would go on to play the character of “Gong-gil” in the 2005 film “The King and the Clown,” which he would land one year later.

The film was a unique historical drama that revolved around the relationship between two male clown actors, one of whom (played by Lee Joon-Gi) possessed typical masculine characteristics and the other (also played by Lee Joon-Gi) possessed extremely effeminate characteristics. Joon-Gi had to go through four different auditions before he was cast in the part of Gong-gil.

Joon-Gi talked in a higher pitched voice and acted effeminate even while not in front of the camera during the filming of “The King and the Clown” in order to maintain the persona of Gong-gil. The picture, which had low expectations when it was released, would go on to become the biggest grossing film of all time, grossing a total of 12.3 million tickets worldwide.

Lee Joon-Gi also appeared on the small screen at the same time in the SBS drama series “My Girl,” which helped to further increase his reputation and establish him as one of the most well-known performers in Asia. Following the success of “The King and the Clown,” Joon-Gi has tended to play more macho parts in order to avoid being stereotyped.

During his television career, he starred in two popular series, “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief,” as well as films such as “Fly, Daddy, Fly,” “Virgin Snow” (his second Japanese film), and the box office smash “May 18.”

In 2009, Lee Joon-Gi focused his efforts primarily on his musical career, performing fan concerts in South Korea, China, and Japan, as well as releasing a number of digital download singles.

The Korea Tourist Organization has also appointed Lee Joon-Gi as an ambassador for the country’s tourism industry. He will now appear in the forthcoming MBC drama “Hero,” which will premiere in November.

Lee Joon Gi Wiki biography

NameLee Joon Gi
NicknameLee Joon-Gi, Joon-gi
Birthday17 April 1982
NationalitySouth Korean
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net worth$5 million US Dollars
BirthplaceBusan, South Korea
Heightfeet and inches- 5’10”
Weightkilograms- 74 kg
Marital statusUnmarried
GirlfriendJeon Hye-bin

Lee Joon Gi Age 2022

As of 2022 Lee Joon Gi is 40 year old and her date of birth is 17 April 1982.

Lee Joon Gi Family

Lee Joon Gi was born on April 17, 1982, in the South Korean city of Busan. He is 38 years old at the time of this writing. In a similar vein, he is of South Korean nationality and was born under the sign of Aries. His family, which consisted of his parents and one younger sister, was a typical middle-class one.

In a similar vein, he was a typical kid who had a lifelong passion in performing. As a result, he prefers to spend his free time participating in plays and drama productions rather than studying. During his high school years, he attended a production of Hamlet, which piqued his interest in the performing arts.

Since then, he has made the decision to pursue a career in acting at any cost, and his family has been extremely supportive of his decision. However, his parents wished for him to attend college in order to have a brighter future, but he was unable to gain admission and instead came to Seoul with the hope of pursuing a career in the acting industry.

Upon his arrival in Seoul, he struggled and worked at several part-time jobs as a model to support himself. The opportunity to work at the Seoul Institute of Arts later came his way, and it changed the course of his life. It was in 2001 when he had his first modeling opportunity.

Lee Joon Gi Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs and More

When it comes to his personal life, Lee hasn’t revealed much information about his current romantic situation. It appears that he is currently unmarried, according to several online sources. Previously, he was in a relationship with Jeon Hye-bin, which began on the set of Gunman in Joseon and continued until his death.

His spare time is also spent learning and performing various sorts of martial arts, which he finds to be quite enjoyable. Due to his proficiency and expertise in taekwondo and many other forms of martial arts, he rarely employs a stunt double for combat scenes in his films.

Lee Joon Gi height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 10″
  • Weight – 74 kg

He’s getting closer to his body dimensions. Lee is a really gorgeous young man with a charming personality and a well-developed body physique. His height is 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is approximately 74 kg, which is comparable to hers. Likewise, he has dyed brown hair and a pair of dark brown eyes, both of which are his.

Lee Joon Gi Carrier

2005: King and the Clown and rising fame

Lee’s first major acting role came in the 2005 film The King and the Clown, in which he played the historical figure Gong-gil, an effeminate clown during the Joseon Dynasty. After appearing in a number of small roles in various dramas and films, Lee landed his first major acting role in The King and the Clown.

The picture, which was a critical and economic success, catapulted the then-unknown actor to the top of the box office charts throughout Asia. In addition to multiple Best Newcomer awards from the Korean Film Awards, Grand Bell Awards, and Baeksang Art Awards, Lee was also awarded the Best Actor Award at the Max Movie Awards, which he shared with actor Park Chan-wook.

