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Who is Noelle Foley?

Noelle Foley OnlyFans
Noelle Foley OnlyFans

Actress, model, and would-be wrestler Noelle Foley (born Noelle Margaret Foley) gained most of her popularity due to the social standing held by her father, Mick Foley. Her full name is Noelle Margaret Foley. She has big dreams of following in her father’s footsteps in the wrestling business and is often seen accompanying Mick everywhere he travels.

Mick Foley was appointed by Stephanie McMahon to the post of general manager of WWE RAW after his retirement as Cactus Jack. After a short time in that role, Mick Foley was fired from the position. She is currently employed as a color commentator and still wrestles on occasion.


Occasionally, she does make an appearance. In addition, she is currently prepping for her debut in the ring by serving as a judge on WWE Kitchen Smackdown, a program that is exclusive to the organization. In this post, let’s take a look at Noelle’s professional life as well as her personal finances.

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Noelle Foley Biography

Noelle Foley is a professional wrestler who has made appearances on “WWE Raw” in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Her birth date, according to IMDB, is December 15, 1993, and she was born in Georgia, USA. At this time, she is no longer involved in the wrestling industry. Instead, she has launched a YouTube account on which she posts videos about her life.


In addition to this, she is quite well known for being Mick Foley’s daughter (American actor, author, comedian, and retired professional wrestler). In addition, she has made appearances in “Holy Foley!” and “WWE Kitchen SmackDown,” both of which feature her discussing the decision she made not to pursue a career as a wrestler.

She has gained an incredible following across all of her social media platforms, with millions of people following her on Instagram alone. She also published the news on her various social media channels that her father has tested positive for C*VID-19, which was reported in the news. Her father is now healthy again after spending 18 days in quarantine.

In addition to that, she is not the only child that the family has. Dewey Francis is Noelle Francis’ older sister, while Michael Francis “Mickey” Jr. and Hughie Francis are their younger brother’s older siblings. The fact that she grew up in a household predominately comprised of males undoubtedly provided her with an abundance of masculine energy.

In the same vein as Noelle, her brothers Mickey and Hughie are internet celebrities since they run their own YouTube channel jointly titled MickeyFoley0105. On the other hand, Dewey is hired by WWE. Mickey falls somewhere on the autism spectrum, yet despite this, he is one of the most joyous and charitable members of the family.


Aside from the information pertaining to her family, most of the information on her education remains unclear. Foley is a citizen of the United States of America and hails from a white ethnic background. According to her horoscope, she is also a Sagittarius. This holds true for both of them.

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noelle foley wwe

Wiki biography

Full NameNoelle Margaret Foley
Date of BirthDecember 15, 1993
Birth PlaceGeorgia, U.S.
Nick NameNone


Mick has been a vocal supporter of women’s wrestling for a number of years at this point. When Noelle discovered that she had a passion for the industry, it was only natural that her father would show her the ropes and help her navigate the chaos.

The Georgian initially came to the attention of the public after making appearances alongside her father in a number of television programs and documentaries.

One of these documentaries was called Beyond the Mat, and it disputed the erroneous statements that claimed wrestling was staged. It offered insights and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the dynamics of the ring, and it also debunked the statements.


However, after vanishing from the public eye when she was just six years old, Noelle didn’t reappear before the eyes of the public again until she was 15 years old.

In the end, Foley appeared in a cameo role during one moment in her father’s stand-up comedy show titled Mick Foley: Cheap Pops. In addition, the Georgian wrestler had the unique opportunity to compete on the WWE platform, but not in the way that most people would expect.

As a result of the fact that WWE is well-known for producing original segments in addition to their amazing wrestling matches, Noelle appeared in WWE Slam Christmas alongside her father.

In a similar vein, the spring wrestler started appearing as a recurring character in one of her father’s shows in 2016, which was called Holey Foley! and basically documented the day-to-day activities of the Foley family.

Because of the accident that Noelle suffered while she was in training, her career as a wrestler was, unfortunately, cut significantly short. As a result, the only time she competed in WWE was on the show WWE Kitchen Smackdown, which pits professional wrestlers against one another in a cooking competition.

On the other hand, in spite of the fact that she was unable to salvage a career in wrestling, the 27-year-old woman keeps her public celebrity by uploading interesting videos to her YouTube channel, which has over 50,000 followers. The majority of the content consists of cosmetic tutorials, reviews of various fashion items, and unboxings of various types of channel packages.

Noelle Foley Onlyfans news

Noelle Foley gained notoriety partly as a result of her well-known father; nevertheless, she also has a large number of devoted followers who enthusiastically follow her updates. They will soon have access to a brand new location where they can meet up with her.

Foley has just lately shared the news that she would be launching an OnlyFans. After receiving a significant amount of attention, she has decided to make good on a promise she made earlier. An early look at what she has in store was released today, but fans will have to hold up until June 3rd to discover what she has in store for them.

To determine how much money Noelle Foley makes with OnlyFans, we will have to wait and see. Even if she chooses not to utilize the skills that OnlyFans has to offer that is rated NSFW, it is likely that she will make a significant amount of money.

Noelle Foley Onlyfans Networth

She has a net worth of roughly one million dollars, which she has accumulated from her work in the acting and modeling industries, as well as through YouTube and paid sponsorships on her many social media platforms.

Noelle Foley Onlyfans video, images, and pics

noelle foley photos

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