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Who is Pink Sparkles?

She was born in Canada back in 1995 but now resides in California. Pink Sparkles (born 2 May 1995) is a Polish-born Twitch streamer who goes by the name of Izzy “Pink Sparkles” G. Before she became a League of Legends streamer, Pink Sparkles taught for two years in Canada.

Wikipedia and the biography of this woman can be found here. Born and raised in Poland, Sparkles knows Polish culture very well. Her educational background includes a private Polish school. Her current residence lies in the state of California.


Originally from the United States, she is a Taurus born under the ruling planet Saturn. While working as a teacher for two years in Poland, she then turned into a League of Legends streamer.

Pink was banned on October 22nd from Twitch, and most of her fans and followers were unclear about why she was banned. Some claim she was promoting adult content and some say she violated a community guidelines policy, but Pink hasn’t spoken directly about the ban.

However, on October 23rd, Pink tweeted: “TWITCH F**KED ME IN THE A** AGAIN. I DESERVE IT. I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll talk about it.” As seen on Instagram stories, Pink hinted she would return 24 hours after her suspension.

Pink Sparkles
Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkles Biography

Sam Tomlensen, aka Pink Sparkles, is an American Twitch Steamer, Instagrammer, gamer, and YouTube sensation. The famous game streamer can be seen streaming games such as Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends. Born in Canada, she now lives in California.

Her mother is Stacey, and her father, whose name has yet to be revealed, is her biggest influence. The princess was raised with one sister and one brother. The youngest of the three children is Derek. She has a sister named Chelsey.

The channel, “sockzVSbarbie“, is a gaming and challenge channel that she occasionally collaborates with her brother Derek. Both of them are Canadian citizens. Sports are her passion, and she plays basketball, volleyball, and badminton. One of her best subjects was mathematics, and she was among the class’s most talented students.

She uploaded her first video to YouTube in the year 2010 that focused on basic hairstyles aimed at teenage girls. From her other two YouTube channels, “PinkBarbiDolly” and “SockzVSBarbie“, she posted videos displaying random challenges as well as fashion reviews.


She had 932k followers on Twitch, but on October 22, her account was banned. On October 24, her account was restored. The reason why she was banned from the forum puzzled many of her fans and followers.

There are customers who say that they are advertising adult content and some who argue that they are violating community guidelines. Still, Pink failed to talk about the ban in any way. After teaching in Poland for two years prior to entering the gaming world, she became a game developer.

During her childhood, she watched a lot of TV shows and developed an interest in video games. Besides “PipinSparkles”, her “5 quick and simple school hairstyles” video was uploaded to her “PiinkSparkles” channel on Youtube, which currently has over 2 million subscribers.

Furthermore, her most popular Youtube video, “Most EPIC Present Ever” has received more than 6.7 million hits. On Instagram, she has more than 800,000 followers. Her Instagram following recently grew to 217,000.

A streamer of World of Warcraft named Zack has been dating her for some time. He is the well-known World of Warcraft character Asmongold.

Pink Sparkles Wiki biography

NamePink Sparkles
NicknamePink, Izzy
Real NameSamantha Tomlensen
BirthdayMay 2, 1995
Famous AsTwitch Steamer, Instagram Star, Gamer
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net worth$500K US Dollars
Heightfeet and inches- 5’8”
Weightkilograms- 60 kg
Body Measurements35-28-37
Shoe size6 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried

Pink Sparkles Age 2022

How old is Pink Sparkles? Born in the United States on May 02, 1995. At the age of 27, she is an unmarried woman. Her nationality is Canadian, and she comes from a mixed ethnicity. The name to which she is really known is unknown. The zodiac sign she was born under is Pisces.

Canada is where she was born. Sam looks like a cross between Maddy and Maura. There is no information as to her parents or their names. She does not appear to have siblings. Her older brother and her younger sister appear to be her closest relatives.

Regarding her education, she has a decent education. Because Daphne has always been interested in video making, gaming, and influencing, she has been able to achieve great success and popularity. The girl has always been close to her family, especially her older brother.

On her gaming and challenge channel entitled “sockzVSbarbie” she sometimes collaborates with her brother Derrek.

She loves playing basketball, volleyball, and badminton and has always been passionate about sports. She was very active in sports all through her high school and college experiences.

Pink Sparkles Family


Pink Sparkles grew up and was born in Canada, British Columbia on May 2, 1995. Growing up in Canada with her two siblings, she played around quite a bit. It is Derrek who is her brother’s name and Chelsey who is her sister’s name.

Her high school education was followed by graduation from a college enrolled at her local high school. Despite belonging to a White ethnicity, Pink Sparkles talks very little about her personal life. She would have a mother who is a homemaker and a father who is an entrepreneur.


Pink Sparkles Boyfriend, Affairs and More

Who is the boyfriend of Pink Sparkles? Her boyfriend is a World of Warcraft streamer named Asmongold, widely known as Zack. Her boyfriend, Dahltyn, had also dated her previously, along with collaborating on her YouTube vlog channel.

Sources claim that Pink and Asmongold ended their relationship and are no longer dating. Pink Sparkles’ Livestream was caught on camera by Asmongold while she was wrapping up his WoW stream session.