Producing director Lee Joon-ik shared the story of how he cast Lee in The King and the Clown despite the fact that he was an unknown and relatively young actor, based only on Lee’s ability to execute handstands, stating, “It was because of handstands that Lee Joon-gi evolved into the person he is today.”

Following the release of the film, Lee was dubbed “an icon” of the South Korean “beautiful boy” craze. As a result, Lee has attempted to downplay the kkonminam image, claiming that his character Gong-gil in the film felt like a foot chain to him, and that he wished to be free of it:

“After my performance in The King and the Clown, I found myself at the forefront of the ‘pretty boy’ trend, whether or not it was my intention. I was a pretty boy, after all. Instantaneously, individuals began to show an interest in me, and there was a flurry of both acclaim and criticism at the same time.

Everything seemed to be completely overwhelming. I had the sensation that I was floating on air.” Lee was vocal in his opposition to the halving of South Korea’s screen quotas, which permits international films to be screened in theaters on specific days but

domestic films are only allowed to be shown on a different number of days. He believes that if the screen quotas had not been in place, The King and the Clown would not have been as successful in its competition against foreign movies.

2006–2007: Overseas popularity

Lee was later cast in SBS’s My Girl, where she co-starred with Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook, among others. During its run, the romance comedy series became a huge phenomenon both locally and throughout Asia, propelling Lee even farther into the limelight as a result of the Korean Wave.

He was reportedly paid 100 million for his follow-up feature Fly, Daddy, Fly, which was directed by Choi Jong-tae and produced by Dyne Film-Guardtec. This is a low sum considering his burgeoning popularity following the release of King and the Clown. This is due to the fact that the contract was signed in early December, prior to the film’s premiere, when Lee was still a relatively unknown performer on the scene.

With Chinese audiences, the picture received a great deal of attention and press coverage. In 2007, Lee co-starred with Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki in the joint Korean-Japanese film Virgin Snow, in which he portrays a Korean exchange student studying in Japan.

Virgin Snow was a commercial success, earning a ninth-place finish on the box office chart and setting a new ticket admissions record for a Korean picture that was distributed in the country. Lee went on to win the Rising Star Award at the 27th Hawaii International Film Festival, which took place in November.

In the same year, he appeared in the film May 18, which is based on the events surrounding the Gwangju Massacre of 1980 and was released in theaters nationwide. The film 18 May was a critical and commercial success, and it was eventually recognized with the Gold Orchid Award for Best Feature Film for the year 2007.

However, there has been criticism that both of these movies, as well as Fly, Daddy, Fly, have “either fallen short of expectations at the box office or put Lee in lesser roles,” according to the critics. Lee also starred in the MBC action drama Time Between Dog and Wolf, in which he played a vengeful NIS agent with a violent tendency, which was also his first leading part in a drama.


Because of his performance, he was awarded the Excellence Award at the 2007 MBC Drama Awards. Some years later, Lee’s director, Kim Jin-min, stated that the part was a watershed moment in his career since it allowed him to shed his “beautiful boy” image while simultaneously highlighting his martial arts experience.

tv shows with lee joon-gi

2008–2009: Tourism ambassadorship and contractual dispute

The part of the eponymous character in SBS’s Iljimae, a period action drama based on Chinese legend from the Ming dynasty and centered on a masked Robin Hood-like character during the Joseon era, was played by Lee from April to July 2008.

Following the conclusion of the series, the final episode received a 31.4 percent viewership rating, and Lee was later awarded the Top Excellence Award at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards. The drama was also broadcast on the Japanese television channel TV Tokyo.

Lee was selected as the 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival’s Ambassador on July 29, 2008, in a ceremony held in Seoul. In addition, to commemorate the Government Legislation Agency’s 60th anniversary, he was appointed as the organization’s first Honorary Legal System Officer since its inception in 1959.

In September 2008, Lee was involved in a contractual disagreement with his management company, Mentor Entertainment, with whom he had been signed to an exclusive deal for five years since March 2004.

Lee was being sued for 500 million dollars for breach of contract, as well as for allegedly concealing one billion dollars in an attempt to “create his own agency in cooperation with his manager,” according to the lawsuit.

Lee argued that he had “suffered severe financial loss as a result of the company’s failure to properly handle tax affairs and profit distribution,” and he is alleged to have alerted them of the contract termination in February of this year.

Korea Tourism Organization named Lee as their promotional ambassador on August 5, 2009, and he has been serving in that capacity since then. His role as a reporter in the comedic-action drama Hero was also released the same year he made his film debut.

