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Who is Sofia Bevarly?

Sofia Bevarly (born April 26, 1996) is a well-known social media personality who has gained widespread recognition. Known for her exotic photographs and films on social media, Sofia is an Instagram celebrity, bi**ni model, and influencer. She is best known for her exotic pictures and videos on social media. Besides that, Bevarly is well-known throughout the world for being Dan Bilzerian’s ex-girlfriend.

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian is a multimillionaire and well-known poker player who has won numerous tournaments. As a result of her celebrity relationships and high-profile lifestyles, he is constantly the topic of conversation in town. On social media networks such as Instagram, Onlyfans, and Facebook, Sofia has amassed a large following of fans as well.

Sofia Bevarly Onlyfans
Sofia Bevarly Onlyfans

Sofia Bevarly Biography

Sofia Bevarly is a well-known American model who is also well-known on the social media platform Instagram. She was born on April 26, 1996, in the city of Fort Myers, Florida, United States. She is well-known as Dan Bilzerian’s ex-girlfriend, and she has a lot of fans.

Sofia was born in the city of Fort Myers in the state of Florida, United States. She is a citizen of the United States of America. As of this writing, there is no information available on Sofia’s parents or siblings on the internet. In accordance with available information, she was born and raised in a Christian home.

She adheres to the Christian faith. Sofia will be 25 years old by the year 2021. Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that she was born under. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches, and she has a slim build. She has a well-established reputation. Sofia is really gorgeous. Her hair is long and shiny, and it is a light blonde tint.


She also has lovely dark brown eyes that are of a dark brown tone. Sofia’s body weight is approximately 50 kilograms. She has a refined and refined demeanor. By profession, she is a well-known model and Instagram sensation. Sofia, according to sources, attended South Fort Myers High School and completed her secondary education at the same institution as well.

After that, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University. Sofia had a romantic involvement with Dan Bilzerian at the time. He is a well-known internet personality and gambler from the United States. Sofia and Dan were in a relationship for approximately seven or eight months.

After that, they decided to call it quits on their romance. As of 2021, according to reliable sources, Sofia does not have a partner yet. In terms of her personal life, she is now unattached. Furthermore, she is happy and content with her life.

Sofia Bevarly Wiki biography

NameSofia Bevarly
BirthdayApril 26, 1996
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net worth$4 million US Dollars
BirthplaceFort Myers, Florida, USA
Heightfeet and inches- 5’3”
Weightkilograms- 52 kg
Body Measurements35-23-34
Shoe size7 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried
BoyfriendDan Bilzerian

Sofia Bevarly Age 2022

As of 2022 Sofia Bevarly is 26 year old and her date of birth is April 26, 1996.


Sofia Bevarly Family

Sofia has never revealed anything about her family or parents, but she has occasionally mentioned her mother and father on social media and expressed gratitude to them for their support. Despite the fact that she comes from a Christian middle-class background. Sofia belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. When it comes to her siblings, Sofia has a younger sister who is a year younger than her.

sofia bevarly onlyfans leak

Sofia Bevarly Boyfriend, Husband, Affairs and More

She is constantly surrounded by admirers, but it appears that she is still on the lookout for her prince charming and is instead concentrating on her job. In the year 2017, she was in a relationship with Dan Bilzerian, a playboy who was also a millionaire. The two originally met at a pool party where they became fast friends.

As defined by Bilzerian, she is a bright and cool young lady with a distinct personality. She was one of Dan’s actual girlfriends, despite the fact that they did not fall in love at first sight. Dan is constantly surrounded by beautiful bi**ni models and high-end automobiles. His way of living is quite high-tech. Sofia and Dan’s romance did not endure long, as the couple ended up breaking up after approximately 7-8 months of dating.

He was accused by the young model of not being fully committed to their relationship because he was constantly seen hooking up with other girls while they were in a committed relationship. Because Sofia is a celebrity, many people are interested in learning about her professional and personal lives as well as her hobbies and interests.

