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Who is Melissa Williams?

Melissa Williams onlyfans
Melissa Williams onlyfans

Melissa Williams was a Colorado police officer and a star of Onlyfan. Her monthly earnings as an OnlyFans model are currently $4,000 for full-time work. At the time of writing this article, she had 10000 followers on Instagram and 65 posts.

Upon visiting her website, she writes, “I am a mother, a wife, and a former police officer looking for a way to let off steam.” In that sense, the journey began and it has been quite remarkable. I watch my children’s sports when I’m not working and I’m a triathlete myself.


I am amazed that I was able to grow two humans and enjoy sharing myself with those who admire the human body. In order to grow my content/page and interact with those who engage with me, my goal is to grow my audience. I’m a real person! She charges $30.53 for a three-month subscription, $46.45 for six months and $40.47 for a year-long subscription.

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Melissa Williams is a former Colorado police officer and Onlyfan star. Recently, she claimed that she was pushed out of her Airforce job at Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office after her colleagues and boss found out about her secret OnlyFans account.


 She created the OnlyFans as a creative outlet and to de-stress from her high pressure work. She said the same people who shamed her are asking for her s*xy snaps for a cheaper price and even for free. She told Jam Press “The complaint came totally out of the blue, I was in shock and panicking because I never wanted these two parts of my life to collide,” added “I’ve seen messages on my Instagram from former male colleagues saying things like,

“Oh I was your favorite, can you send me something for free?”, and also said, “It’s interesting to me that I had just a handful of co-workers reach out in support during all of this and now some of those who were gossiping about me and spreading rumors are the ones asking for free photos and subscriptions.” Melissa also said, “Other male colleagues have messaged to say they didn’t have OnlyFans before but they wanted to support me and told me to keep doing what I’m doing.”

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Wiki biography

NameMelissa Williams
Age46 years old
BoyfriendWill Update
Net Worth$400K USD
Birth PlaceUSA

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Melissa Williams Onlyfans pics


Moreover, the 46 years old woman claims that in May of 2020, she began posting her content privately to only her fans in an attempt to spice up her s*x life with her husband. She told Williams that her personal s*x life had no bearing on her job performance. “He was in shock and terrified because he never wanted these parts of her life to collide while she resigned”, Williams said.

A report states that she received a severance package of $30,000 to leave the police force. She pasted pictures of herself and her husband under the alias Lexi Bella (@the_real_bella_lexi) on OnlyFans. Her husband and she shared a lot of private s*x material that they had taken in the course of their relationship over the years.

As the mother of two said, she worked up to 60 hours a week, so her husband mostly maintained the page and posted her pictures, and then many times dressed her up to take pictures and share them. That was just a fun way for us to relax, be creative, and calm ourselves after a stressful week in our professional and personal lives”.

Her mental health issue worsened after the incident, and she had to see a psychologist for 12 weeks. A doctor recommended she stay away from her previous job. During her vacation, she and her local police negotiated a bifurcation package for $30,000.

“Being a police officer was a wonderful and fulfilling job; she loved it – how could she return to work in such a hostile environment? People were jealous of her success, attractiveness, and confidence,” she said.

An investigation into the matter is underway after a member of the public complained that she was posing on a pornographic website and, therefore, dishonoring the Sheriff’s Office. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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Melissa Williams Onlyfans news

After her US work discovered her OnlyFans page, a woman said her ex-colleagues had reached out to her for s*xy pictures, which forced her to leave her “dream job” as a police lieutenant. The 46-year-old claims that Colorado police officers have bombarded her inbox with creepy direct messages requesting discounts on her photos after she revealed she lost her job.


Melanie had worked at her ‘dream job’ for 28 years before being ‘forced out’ in August of 2018. She launched the site with her husband as a hobby in May 2020. She says she was pushed out of her job last summer after her superior was tipped off by an anonymous source.

Several dozens of police officers have slipped into her private messages to ask for discounts and free photos since she spoke out about the job loss. Her number of fans has increased from 400 to 4,800.

My Instagram has received messages from former male colleagues that say things like, ‘Oh,I used to be your favourite, can you send me something?’, she said. There has been some question about whether I offer discounts for law enforcement? Unfortunately, no.

I find it curious that just a handful of my coworkers reached out in support during this whole experience while others who were gossiping about me and spreading rumor are now asking for free photos and subscriptions.

 During a mental health leave [before I left my job], colleagues informed me that false rumours had been spread about me. “I felt my character was being shredded.” There were positive outcomes as well, with hundreds of messages of support from fellow law enforcement officers.

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Melanie stated that other male colleagues have reached out to her to say they didn’t have OnlyFans before, but wanted to support me and tell me to keep up the good work. ‘I just wanted to check in with you as to how you are.” A woman I worked with wrote to me. Your leadership was the best I ever had and still remains one of my role models in law enforcement.

In addition, another told me I was making a positive impact on women, and that I shouldn’t be discouraged by others’ negative comments.” The response has been tremendous. “It’s made me feel like I’m not a horrible person. I wasn’t sure if it would ever come out, but it has just been amazing.”

In ignorance of the gravity of the situation, Melissa and her husband had only told a few family members about the page. After the story was released, some family members learned the truth. “A few members of my family have struggled.” she said. They are embarrassed, but I hope they will come around once the initial shock wears off.

We can’t undo it now, and even if everyone disagrees with it, they shouldn’t live that life. After having my first child, I suffered a terrifying psychosis in which I believed my wife was plotting against me. “I am worried about what it will mean for my children and others in my life, but at the end of the day we are still the same.”

Melissa Williams Onlyfans videos

While Melissa has been successful with her page, she isn’t sure she wants to continue it long-term. Instead, she’s looking to find a job in a corporate security department. According to her, “I am still applying for other jobs and worry what the public status of the page will mean for those applications.”.

“I am just looking forward to moving forward and hoping my neighbors, friends, and family recognize that I’m the same person and nothing has changed about me.”It has been a whirlwind week for me and my family and I just want to move forward one day at a time.

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 Melissa Williams Onlyfans Networth

The estimated Net Worth of Melissa Williams is around $400K USD.

Melissa Williams Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Melissa Williams Onlyfans video, images and pics

Williams Onlyfans video

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