2010–2012: Military service

Following the expiration of Lee’s contract with Mentor Entertainment in February 2010, he signed with JG Company, a newly founded independent agency. Lee enrolled in the Republic of Korea Army on May 3, 2010, to fulfill his necessary military service requirements.

He first went through five weeks of basic training at the Nonsan military training camp, where he excelled in shooting. He was eventually drafted into active duty after getting the highest marks in marksmanship. He was given the responsibility of working in the Ministry of National Defense’s public relations department.

He had initially requested a postponement due to the fact that he was in the middle of filming Grand Prix with actress Kim Tae-hee and had been cast in the television series Faith. In addition, he was selected to represent Korea as a goodwill ambassador at the 2010 Shanghai International Exhibition.

However, the Military Manpower Administration rejected his application and issued a final notice of conscription, prompting him to withdraw from both projects. Earlier this year, Lee appeared in the military musical Voyage of Life, which was produced to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

Lee co-starred with fellow actor Ju Ji-hoon in the production. The musical was also co-produced by the Ministry of National Defense and the Korea Musical Theatre Association, and it was performed at the National Theater of Korea from August 21 to August 29 this year.

Lee was dismissed from the Defense Media Agency in Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on February 16, 2012, after spending 21 months on active duty. On the day of his discharge, Lee hosted a fan meetup at the Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul, which was dubbed “Reunion JG.”

This was followed by a fan event tour of Japan, dubbed Coming Back, which took place in Nagoya, Yokohama, and Osaka from March 16 to 19, and was titled Coming Back.

2012–2013: Comeback

His first job after being discharged was MBC’s period horror-romance Arang and the Magistrate, in which he co-starred with Shin Min-a. This was Lee’s first production after being discharged. The series was a hit, and it went on to become the most expensive drama to be sold to Japan by MBC in its history.

At the Seoul International Drama Awards, Lee was honored with the Outstanding Korean Drama Actor award, which he received later in his career. JG Style, a documentary about Lee Joon Gi’s return to the entertainment world that aired on Mnet Japan on September 27, 2012, was a hit with viewers.

The series went on to win the Grand Prize in the Korean wave category at the Skapa Award 2012 in Japan, which was eventually shown worldwide. Three Days, Two Weeks, and a Day starred Lee in the action thriller Two Weeks,

in which he played a father who is trying to save his daughter from leukemia while also battling a murder charge. At the 2nd APAN Star Awards, he was presented with the Top Excellence Award in the male category.

2014–present: Historical dramas and action roles

Lee has engaged with a new management company, Namoo Actors, to represent him. He then starred in the period drama Gunman in Joseon (2014), for which he received critical acclaim for both his acting and action scenes, earning him a second Seoul International Drama Award for Outstanding Korean Drama Actor.

The drama received the highest ratings for its time slot and also received widespread notice internationally, particularly in China, where it had more than 200 million views in a single month on Tencent QQ’s video-viewing site.

Following that, Lee starred in the vampire romance serial Scholar Who Walks the Night, which was nominated for a “Top Ten Stars” award at the MBC Drama Awards in 2015. During the same year, he was cast in Never Said Goodbye, which was his debut Chinese film.

Earlier this year, Lee was cast in the lead role of Wang So in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, a Korean version of the Chinese television series Scarlet Heart. The series premiered in January 2016. The first episode of the 20-episode drama, which had a budget of US$13 million, aired on August 29, 2016.

Although the show was not well accepted in its home country, it earned an average of 100 million cumulative views each episode when it was simulcast on the Chinese video hosting website Youku, resulting in a boost in Lee’s fame in the country.

On November 1, Lee organized a free fan meeting named “My Love Lee Joon-gi,” during which supporters were able to view the final episode of Moon Lovers with him in attendance, as well as meet other admirers. Lee inked a contract with Lotte Duty Free Shop in October 2016 to become their new model.

He also appeared in a promotional online drama for the corporation, titled 7 First Kisses, in which he co-starred. Lee then made his feature film debut with a role in Resident Evil: The Last Chapter, the sixth and final movie in the Resident Evil franchise, which was released in theaters worldwide in January 2017.

Lee appeared in the criminal procedural drama Criminal Minds, which was based on the American television series of the same name, which premiered in 2017. His convincing portrayal of a criminal profiler earned him high praise from both reviewers and audiences alike for his work.

As part of his return to tvN, Lee was cast in Lawless Lawyer, a legal drama that marked his first appearance as an attorney and the first time he had played a lawyer. The director Kim Jin-min, with whom he had previously collaborated on the film Time Between Dog and Wolf, reunited with him.

