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Who is Song Seung Heon?

The South Korean actor Song Seung-Heon is best known for his role as Joon Joon-Suh in the romantic drama series Autumn in My Heart. For his performance in the show, he was the recipient of both the Popularity Award and the Most Photogenic Award at the 2000 ‘KBS Drama Awards.’

In the past, Seung-heon has been nominated for ‘Asia’s Most Charming Artist,’ ‘Best Drama Actor,’ and ‘Netizen Popularity Award’ for his roles in films such as ‘Calla’ and ‘Obsessed.’ He also won ‘Popular Star Award’ with his portrayal of Kim Jin-pyeong in ‘Obsessed.’ His awards include ‘Male Star Award,’

Song Seung Heon
Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon Biography

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Song Seung Hun is a model, singer, and actor. Song began his modeling career in 1995, modeling jeans for the brand STORM, and he began acting in sitcoms and TV dramas in 1996. His roles in Korean dramas like Summer Scent (1997), Fall in My Heart (2000), and East of Eden (1998) are notable.

Despite her appearance in two films in 2004, neither success has been attributed to Song. In 2004, the Rockies was the setting for the movie Ice Rain, which failed to engage viewers with its mix of mountaineering and melodrama, and based on an internet novel, He Was Cool, which couldn’t compete with Harry Potter and other movies in the summer of 2004.

The actor took a drug in 2004 while he was getting ready to begin filming another high-profile TV show, which made him fail a military health test and thus avoid mandatory military service. As a result of the press coverage and scandal that followed, Song decided to serve his military service immediately.


Song claimed to have severe diabetes and high blood pressure to evade compulsory army service during his late teenage years. As a result, he had to serve two years in the South Korean Army after he had been discovered as a false claimant at the age of 28.

He publicly apologized and began his service after publicly admitting his guilt. Song’s fans petitioned the South Korean government for clemency, but the government was concerned that giving clemency to Song would trigger riots and strikes (due to people’s displeasure at his actions).

However, Song was diagnosed with high blood pressure, so he temporarily ceased acting to serve in the army until 2006. On November 15, Song was officially discharged from the military. Since 2009, he has been managing actresses Lee Young Ae and Kim Jung Eun through his own management company, Storm S.

Song Seung Heon Wiki biography

NameSong Seung Heon
NicknameSong Seung-heon, Song Seung
BirthdayOctober 5, 1976
NationalitySouth Korean
Famous AsActor
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$15 million US Dollars
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Heightfeet and inches- 5’11”
Weightkilograms- 70 kg
Marital statusUnmarried
FatherSong Se-Joo
MotherMoon Myeong-Ok
SiblingSong Kyeong-Bok

Song Seung Heon Age 2022

As of 2022 Song Seung Heon is 45 year old and her date of birth is October 5, 1976.


Song Seung Heon Family

Born on October 5, 1976, in Seoul, Korea, Song Seung-Heon is a South Korean musician. He graduated from Hankyong National University with a B.A. in Business after graduating from high school. The university he attended also awarded him a bachelor’s degree in multimedia arts (‘Bachelor of Arts’).

Seung-Heon began modeling for Storm in 1995, a clothing brand that he now represents. Song Seung-Heon first gained popularity in 1996 after he starred in the MBC network’s situational comedy series “Three Guys, Three Girls.”

The following year, he gained opportunities to showcase his acting skills in television shows, such as “Beautiful Lady” and “You and I.” Song Seung-Heon has been in a relationship with Chinese actress Liu Yifei since 1999. Throughout their time acting together in ‘The Third Way of Love,’ Seung-Heon and Liu Yifei began a relationship.

They split in 2018 due to their busy schedules. He founded a management company called ‘Storm S’ in 2009 and operates it from his home. Many famous actresses, including Kim Jung-eun and Lee Young-ae, are managed by his company. Besides social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, he is also active in various blogs.

Song Seung Heon Girlfriend, Wife, Affairs and More

Song Seung Heon height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 11″
  • Weight – 70 kg

Song Seung Heon Carrier

1995–2004: Beginnings and Pan-asia stardom

He first became visible as a star in the popular sitcom Three Guys, Three Girls in 1996 after beginning his career as a model for the jeans brand 292513=STORM. He began acting in 1997 after his debut as a model. Kim Hee-sun starred with him in his feature film debut in 1999, Calla. Song’s first real breakthrough came with Autumn in My Heart, an immensely popular TV series that aired in late 2000.

