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Who is Sophie Dee?

Sophie Dee onlyfans
Sophie Dee onlyfans

In addition to being an actress, Sophie Dee is also a stripper and film actress. Her mainstream credits include several mainstream productions in addition to her professional career. In addition to Theater of Derange and Untimely Demise, she has starred in two independent horror films. Sophie launched in 2011 to be a mainstream film review website.

The actress has since been cast in several minor roles in various television shows and movies under the name Sophie Dee and Kirsty Hill. Some of these roles include a sequel to an earlier appearance, Theater of Derange II, and the Fox comedy series New Girl. Her most recent appearance was Kirsty Hill in Damon Wayans’ comedy A Haunted House 2.


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Originally from England, Sophie Dee has worked in the entertainment film industry as an actress, model, dancer, Instagram star, and social media influencer since 2011. She has built up a strong reputation with multiple private studios and websites, including Kick-Ass, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, and Naughty America. She has won the 2011 Urban X Award and been nominated for the XBiz Awards, among her other accomplishments.


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Wiki biography

NameSophie Dee
Nick NameSophie
Birth PlaceLlanelli, Wales, United Kingdom
Date Of Birth17 January 1984
Age37 Years
NationalityAmerican and British
ProfessionActress, Model, and Instagram Star

Sophie Dee Age 2022

As of 2022, Sophie Dee will be 37 years old. She was born on 17 January 1984.

Sophie Dee Height, weight, etc.              

Sophie Dee’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 58 kg.

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Sophia began school in Wales, moved to the West Midlands, and eventually returned to Carmarthen to complete secondary school.

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MotherLinsey Dawn McKenzie (Step-Mother)
FatherNot Known Publicly
HusbandLee Bang (Divorced)
Daughter/Son/Children1 Child

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Sophie became interested in fashion and modeling from an early age and began her modeling career in the UK for Daily Sport as an exposed model after appearing on its front page. Afterward, she moved to the United States and worked as a mature actress.

Sophie established her name in the industry quickly due to her remarkable performance and talent after starring in her debut film alongside director Jake Malone from Platinum X.

The actress has worked in hundreds of films from various studios, including Kick-Ass, Elegant Angel, Holly Randall, Immoral Productions, Evil Angel, Pulse, Naughty America, Brazzers, and dozens more.

Moreover, she has become a favorite among millions of people on various social media platforms as an actress and model. Her hot, attractive photos and videos have garnered more than 10 million Instagram followers. She has been the face and spokesperson for multiple fashions, sports, and bikini brands on the platforms.

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Awards and Achivements

During the 2008 Urban Spice Awards, Sophie was nominated as Best Interracial Star for the first time. The Urban X Award as the Interracial Star of the Year in 2011 earned her her first award. Besides this, she has been nominated for numerous awards, including the AVN Award, the XBIZ Award, and many more.

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Sophie Dee

  • Sophie worked several jobs in cafés and sold products at home throughout her life. She also was a dancer and stripper in Birmingham.
  • Both Sammy and Bobo are Pekingese dogs that she has.
  •, a mainstream movie review site, launched in 2011.
  • A Haunted House 2 attributed Dee to the role of Kirsty Hill, starring Damon Wayans.
  • There are more than 650 films in which she has appeared.
  • Sophie was featured in the music video Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse by Borgore & Sikdope in 2014. Shannen Doherty and Zack Ward also appeared in the video with Sophie.
  • She has an official website:

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Sophie Dee Onlyfans news

The actress Sophie Dee has starred in more than 1,000 mature movies, making her one of the most recognizable stars in the world. Social media abuse, humiliation at home, and her long-distance from home are all results of her choices in life.

She believes she did nothing different than anyone else in her decision not to do any more X-rated films. “People have one-night stands,” said Sophie, who lives in California with her Pekingese dogs, Bobo and Sammy.


Documenting my stuff is just something I prefer to do. It is said, “If everyone wore a camera, their lives would be just as dirty as mine.” Sophie is one of the most famous mature movie stars globally, starring in films produced by some of the biggest production companies in the world.

The following count for her Twitter account is nearly 400,000, and for her Instagram account is 131,000. Sophie moved a lot as a child growing up in Carmarthenshire. Along with living in Wales, she also spent some time in the Midlands, including Derby.

Because I moved around so often, I didn’t have much time to make friends, Sophie said. Since I frequently changed schools, I didn’t keep many friends. Since I often moved to England and Wales, I constantly changed my friends. Most of them I never kept.”

After completing secondary school in South Wales, Sophie worked various jobs, from being a door-to-door salesperson to a café employee, before becoming a dancer. As a result, she spent over a year and a half as an exposed model for the Daily Sport newspaper, a Page 3 girl.

Her mature-film career began after she moved to California in January 2005. They were not impressed by Sophie’s plan, even though they still live near Llanelli. “They wish I had chosen another profession,“ Sophie confessed.

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My b*obs was in the newspaper every week, so they could probably see what was coming. “The villagers got a lot of flack for their actions. They thought it was strange when I told them I was moving to America to make mature movies. There was some criticism in the village because people had nothing better to do in a small community. However, it grew on them.

 The situation with her career was never resolved between her and her brother. In retrospect, it would’ve been better for me to pick something else, but it’s too late now, she said. As expected, Sophie has received a fair amount of criticism online.

As a response, she wishes people were not “so prudent”. She adds, “People are always criticizing.”. “Funny thing is, they do this on P*rn sites and social media, so they already know who I am,” she explained. “So many of the items are religious in nature, such as ‘You’re going to hell’.”.

“I block and ignore them. People often want a response, but I always block them instead. Previously I would reply, but it seemed pointless. I didn’t get anywhere.” She has also developed a love of golf, even though she has no handicap yet.

I almost got a hole-in-one once because the ball bounced out of the hole. It’s worth something.” She says her family is glad she’s not shooting anymore, but “happy that the mature industry has given me other avenues, other movies. They’re glad that I’m doing other things.”


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She hasn’t done any mature movies for more than a year, so she considers herself “semi-retired.” However, she dances on the weekends, and she does mature conventions and meet-and-greets with fans. The photographer said she was no longer shooting hardcore, adding that it was time for her to move on. She has since starred in regular movies, such as the spoof Haunted House 2 with Marlon Wayans, in which she is credited under the name Kirsty Hill.

The former actress, married to P*rn star Lee Bang, now lives in an open relationship. The work in P*rnography had made dating more challenging, she admitted, adding, “It’s nothing serious.” However, “it has certainly made things more challenging.”

It starts with a conversation with a guy, then the person finds out who you are. If you ask them to send a picture, they say, ‘Oh, I can send you a picture? That is very off-putting. The interviewers didn’t even take the time to learn about me. Because of that, I am not interested in dating. Things happen as they happen.”

Sophie is unconcerned about Wales’ absence. Though she does return to Wales once a year, she described living in America as vastly different from what it was like back home. I go to the park and eat fish and chips with my dad when I come back home,” she said.

However, I don’t miss Wales at all. Apart from the food, I don’t miss it. England is more of a loss than Wales for me. Wales does not offer a lot of activities. The American accented Sophie insists she has not changed throughout her life. She hasn’t changed, she maintains. I haven’t changed too much, she says.

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Sophie Dee Onlyfans Networth

As of 2022, Forbes, Wikipedia, and IMDB estimate Sophie Dee’s net worth to be $3 Million. She has earned most of her wealth from her thriving career as a film actor. There may be other sources of income that go undiscovered.

 Sophie Dee Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Sophie Dee Onlyfans video, images and pics

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