In 2020, Lee was cast in the tvN thriller melodrama The Flower of Evil, which reunited him with his Criminal Minds co-star Moon Chae-won, with whom he had previously worked on the show. He was complimented for his on-screen chemistry with Moon, who he was portraying as a newlywed pair.

The name Lee was the most searched keyword on domestic search engines for three consecutive weeks, according to data provided by Good Data Corporation. Lee was born in the state of Washington (ko). He was chosen as the unique model for the 3D archaistic RPG FriendTimes3D (the South Korean version of Fate of the Empress) on May 21, 2020.

FriendTimes3D is being created by FriendTimes (06820.HK). In 2022, Lee will make his return to the small screen with the SBS drama Again My Life, marking his first appearance on terrestrial television in six years, following his departure from the network in 2016.


2004The Hotel VenusBoy
Flying BoysDong-wan
2005The King and the ClownGong-gil
2006Fly, Daddy, FlyGo Seung-suk
2007May 18Kang Jin-woo
Virgin SnowKim Min
2016Never Said GoodbyeJun-ho
Resident Evil: The Final ChapterCommander Chu

Television series

2003Nonstop 4Himself
2004Drama City – What Should I Do?Seong-ho
Star’s EchoChan-gyu
2005My GirlSeo Jung-woo
2006The 101st ProposalHimself
2007Time Between Dog and WolfLee Soo-hyun / Kay
2008IljimaeYong / Lee Geom
2009HeroJin Do-hyuk
2012Arang and the MagistrateKim Eun-oh
2013Two WeeksJang Tae-san
2014Gunman in JoseonPark Yoon-kang / Hasegawa Hanjo
2015The Scholar Who Walks the NightKim Sung-yeol
She Was PrettyHimself
2016Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo4th Prince Wang So
2017Criminal MindsKim Hyun-joon
2018Lawless LawyerBong Sang-pil
2019Hotel Del LunaExorcist
2020Flower of EvilBaek Hee Sung / Do Hyun Soo
2022Again My LifeKim Hee-woo


  • May 18 | Hwaryeohan Hyooga (2007) – Kang Jin-Woo
  • Virgin Snow (2007) – Kim Min
  • Fly, Daddy, Fly (2006) – Go Seung Suk
  • The King and the Clown (2005) – Gong Gil
  • Flying Boys (2004) – Dong Wan
  • The Hotel Venus (2004) – Boy

Drama Series

  • Again My Life (SBS / 2022) – Kim Hee-Woo
  • Flower of Evil | Akui Kkot (tvN / 2020) – Baek Hee-Sung
  • Hotel Del Luna (tvN / 2019) – exorcist (ep.3)
  • Lawless Lawyer | Moobeob Byeonhosa (tvN / 2018) – Bong Sang-Pil
  • Criminal Minds (tvN / 2017) – Kim Hyun-Joon
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo | Dalui Yeonin – Bobogyungsim Ryeo (SBS / 2016) – Wang So
  • She Was Pretty | Geunyeoneun Yeppeodda (MBC / 2015) – himself (ep.9)
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night | Bameul Geotneun Sunbi (MBC / 2015) – Kim Sung-Yeol
  • Gunman in Joseon | Joseon Chongjabi (KBS2 / 2014) – Park Yoon-Kang
  • Two Weeks (MBC / 2013) – Jang Tae-San
  • Arang and the Magistrate | Alangsattojeon (MBC / 2012) – Eun-Oh
  • Hero (MBC / 2009)
  • Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief | Iljimae‎ (SBS / 2008) – Il Ji-Mae / Yong-Yi
  • Time Between Dog And Wolf | Gaewa Neukdaeui Shigan (MBC / 2007) – Lee Soo-Hyun
  • The 101st Proposal (cameo) (SBS / 2006)
  • My Girl (SBS / 2005-2006) – Seo Jung-Woo
  • Star’s Echo (MBC / 2004)
  • Nonstop 4 (MBC / 2003) – guest


  • 2016 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2016
    • Ten Star Award (“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”)
    • Hanryu Star Award (“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”)
    • Best Couple Award (“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”)
  • 2015 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2015
    • Ten Star Award (“Scholar Who Walks the Night”)
  • 2014 KBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2014
    • Excellent Actor (medium-length drama) (“Gunman in Joseon”)
    • Best Couple Award (“Gunman in Joseon”)
  • 2012 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2012
    • Best Couple Award (Arang and the Magistrate”)

Lee Joon Gi Instagram, Reddit, etc.

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lee joon-gi moon lovers

Lee Joon Gi Net worth

Lee Joon Gi has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He earned this through his career as a model, singer and actor.

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