As a result of the rating’s success, the Korean melodrama series established a trend in melodrama. It also sparked the “Korean Wave,” which led to Song becoming a Hallyu star. From then until now, he has been active in recruiting him for film roles and advertisements in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

Song made her film debut in 2002 in the action comedy Make It Big directed by Cho Ui-seok, and she also starred in the Hong Kong film So Close with Karen Mok, Shu Qi and Zhao Wei. In 2003, Song continued to cement his status as a Hallyu (Korean Wave) star while starring in Summer Scent, alongside Son Ye-jin.

In addition to Autumn in My Heart and Winter Sonata, this is Yoon Seok-ho’s third “seasonally-themed” TV drama, although it did not become as popular as the ones before it. The actor appeared in two films in 2004, without much success:

Ice Rain, shot in the Canadian Rockies, failed to enthrall viewers with its combination of mountaineering and melodrama, while He Was Cool, based on an internet novel by Guiyeoni, failed to hold its own with other films of the summer of 2004.

2005–2007: Enlistment and scandal

As he prepared to start filming Sad Love Story, he submitted tainted urine samples that suggested he was sick and thus unfit for military service. This led to suspicion that the actor had avoided his mandatory military service by filing false claims that he was ill and not fit for duty.

In spite of the press attention and scandal this raised, Song agreed immediately to serve his two-year military term. To much fanfare and media attention, Song was discharged from the armed forces on November 15, 2006. After returning to the entertainment industry, he kept a low profile for a while to gauge public opinion.

2008–2013: Comeback

Song adopted a tough persona for his comeback, portraying aggressive and masculine roles in the 2008 drama East of Eden, for which he was awarded the “Daesang” (Grand Prize) at the Korean Drama Awards. He also appeared in the action film Fate, as well as the 2010 remake A Better Tomorrow, among other films.

His popularity in Japan has continued to grow, and in 2010, he co-starred in the Ghost remake Ghost: In Your Arms Again with Matsushima Nanako, which received positive reviews. Song’s first romantic comedy, My Princess, which he co-starred in with Kim Tae-hee, was released in 2011.

He describes the series as a watershed moment in his professional life, saying, “In the past, I’ve taken on characters who have experienced both highs and lows in their lives. For me, Hae-young was the first character to have such a rich, vibrant, and upbeat personality.

When I was portraying the character, I felt much lighter.” It was shot specifically for his fans in China and Japan and released on DVD in early 2012. Lucid Dreaming is a 30-minute short film directed by Chang, who previously directed the 2008 feature Death Bell.

Dr. Jin Song starred as the titular smart and cold-hearted surgeon in 2012’s Dr. Jin Song, which was based on the original comic by Motoka Murakami and previously dramatized in Japan.

Dr. Jin Song played the titular smart and cold-hearted surgeon who takes a journey back in time to the late 19th century Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). When a Man Falls in Love, he portrayed a heartless loan shark and gangster who transforms into a successful businessman in order to win his love’s affections, which was released in 2013.

song hye kyo and song seung heon

2014–present: Mature roles

Obsessed, an erotic period film directed by Kim Dae-woo, featured Song in the lead role. Set in 1969 at the end of the Vietnam War, he starred as a high-ranking officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who becomes involved in an obsessive love affair with the wife of a subordinate he has a crush on.


After appearing in the Chinese romantic melodrama The Third Way of Love in 2015, he appeared in the family comedy Wonderful Nightmare in 2016. In his next project, the World War II film Air Strike, Song was cast as a fighter pilot, and this was his second Chinese project.

His next film role will be as a cruel and cold-hearted prison director in the film Man of Will, which will be released in 2019. Saimdang, Memoir of Colors, about the Joseon artist and calligrapher Shin Saimdang, starred Song alongside Lee Young-ae in 2017.

Song played a fictional character, an aristocrat and painter who has been in love with the heroine since childhood, in the period drama Saimdang. His role as a grim reaper was cast in the fantasy thriller drama Black, in which he co-starred with Go Ara the following year.