They are primarily interested in learning about her romantic relationship and who she is dating. Sofia was involved with Dan Bilzerian, a playboy who also happened to be a wealthy. The two first met in 2017 at a pool party hosted by a well-known celebrity. Soon later, they discover that they are in love with one another. Despite the fact that they never committed to their relationship.

Dan pledged his support by saying, “Yeah. I’ve found a girlfriend. This is the first time. I used to have a girlfriend, but I was still fu**ing other girls when she was with me. Sofia is different from other girls because she is intelligent, she is cool, and she enjoys a lot of the crap that I enjoy. “So here we are,” I say. Unfortunately, their relationship did not endure long, as the pair separated after only a few months of dating each other.

Sofia supposedly stated regarding their breakup that Dan wasn’t taking their relationship seriously and was frequently looking for another female to be with. Sofia was not involved in any other relationships following her breakup with Dan. For the time being, she is completely devoted to her modeling career.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Brandon Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, in Tampa, Florida, USA, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and with American nationality. He is best known for his poker skills, but he is also a successful actor. Dan’s father is originally from Armenia, and he worked as a corporate raider on Wall Street, where he set up trust accounts for Dan and his brother to benefit from their inheritance.

Despite his best efforts, Dan was unable to complete the Navy Seal training program in 2000. He was forced to quit the school as a result of a “safety violation on the shooting range.” Following that, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and enrolled at the University of Florida, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Criminology.

Dan is well-known for his ‘career’ in gambling. In 2009, he competed in the World Series of Poker Main Event, but only managed to finish in the 180th position overall. The following November, one of Dan’s pals, Bradley Ruderman, was sentenced to prison for cheating during a poker game — Dan spoke out publicly in defense of his friend, claiming that Bradley was not even present when the game was played.

According to Dan’s statements (which were not widely believed at the time), he won $10.8 million in a single night of poker in November 2013, and he won a total of $50 million in 2014 only through the game of poker.

Also, he has revealed that the largest money he has ever lost in a single game of poker was $3.6 million, according to his own admission. Dan suffered two heart attacks before the age of 32, which he attributed to his extravagant lifestyle as well as his drug and alcohol misuse.

He was also sued by a large number of people, usually women, for allegedly punching them in the face and, in the instance of po***graphic actress Janice Griffith, for allegedly throwing her off his roof close to a swimming pool, among other things (when he was supposed to throw her in the pool for a photoshoot for Hustler).

Dan has also been arrested on other offenses a few of times, although he has never been sentenced to prison time. His acting credits include “Olympus Has Fallen” in 2013 as well as “Lone Survivor” the next year, “The Equalizer” the following year, “War Dogs” in 2016, and a couple of other films and television shows.

Sofia Bevarly height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 3″
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Body Measurements – 35-23-34 (Breast: 35 Inches, Waist: 23 Inches, Hips: 34 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Brown
  • Hair Colour – Blonde

The physical condition of celebrities is one of the most significant things for their fans to know. The physical condition of the idol, as well as his or her height, weight, and even haircut, are all closely monitored by fans.

We can get a sense of it. Sofia Bevarly’s height is 163 centimetres (5’3 inches) in centimetres and 5’3 inches (5’3 inches) in feet and inches. She weighs roughly 52 kilograms (110 pounds) in Kilograms and 110 pounds (110 kilograms) in Pounds. The value of weight can be altered at any point in the future. We make every effort to display the most recent one.


Sofia Bevarly Instagram

It is quite crucial for a model to be active on social media platforms. Sofia maintains a presence on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She made her social media debut in 2016 with a tweet on Twitter. She has amassed thousands of followers on Twitter as a result of her sharing int((ate photographs and videos with the world.

Sofia regularly posts images of herself in swimsuit and lingerie to her Instagram account, which is known for being daring and gorgeous. Aside from that, she uses her Instagram account to advertise bi**ni, lingerie, and other companies she likes.

She has amassed millions of followers on her Instagram account, which goes by the name sofia bevarly. She has been a regular contributor to Instagram for quite some time. Her Facebook page is very active, which is a nice addition.

