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Lorri Haines Net Worth in 2022, child, video, Wiki, best biography


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Who is Lorri Haines?

Lorri Haines Net Worth
Lorri Haines Net Worth

Lorri Haines, the boyfriend of Ferne McCann, is an investor, jeweler, and geek. The Net Worth of an entrepreneur is a topic of interest to many people. Take a look at these couples in more detail.

The English model and presenter Ferne Alice McCann has a boyfriend named Lorri Haines. In addition to being an entrepreneur and consultant, he is also an investor. His career started at a startup as a master watchmaker and he has now reached a high level.

In addition to providing IT consulting, real estate, and financial details, Haines is an entrepreneur. Additionally, he took a financial risk by starting his own jewelry and watch business.


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Lorri Haines Biography

Lorri Haines is best known as the girlfriend of television star Ferne McCann. In late January 2022, Haines and McCann opened up about their love lives on Instagram. Due to their relationship, some have been the focus of media attention since then. McCann and Haines have earned outstanding reputations in each other’s circles as a result of their successful vocations.

Ferne McCann Beau Net Worth and Job Details: What Does Lorri Haines Do? Lorri Haines engages in many total asset niceties as a result of her many callings. Haines is a tolerant individual who doesn’t limit himself to a single work, instead making full use of his abilities. The man has positioned himself as an aspiring businessman, part-time gem specialist, and full-time financial backer.

Lorri Haines Net Worth
Lorri Haines Net Worth

Haines is listed as a financial sponsor of Capsa Funds on his LinkedIn profile. As of August 2020, he has been working for a putting firm based in England. Meanwhile, the business visionaries own Rex Global, a product organization that was founded in 2018. Previously, Haines was the CEO of a technology startup called Tungo Ltd.

His embellishment firm is located in Dubai, according to Daily Mail UK. He is a multi-faceted and educated man. Ferne McCann’s boyfriend is Lozza Haines, right? Ferne McCann’s girlfriend Lorri Haines, a goldsmith, and business visionary, just revealed her age. Lorri, who is also known as Lozza Haines, is believed to be in her mid-30s at the time of writing.

The exact details of its introduction to the world are still being pondered. Ferne McCann, Haines’ girlfriend from TV fame, is 31 years old. Brentwood, California, is where she was born on August 6, 1990.

The Instagram profile of Lorri Haines can be found under the username @lozzahaines. Among his 34k followers, he shares photos of his luxurious yet boisterous lifestyle while traveling.


He posts delightful photos of trips around the world with his girlfriend on his Instagram feed. Despite being boisterous, this business visionary invests in updating his online media whenever possible.

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Lorri Haines net worth?

Approximately $5 million to $6 million is estimated to be Lorri’s net worth. In spite of this, his true net worth is currently being investigated. He may have made a respectable living from his profession as the owner of Rex Global and an investor in Capsa Funds.


In addition to modeling and hosting television shows, Ferne, his lover, may have earned a tidy sum. There has been no proof of either Net Worth.

Furthermore, these couples appear to live a wealthy lifestyle based on their social media profiles. Living a comfortable lifestyle and driving nice cars was part of their lifestyle. Excursions and travel contribute to their excellent quality of life.

Lorri Haines Net Worth
Lorri Haines Net Worth

Moreover, Haines began his work as a high-end watch specialist at LH Jewellery Ltd. in 2007. In 2018, he joined MAS Kuchen as a Consulting Specialist to offer sales, IT Backend development, and digital marketing management advice.

The same year, he worked for OMH enterprise ltd as a chief technical officer. His role in the company includes being the company’s shareholder and investor, as well as its CTO. Then, on a one-year contract, I worked as a consultant in the information technology field.

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Lorri Haines Career

It’s true! In a picture Ferne shared on Sunday, 3 July 2022, Lorri kissed Ferne as she showed off an engagement ring on her left hand. A caption on the picture read, “So happily ever afters do exist. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you, baby @lozzahaines.”.

It seems that viewers can expect to see Ferne’s proposal in the next series of her TV show First Time Mum since the special moment was caught on camera. Despite living in Dubai, Lorri Haines seems to have connections in London as well.

ferne mccann lorri haines

He lived in London through his childhood before moving to Dubai around 2014. According to his Instagram, he spent most of his childhood in London. Sources tell us Ferne is ready to move to Dubai in order to pursue their relationship, and she isn’t shy about joining him.

“She has told friends that she now wants to move to Dubai and start a new life with him,” a source told Heat magazine. “But her friends are worried she is making a rushed decision.”. Ferne should spend some more time getting to know Lorri before she moves abroad.”

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