Earlier in 2018, Song re-teamed with Black director Ko Jae-hyun for another OCN drama, Player, in which she played the role of a con-man. Song appeared in the political family comedy drama The Great Show, which premiered in 2019.

Song signed with the new agency King Kong by Starship in April of this year. Song will appear as a psychiatrist in the romantic comedy Dinner Mate, which will be released in 2020. After winning the fourth season of The Voice in 2021, Song was cast as the main character.


1999CallaKim Sun-woo
2002Make It BigSeong-hwan
So CloseYen
2004Ice RainHan Woo-sung
He Was CoolJi Eun-sung
2008FateKim Woo-min
2010A Better TomorrowLee Young-choon
Ghost: In Your Arms AgainKim Jun-ho
2012Lucid Dreaming
2014ObsessedKim Jin-pyeong
2015Wonderful NightmareSung-hwan
The Third Way of LoveLin Qizheng
2017Man of WillKang Hyung-sik
2018Air StrikeAn Ming Xun / An Ming He
TBAHidden Face

Television series

1996–1999Three Guys and Three GirlsSong Seung-heon
1997Beautiful LadyLee Min-hyuk
1997–1998You and IPark Min-kyu
1998WinnersJung Min-soo
1999Happy TogetherSeo Ji-suk
Love StoryJoon-sung
2000PopcornLee Young-hoon
Autumn in My HeartYoon Joon-seo
2001Law FirmJung Young-woong
2003Summer ScentYoo Min-woo
2008East of EdenLee Dong-chul
2011My PrincessPark Hae-young
2012Dr. JinJin Hyuk
2013When a Man Falls in LoveHan Tae-sang
2017Saimdang, Memoir of ColorsLee Gyeom
BlackHan Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444)
2018PlayerKang Ha-ri
2019The Great ShowWi Dae-han
2020Dinner MateKim Hae-kyeong
2021VoiceDerek Jo


  • Man of Will | Daejang Kimchangsoo (2017) – Kang Hyung-Sik
  • Wonderful Nightmare | Misseu Waipeu (2015) – Sung-Hwan
  • The Third Way of Love | Je3ui Sarang (2015) – Lin Qi Zheng
  • Messenger | Jinryeong (2014)
  • Obsessed | Inganjoongdok (2014) – Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong
  • Ghost | Gosuto (2010) – Jun-Ho
  • A Better Tomorrow | Mujeokja (2010) – Lee Young-Choon
  • Fate | Sookmyeong (2008) – Kim Woo-Min
  • He Was Cool | Geunomeun Meoshiteotda (2004) – Ji Eun-Sung
  • Ice Rain | Bingwoo (2004) – Han Woo-Sung
  • So Close | Chik yeung tin si (2002) – Yen
  • Make It Big | Ildan Dwieo (2002) – Seong-Hwan
  • Calla (1999) – Seon-Woo

Drama Series

  • Black Knight | Taekbaegisa (Netflix / 2022) – Ryu-Seok
  • Voice 4 | Voice 4: Simpanui Shigan (tvN / 2021) – Derek Cho
  • Dinner Mate | Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo (MBC / 2020) – Kim Hae-Kyung
  • The Great Show | Widaehan Sho (tvN / 2019) – Wie Dae-Han
  • The Player | Player (OCN / 2018) – Kang Ha-Ri
  • Black (OCN / 2017) – Black / Han Moo-Gang
  • Saimdang, Memoir of Colors | Saimdang, Bitui Ilgi (SBS / 2017) – Lee Gyeom
  • When a Man Loves | Namjaga Saranghal Ddae (MBC / 2013) – Han Tae-Sang
  • Dr. Jin | Doctor Jin (MBC / 2012) – Jin Hyuk
  • My Princess ( MBC / 2011) – Park Hae-Young
  • East of Eden | Edenui Dongjjuk (MBC / 2008) – Lee Dong-Cheol
  • Scent of Summer | Yeoleum hyangki (KBS2 / 2003) – Yoo Min-Woo
  • Law Firm | Lopeom (SBS / 2001) – Jeong Yeong-woong
  • Autumn in my Heart | Gaeul donghwa (KBS2 / 2000) – Yoon Joon-Seo
  • Popcorn (SBS / 2000)
  • 8 Love Stories | Reobeuseutori (SBS / 1999-2000) – Joon-Sung (Ep.2 “Message”)
  • Happy Together (SBS / 1999) – Seo Ji-Suk
  • Three Guys and Three Girls | Namja set Yeoja set (MBC / 1995)


  • Popularity Award – 2014 (35th) Blue Dragon Film Awards – Dec. 17, 2014

Song Seung-heon’s official twitter account

Song Seung-heon, who had been in charge of Twitter for several years, has passed away. He has a large number of Twitter followers with whom he communicates about his personal life as an actor. His profession has gained a lot of traction on Twitter, and he has gained a significant number of followers on the social media platform in recent months.