Sofia Bevarly OnlyFans Account

Sofia has also grown her fan base on the microblogging app TikTok. She primarily uses TikTok to share her modeling stuff and gorgeous videos with the world. Furthermore, she publishes her unique and personal 18+ content on the adult website

The online community OnlyFans is a place where both men and women may create accounts and share their personal photographs and videos with other members. In a similar vein, customers can access the content of their favorite personalities by paying a fee.

Tim Stokely and his brother Timothy Stokely started the site in 2016 as a way to share their experiences. Its headquarters are located in the capital city of the United Kingdom, London.

Sofia Bevarly Carrier

She used to work at a restaurant while pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Florida International University in order to pay for her tuition expenses. Her attractive appearance and endearing nature assisted her in earning the title of Miss April and the opportunity to be included in the restaurant’s annual calendar.

A well-known restaurant line in the United States hired her for her first modeling project, which was a Bi**ni Calendar shot for them. Despite the fact that she received a large number of projects after her first shot. She also began to appear in commercials for a variety of companies. By the time she earned widespread recognition as a result of her efforts, she had already decided to forego her college degree in order to pursue a modeling career.

Her social media accounts were flooded with messages, and she had a massive fan following of 1.6 million people. Knock Out Watches, Bang energy drink, Manscaped, Oh Polly Swim, and Montce Swim are among the brands that have collaborated with the attractive model. Sofia can be seen posing for bi**ni shows at various events and walking the catwalk on a regular basis. Fashion Nova has also appointed Beauty as a brand spokesperson.

sofia bevarly onlyfans leaked

Sofia Bevarly began her professional modeling career shortly after graduating from university. Her first few years in the industry were spent as a swimsuit and lingerie model. She continues to collaborate with a variety of lingerie companies to this day. Since posting her modeling photos on social media, Sofia has amassed a large number of followers on the platform. Making a point of acknowledging your minor victories can help you stay motivated throughout your trip.

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Don’t forget to read some of our inspirational quotations about success, which can be found in the next section. This relates back to the notion about being in a good environment: you need to be surrounded by people who are just as ambitious as you are.

John Rohn, a successful American entrepreneur, famously stated, “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.” But regardless of whether or not this is true, the fact remains that being in a positive environment with positive people can only help you improve. If you’re surrounded by people who support your goals, you’ll be more ambitious and accomplish more success in life.

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Sofia’s hobbies and interests

Sofia loves animals and has a cat named Giz as well as a dog that she looks after as a pet. A part of her enjoyment of luxury is one of the reasons she dated Dan Bilzerian, and she has no qualms about declaring that she would never date a poor man in the future. While she enjoys traveling, and particularly enjoyed flying on Dan Bilzerian’s private aircraft, she prefers spending her free time outdoors, rather than in nightclubs or at home parties.

Sofia Bevarly Rumors and Controversy

Sofia has remained out of the public eye and out of the media spotlight. As a result, news and information about her personal life are scarcely ever available to the public. Additionally, she has not been involved in any noteworthy controversies during her professional life.

Sofia Bevarly onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Given Sofia’s modeling job, she maintains a high level of activity on various prominent social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. She started her Twitter account in July 2016 and has already amassed more than 4,500 followers, as well as posting more than 110 times on the platform. While she has about 300 photographs on her Instagram account, which is followed by nearly a million people, she also has a Facebook profile, which has more than 4,000 followers.

Sofia Bevarly Onlyfans Images

sofia bevarly compilation

Sofia Bevarly Onlyfans Videos

OnlyFans Sofia Bevarly Net worth

The fitness enthusiast has created her own online store, which sells some of the exercise equipment and tiny technical gadgets that she uses when working out on a daily basis. As a result, devices such as smoothie makers, wireless ear pods, various muscle stimulators, and a mini-blender for fruits, among other things, are available for purchase on her website. The model’s estimated net worth ranges from USD 2-4 million (approx.).

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