She minimized the stream as soon as he was able. In 2018, they became a popular streaming couple known as “Zack and Izzy.” In a series of tweets in December 2019, Pink revealed that she and Asmongold did not live together.

Pink Sparkles height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 8″
  • Weight – 60 kg
  • Body Measurements – 35-28-37 (Breast: 35 Inches, Waist: 28 Inches, Hips: 37 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Brown
  • Hair Colour – Blonde

How tall are Pink Sparkles? She stands at the height of 5 Feet 8 Inches. Her weight is approximately 60 kilograms. Dark brown eyes, blonde hair, and a slim frame make her attractive. Can you tell me the size and shape of Pink Sparkles’ body? The measurements of her body are 35-28-37 inches. 34 C is her bra cup size.

Pink Sparkles Carrier

Poland is the birthplace of Pink Sparkles. Having been a student for several years, she became a teacher in Canada and taught there for approximately two years. In 2008, she started streaming on Twitch after moving from Poland to the United States.


After playing video games on Twitch, she began a live YouTube channel. Twitch is where she frequently streams gaming live streams in which she usually plays League of Legends games. At this moment, her Twitch account has more than one million followers.

Her Twitch account was banned on the 22nd of October 2020. Her fans are confused as to why her account was banned on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Users are saying that Pink Sparkles’ account was shut down because she was promoting adult content.

Pink Sparkles posted a photo of her body while promoting her OnlyFans account on Twitter. She linked her Twitter account to Twitch and in line with Twitch policy, any account that promotes adult content will be banned and unintentionally she got her account banned.

Her account was back within 24 hours, and she told her followers with an Instagram story that she would be back to stream in the near future.

Thousands of people follow her every post on Instagram and she has 500k+ followers. One of her most popular posts on Instagram received more than 7 million views.

Twitch Ban

Pink_Sparkles, a Twitch streamer, was banned from the platform on October 22nd. There are several Reddit users who claim that Izzy’s Twitch account was banned due to promoting adult content. Izzy seems to have been banned from the internet for no apparent reason.

In accordance with the community guidelines, it is prohibited to post offensive or suggestive content. Thanks to her persistence, she was able to access her account again after 24 hours.


After receiving tremendous feedback from her fans on Twitch, she created an account with Onlyfans that offers exclusive content. A monthly subscription fee of $10.50 is required to access the account.

Currently, 181 pictures and videos have been posted to the platform. There is no information as to what the number of subscribers is.

Pink Sparkles onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

It’s no secret that Izzy is a popular Twitch streamer and social media personality. Her social media profiles are consistently filled with interesting content as she keeps up an engaging presence.

There are over 256k followers following her primary Instagram account, and she has over 5K followers following her personal account. She has more than 180K followers on Twitter as well.

Pink Sparkles Onlyfans Images

Asmongold Pink Sparkles OnlyFans Videos Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Best Biography 2022
Asmongold Pink Sparkles OnlyFans Videos Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Best Biography 2022 13
Asmongold Pink Sparkles OnlyFans Videos Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Best Biography 2022
Asmongold Pink Sparkles OnlyFans Videos Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Best Biography 2022 14
Asmongold Pink Sparkles OnlyFans Videos Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Best Biography 2022
Asmongold Pink Sparkles OnlyFans Videos Twitter, Reddit, Twitch Best Biography 2022 15

Pink Sparkles Onlyfans Videos

OnlyFans Pink Sparkles Net worth

Millions of people around the world are huge fans of Pink Sparkles, who has become a social media celebrity. Basically, she makes a good amount of money from social media accounts that have thousands of followers.

Although there are no exact earnings details available, we do know that she makes money through sponsorships, paid promotions, and also through her OnlyFans account, where fans have to pay to see her content. According to the sources, Pink Sparkles has a net worth of (approximately) $300K to $500K.

FAQ about Pink Sparkles

Why did Asmongold and Pink Sparkles split?

She revealed in December 2019-in the midst of a Twitter flurry-that she suffered from depression and was unhappy living in Austin. Following this, she announced that they were parting ways due to personal issues for both of them and that she was returning to her home state of California.

Where are Pink Sparkles now?

Game streamer Izzy G – also known as Pink Sparkle – is originally from Poland but now resides in California. Originally a teacher, she began streaming League of Legends after two years as a teacher in Poland.

What’s pink sparkles’ real name?

Samantha Tomlensen aka Pink Sparkles (born 17 May 1990) is an Instagram star, Twitch steamer, and gamer.

How did pink sparkles get famous?

The Canadian Twitch streamer, social media influencer, and YouTuber Pink Sparkles have an extremely large following on multiple platforms. In addition to uploading and streaming content on her YouTube channel, she has also made a name and income stream from gaming streaming on Twitch.

Who is the boyfriend of pink sparkles?


What is the Net worth of pink sparkles?

Approximately 500K USD dollars. We don’t know the exact figure.

What is the Age of pink sparkles?

A 27-year-old blonde with pink sparkles.

What is the Height of pink sparkles?

According to feet measurements, Pink Sparkles is 1.72 meters or 172 centimetres tall / 5 feet and 8 inches tall

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