After his role in the film The Social Network, it’s possible that we shouldn’t be astonished by his social media savvy. You can read the most recent tweets and posts from Song Seung-official heon’s Twitter account, which can be found at the link below.

Song Seung-Twitter heon’s timeline is provided below, which is a chronological sequence of tweets from the accounts that have today’s last post from Twitter, in case you’re curious about what he said on his last tweet from Twitter.

Song Seung-heon’s official Instagram account

With Story Highlights, photos from performances, and advertisements of his current work and activities, Song Seung-heon is a significantly more prolific poster on Instagram than he is on Twitter (along with the usual selfies and personal life posts). Song Seung-heon has long been one of the most known celebrities on social media platforms such as Instagram.

The majority of the content on his account consists of footage from his events and music videos, selfies, and regular life updates. Song Seung-heon also saves sets of Story Highlights from his travels across the world, which he shares with his fans. You may follow him on Instagram by clicking on the link provided below.

Song Seung-heon’s Personal Facebook account

Song Seung-heon (Song Seung-heon) is a South Korean singer and songwriter. The majority of the content on his Facebook page consists of selfies and screen captures of magazine covers. On his Facebook page, he writes about his hobbies, profession, and daily routines, as well as alerting readers about upcoming tour dates and developments in the studio.

He also gives followers the opportunity to win prizes on occasion. Song Seung-heon is a man of few words on his Facebook page, preferring to post sexy magazine covers and video snippets instead of actual remarks. If you’re also interested in his infrequent videos and Facebook updates, you can find them here.

Song Seung-heon’s Visit Song Seung-heon Website

Song Seung-heon (Song Seung-heon) is a South Korean singer and songwriter. In addition to being one of the most well-known superstars on social media, Song Seung-website heon’s boasts one of the most technologically advanced WordPress designs available on any song website.

When you first arrive to his website, you will see that the navigation menu at the top of the page has all of the accessible options and categories. However, it is only after you have scrolled down that you will be able to truly appreciate the kind of masterpiece that his website is.

A solid responsive theme is used for Song Seung-website, heon’s and the site adapts well to whatever screen size that is used. Do you already have a hunch about what it is based on? Song Seung-heon has amassed an incredible amount of content on his website, which is truly mind-blowing.

Each of the boxes that you see on his page above contains a distinct piece of content that provides you with different types of information. Make certain that you see this website in action to really appreciate it. Please see the following website for more information.

Song Seung Heon Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  • Song Heon Instagram
  • Song Seung Heon Facebook
  • Song Seung Heon Twitter
  • Song Seung Heon Youtube
  • Song Seung Heon Tiktok
  • Song Seung Heon Snapchat
  • Song Seung Heon Reddit
  • Song Seung Heon Twitch

Song Seung Heon Images

Song Seung Heon Videos

song seung heon and liu yifei

Song Seung Heon Net worth

According to Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, IMDb, and other trustworthy web sources, Song Seung-net heon’s worth is believed to be in the range of $500,000 to $1 million. You can see his net worth, salary, and other information from prior years in the table below.

Song’s estimated net worth, monthly and yearly earnings, principal source of income, cars, lifestyle, and a slew of other details have been updated in the section below. Musician who earned between $3 million and $5 million in earnings is known as Song.

The majority of Song’s earnings came from the sale of his Yeezy sneakers. While he had overstated the size of his business throughout the years, the money he earned from his job was genuine–enough to place him among the top ten highest-earning celebrities of all time in terms of earnings.

His primary source of income comes primarily from his popularity as an actor. His net worth ranges from $5 million to $10 million, which is enormous. The actor has a large social media following in addition to that.

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