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Lucy Banks Onlyfans news

Lucy Banks onlyfans
Lucy Banks onlyfans

Lucy Banks worked hard in her twenties to build a career in banking, buy a house, get married, and raise her family. Lucy, who is 31 now, explains to 9Honey that she did the right thing. As soon as I realized I could no longer do this, I packed up the kids and left my ex-husband.”

In her new role as a mature content creator, she feels empowered than ever before. After doing ‘all the right things in her twenties, Lucy Banks found happiness in a profession that’s stigmatized.

Lucy left her marriage at 29 years old. After her husband suddenly passed away, she was left looking for a new home, as well as furniture, with no child support, so she needed to move quickly to provide for her boys.


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In Lucy’s words, “I was just like, ‘Well, what do I do now?’ I had to start my life from scratch and I thought, ‘I’ve got two kids. I have to be able to provide for them. I don’t want to put them through what I did,” she recalls.

Lucy knew she needed more money to keep her sons fed, watered, sheltered, educated – she says due to medical issues, a private school is best for them – and entertained, but she had no idea where to turn.


It wasn’t until she saw one of her friends doing OnlyFans that she found out that it is indeed real money. Her friend at the time was earning about $4000 to $5000 a month from it.

The house and furniture belonged to Lucy’s husband, and she hadn’t been receiving child support. After her separation, she turned to OnlyFans right away because she needed to act quickly.

My initial reaction was, “Oh my gosh, that is amazing. Sign me up immediately.” Lucy says. My ex-husband told me, ‘Don’t start one of those websites.’ That sort of confirmed to me that it’s something I would like to do.

Lucy Banks Onlyfans Carrier

According to Lucy, being a mature content creator allows her a lot of independence, and she maintains a ‘nearly wholesome’ single mother routine.


Lucy says she wakes between five and six in the morning, eats breakfast with her children, gets them ready for school, gets them home, and the entire time they’re at school, she works.

Download Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images, pics 2022, Reddit, Best biography

 Often, Lucy will pick her kids up from school and take them to various appointments or after-school sports. She will then prepare a meal for them. Then she’ll put her children to bed, then get back to work – usually not going to bed until after midnight or one in the morning, sleeping for four hours, then getting up again to do it all over again.

Though it’s a hard routine, Lucy’s top motivation is to make sure her children are safe, loved, and happy. ‘There will be no one to save me,’ Lucy says. ‘Nobody is going to give me money to pay my school fees or pay my rent. If I can’t make it work, it’s not going to happen. I would never let these kids down.”

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It’s impossible for anyone to pick up Lucy’s slack if she doesn’t make money. (Supplied) Lucy’s sons know their mother works with photos and media; they know she creates videos for people on the internet, but they don’t know the exact nature of the content that Lucy creates.

It’s not appropriate for me to talk to them about s*X work or p*rnography at their age,” Lucy says.

When they are at that age, I’ll have really honest conversations with them about it. It’s just not something I feel that they’re mature enough to discuss yet. And I’m very careful not to expose them to things they don’t need to be exposed to.”

Lucy does want them to have a healthy mindset about the mature industry, and about ethical p*rnography – she’s raising her boys to be non-judgmental, and she’s expecting her boys to say something similar to their siblings: “Who would pay for you? That’s gross.”.

While Lucy’s siblings ribbed her when they see her, they have been nothing but supportive. (Supplied)

Although her family might joke that Lucy is “gross,” Lucy says her new career path has been nothing less than empowering when it comes to body image.

It is common for women to say to Lucy, “I would love to do that, I am going to lose 10 kilograms, and then I will come to talk to you,” Lucy explains.

On OnlyFans, Lucy often corrects their assumptions – everyone on the site is someone else’s type. Lucy recalled feeling hot for the last time when she was 20 before she had children.

Now I have a big belly, saggy b*obs, and I’m facing single life again with a mummy body, and I never experienced that before.”

Lucy’s self-confidence has only grown since she began creating mature content. While I may not be what I used to think was hot, I have over 4000 subscribers who disagree with me and who believe I am hot. That has made me respect and love who I am.


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 It’s okay for me to need to lose 10kg, but I won’t because I’m so happy with the way I look. I’m empowered by my body. “I’m empowered by being able to take care of my kids myself.” Despite this, Lucy’s career as a mature content creator hasn’t always been smooth-sailing.

In addition to the brief ban on s*Xually explicit content on OnlyFans, those who know her in real life are most concerned about the negative stigma attached to the mature industry.

Lucy says, “They’re the ones who are the problem, and the experiences and reactions I have had have been harder to handle than anything else I have been through being on [OnlyFans].”

Lucy began creating mature content in August 2019, six months after she left her husband. After a “dramatic” break up with her friends in September of 2019, she had to leave her hometown.

She remembers the experience as “really full-on” in order to provide for her children. Other people didn’t assist her.

Lucy’s hometown women signed up for Lucy’s OnlyFans account so they could screenshot her content and repost it online, spreading vitriol about it. Due to this, fellow town residents would contact Lucy’s sons’ school, child protection, and even the police, even though her actions are not illegal.

Interestingly, Lucy says that the only times she has felt threatened have been when she is around people who really know her. One in four of Lucy’s 4000 subscribers on OnlyFans has seen her in real life before but has respected her boundaries instead of approaching her. She has felt totally safe with her subscribers.

Download Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images, pics 2022, Reddit, Best biography

Though Lucy finds it difficult to accept, she sees it as a turning point in her life. She realized that, in actuality, she ended up with more subscribers than she had before – not only did those who were smearing her character have to pay to access content, but a lot of town folk quietly subscribed in support, including the husbands of some of Lucy’s old friends.

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As Lucy describes it, “I had a choice between shrinking into myself and apologizing to people, or I could embrace it and be like, ‘F–k you guys, this is what I’m doing.'” She added, “And that was the right choice for me.”

Because she no longer had to hide, she also turned her Instagram public, making it easier for her to promote it than ever. “There was a complete shift in my entire business,” Lucy says.

Being out in her hometown is distressing, and the hate comments she receives on TikTok threaten that she will find her home address and report her to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – Lucy is careful not to use her real name online and does not share her actual location, and she has accountants and employment lawyers on retainer – she is not ashamed of her profession.

“I don’t do anything wrong. I’m not hurting anyone,” she tells 9Honey. “[My family] isn’t just getting by anymore. We’re thriving. I don’t come from any form of money at all, so being able to live like this is really incredible for me.

Having to accept handouts for Christmas [in the past] and not being able to pay school fees are things I was ashamed of in the past, but earning money for my kids is not one of them. I am not ashamed of doing this.”

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Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images and pics

Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images and pics
Lucy Banks Onlyfans images
Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images and pics
Lucy Banks Onlyfans pic
Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images and pics
Lucy Banks Onlyfans pics, Lucy Banks Onlyfans Instagram
Lucy Banks Onlyfans video, images, and pics
Lucy Banks Onlyfans pictures, Lucy Banks Onlyfans Reddit

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Lucy Banks Onlyfans Networth

Lucy, as a mature content creator, is now in the top 0.5% of onlyFans earners worldwide. She earns an average of $1500 per day from OnlyFans and her website, and this month she projects to earn $30,000.

At the peak of her career in banking, her salary was three times greater than what it is now. Lucy claims that, despite the stigma and shame surrounding s*X work, her daily life is “quite wholesome, as is any other single mother’s.”

Lucy Banks Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

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