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Numilk Net Worth in 2022- What Happened To NuMilk After Shark Tank?


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What is Numilk?

Numilk Net Worth
Numilk Net Worth

The Numilk company produces a unique style of milk packaging. Each step is followed without bacteria and is environmentally friendly. With Numilk, you can watch as fresh and prepared milk is produced in front of you. Several seconds after using the bottle, users can fill it by themselves and recycle or throw it away. Its vision is to provide customers with pre-packaged plant-based milk. It generates $55 million in revenue each year for Numilk.

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Numilk’s founder

Founded in 2017, Numilk was founded by Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin. This couple of friends want to start a new business, but they have no idea where to begin. In the end, they describe their experience to their friend Lennie Friedman, and he too discovers the same connection.


In order to start the business, they collect the largest amount of family savings and take out loans. The first machine was installed at NJ Whole Foods in Paramus in 2018. Customers are happy with this product, and the company is at the top of its game.

This company later joined   Numilk’s founder Lennie Friedman. This company relies on him in a number of ways. In addition to being the CFO, Lennie is also the VP of Engineering. The quality and accuracy of the product line are managed by him.

Numilk Net Worth in 2022- What Happened To NuMilk After Shark Tank?
Numilk Net Worth in 2022- What Happened To NuMilk After Shark Tank? 11

Numilk Biography

The founder and CEO of Numilk are Joseph Savino (Joseph C. Savino). Lennie Friedman and Ari Tolwin are the cofounders of this company. In addition to Ari Tolwin, Lennie Friedman is a cofounder of the company. It was difficult to take the next step at the beginning of the company due to a lack of investment. The company is connected to another company called Stray Dog Capital.


With Stray Gog Capital, you can get startup business loans to help your business grow. The headquarters of the company can be found in Leawood, Kansas, United States. NuMilk funded a round of funding with the help of this company on February 27, 2020, for an undisclosed amount and amount.

His multi-talented personality allows him to work in several businesses and earn expiries. His high school education was completed at Millbrook School and he graduated from Pace University in 2010 with a BBA, Finance degree.

Since March 2010, Joseph has worked as the Operation Manager at 121 Inflight Catering. After co-founding Harvest Beverage Group in May 2013, he worked there for five years before leaving in June 2018. NuMilk founded its Greater New York company in June 2018. His tenure as CEO began in June 2018 and continues today.

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Wiki biography

Name:               Numilk
Founder:Joseph Savino (CEO), Ari Tolwin, and Lennie Friedman
Investor:Mark Cuban (ABC Shark Tank Us)
Numilk Net Worth 2022:$55 million

Company formation  

Company formation  
Company formation  

It was Joe who came up with the Numilk machine. Fresh almond milk could be made on-demand with the device. There are only two Company formation ingredients you need: almonds and purified water. Adding maple syrup makes the cup sweeter.

A customer can select between sweetened and unsweetened options by inserting a bottle into the faucet. It will take less than a minute for their drink to be ready. $299 is the retail price of the Numilk machine.

In 2018, the startup raised $12 million from investors to build out its concept. A total of $2 million was spent, but only $40,000 was made. Despite making $320,000, they lost $3 million the following year. A $400,000 profit was made by the business in 2020, but a $2 million loss was incurred.


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Featured on Shark Tank  

Savino and Tolwin struggled to get their business started. In order to get help, they planned to turn to wealthy investors on Shark Tank. A 5% equity offer for $1 million was made in 2021. A cool $20 million valuation for their business was a bit expensive for some Sharks.

They were similar in size to two refrigerators, except for their original design. They also introduced Numilk Home, which costs $199 and is portable. A vegetarian, Mark Cuban, the richest shark in the world, saw great potential in this.

In exchange for 7% equity, Cuban proposed a $2 million offer and $1 million in cash. In addition to the loan with 3% interest, Joe and Ari happily agreed to a second loan with the same interest rate.

Afterward, Shark Tank

In the wake of Numilk’s Shark Tank episode, Whole Foods began negotiating with the company. During this period, they also launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised over $222,000 from 888 backers.

Their machines are now available in 65 stores across the country. Their website also offers pre-orders for the home version of their product. A coffee shop and grocery store partnership are also on the horizon.

The supply chain for Numilk has had issues and is not progressing as expected. Customers on Kickstarter are getting impatient as the comment section is filled with refund requests. Numilk announced in September 2022 that they had agreed to a manufacturing agreement with Hamilton Beach.

 Currently, Numilk is valued at $55 million, but its latest sales figures have not been released for 2022. Mark Cuban’s investment hopefully hasn’t been blown away.

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