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Viral video of Sanchita Bashu, best Biography 2021, Age, Height, Instagram, Networth, Family, etc


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Who is Sanchita Bashu?


TikTok star Sanchita Bashu hails from Bhagalpur, India. Her TikTok videos are known for their comedy and lip-synching. Her cute smile, good looks, and style make her famous as well.

Sanchita Basu Biography

Her star power on social media makes her one of India’s most famous personalities. In addition to her dance moves, Sanchita Bashu produces short videos, clips, and videos for TikTok and Snack Video. Her Facebook and Instagram followers are also very large.

The top ten snack video creators in Snake Video include Sanchita, who has more than 9.3 million followers. 2.8 million people follow her on TikTok, and the platform has over 58,1 million hearts. In addition to her 760K Instagram followers, she also has a Twitter account.


Sanchita’s favorite hobbies are dancing, acting, traveling, blogging, modeling, and blogging.

NameSanchita Bashu
Date Of Birth24th March 2004
Birth PlaceBhagalpur, Bihar, India
Religion              Hinduism
Qualification11 standard in 2021
Home TownBhagalpur, Bihar, India
Famous forInstagram

Sanchita Bashu Family

Bashu lives with her mother who has an unknown name and is a housewife and her father is unknown. Students Khushi Bashu and Khushi Bashu are her siblings.


Sanchita Bashu Age, Height, Weight

Instagram is very popular with Sanchita Bashu. Aged 17 years and standing at 5’4″, Sanchita Bashu is a tall and skinny girl. It is estimated that Sanchita Bashu weighs 48 kilograms. She has black eyes and black hair.

sanchita bashu height
Viral video of Sanchita Bashu, best Biography 2021, Age, Height, Instagram, Networth, Family, etc 14

Sanchita Basu Wiki

She was born in Bhagalpur, Bihar, India, on 24 March 2003. As of March 2021, Sanchita will be 18 years old. Hindus are her parents. It seems that Bhagalpur, Bihar, is a good place to complete her tenth studies so that she will perform well on the top level. Mother and father’s names are unknown, she has a brother and two sisters.

There is another sister in her family whose name is unknown. Her earnings from social media and various sponsorships range between Rs 1 crore and Rs 2 crore a year. The Tiktak CEO said he was with the Indian government’s decision to shut it down, even though she was upset.

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Sanchita’s Education

In India, she attends a school where English is the medium of instruction in Bhagalpur.


Sanchita’s Salary, Net Worth

In addition to Snack Videos, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Video, and Paid Sponsorships, Sanchita Basu makes money from a variety of other sources. In spite of not disclosing her salary publicly, Sanchita Bashu’s annual Salary or Net Worth is approximately 1-2 Crore Rupees.

Sanchita Basu Snack Video, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook

  • There are over 9 million fan followers on Snack Video (9.3 million followers),
  • TikTok (2.8 million followers),
  • Instagram (760K followers),
  • Facebook (350K followers),
  • Twitter (17K followers), and
  • her YouTube channel (45.3K subscribers as of April 2021).

She posts photos and videos of her personal life, professional photoshoots, event appearances, and professional photoshoots every day. She is becoming more popular every day.

Some Facts About Sanchita

  • In such a short period of time, Sanchita Bashu gained tremendous popularity.
  • Facial expressions and acting are some of her specialties.
  • Shaktiman Institute of Acting is the place where Sanchita Bashu completed an acting course.
  • A doctor and actress were her childhood dreams.
  • Visits new places all the time and loves to travel.
  • Whenever she can, she wears a saree.
  • It is her favorite form of dance.
  • Besides her beautiful looks, lovely smile, and Instagram reels, she stars on numerous short video platforms like Snapchat, Snack Videos, Tiktok, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • She has an impressive following on various social media platforms, including Instagram, where she has 835K followers, and YouTube, where she has 134K subscribers who love to watch her videos.
  • An animal lover, Sanchita Bashu takes great pride in her pet dog, who she adores.
  • One to two lakh rupees per month are earned from her various social media outlets, such as Instagram sponsorship, modeling, and YouTube videos.
  • Studies and social media, particularly Instagram, are where she spends most of her time.
  • We cannot disclose Sanchita Bashu’s parents or boyfriend because she hasn’t disclosed much about them, but we will provide you with any updates in the future.

FAQ Related to Sanchita

Who is Sanchita Bashu?

Originally from Bhagalpur, India, Sanchita Bashu is a popular TikTok star in India. Her TikTok videos are known for their comedy and lip-synching. Her cute smile, good looks, and style make her famous as well.

What is the age of Sanchita Basu?

As of March 2021, Sanchita’s Age was 17 years old.

Is Sanchita Basu married?

No, As we mentioned Sanchita’s 17 years so she was not married as of the year 2021.

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