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Who is Sophie Mudd?

Known as an American model and a social media star, Sophie Mudd is also well-known. Sophie Mudd’s social media accounts boast millions of followers. Sophie is following more than 2.3 million Instagram users because she posts such beautiful photos on social media sites.

Several famous brands have enlisted Sophie to model for them. From her childhood, she was interested in becoming an actress and model, and when she was 16 years old, she started modelling.


Additionally, she started sharing her beautiful photographs on her own Instagram account. In Los Angeles, California, USA, Sophia Mudd was born on 27 July 1988. Her father and older brother are both businessmen. Sofia Mudd has a close relationship with her mother. The actress has also uploaded pictures of herself with her mother several times.

Sophie Mudd
Sophie Mudd

Sophie Mudd Biography

A model, Mudd (born July 27, 1998) is a huge social media phenomenon based in the United States. Eventually, she posted pictures of herself on Instagram and became well known. Sophie now has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Sophia Mudd grew up with her parents and older brother. Their names are Nicholas Mudd and Sophia Mudd. Neither of them studies at Campbell Hall School. The two are exceptionally gifted in both academics and sport. She seems to be very close with her parents, in particular with her mother.


Social media pictures of their family and heartfelt messages about her love for them were posted by her. This is her mother who she describes as her BFF on social media. She took social media seriously once she became famous for her online ability. Her successful career as a b**ini model now continues.

As part of her role, she represents a variety of brands, such as Nike, Bananhot, Body Glove Girl, Frankie’s, Revolve, Beverly Hills B**ini Shop, Romeo Powder Technology, Le Jolie, Shadow Hills, Prix Workshop, Cloud etc. Apparently, Sophie won the “Instababe” tag because of her provocative and sensual pictures.

One of Sophie’s most important support networks is her parents. During their conversation, the young woman shared photos of her childhood with her father and thanked him for guiding her to become the person she is today. It is important that information about her kids remains private.

The kids are born under the sign of the lion. The first time her portrait appeared on Instagram was in 2013. Photographed at the sparkle factory in Las Vegas. From here she started down the path to fame. Today, she is one of the top social media influencers in the world.


In addition to modelling, she has dabbled in other activities and interests. Her participation in a championship meet of the Delphic League took place at Notre Dame High School. Her favourite travel destination is Europe.

As far as dogs go, she rates them higher than humans. As far as social media goes, she sometimes posts about her love of animals. She posted the photo in 2018 when she was sporting a revealing b**ini as a model. This photo quickly became viral. This photo received more than 200,000 likes. Several people expressed their dissatisfaction with her decision.

Moreover, Sophie posted a video in which she was wearing a b**ini top with an American flag imprinted on it. It came undone because of some issues. It has become widely known that Sophie did it for publicity only and it has been extremely successful. Her video has become wildly popular.

Girls love her body and beautiful face, which makes her a favourite among boys. It was predicted in the FHM magazine that she would become the next famous American model in the near future. Working with various prestigious companies to advertise different styles and interiors, she has advertised many different styles and inners.

The fact that Sophie had been in a few relationships over the years is one of her biggest admirations. Conard Hughes Hilton Jr., her ex-boyfriend. How long ago were you dating Barron Hilton’s son? Austin Dash is her current boyfriend.

They are both models. She and her boyfriend have been dating for more than two years. Her young life was full of ambition and success, so she achieved most of what she wanted. She has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Sophie Mudd Wiki biography

NameSophie Mudd
Full NameSophie Rose Mudd
BirthdayJuly 27, 1998
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$500K US Dollars
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Heightfeet and inches- 5’5”
Weightkilograms- 58 kg
Body Measurements32–24–34
Shoe size5 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried
BrotherNicolas Mudd
BoyfriendAustin Dash

Sophie Mudd Age 2022

As of 2022 Sophie Mudd is 24 years old and her date of birth is July 27, 1998.

Sophie Mudd Family

We don’t know who her parents and siblings are, as she doesn’t appear to have published any information about herself publicly. Nicholas Mudd is her only known relative, but nothing is known about her parents or siblings, nor does she have any educational background.

It appears that Sophie is exceptionally close to her parents, especially her mother. In order to show her affection towards her parents, she sometimes posts pictures of them on social media.

Is Sophie Mudd Single?

Fans have nicknamed the couple “Ausop” – a fusion of their first names – since they began dating in 2017. It mentions his first meeting with Sophie Mudd in Austin’s album Malibu and how they immediately felt attracted to one another.

An album of songs commemorating Sophie, their adventures in Malibu, and what they experienced along the way. Despite their strong presence on the internet, the couple regularly posts pictures and videos on Instagram to show their affection for one another.

Netflix and anime shows such as Bleach and Spirited Away are a particular favourite of Austin and Sophie. They sometimes made impromptu trips to countries they had never been to. Her recent Instagram post with Austin titled “FBD” (Future Baby Daddy), a hint to fans about their s$xu*lly active relationship and future plans, was the first time Sophie used the acronym.

The actor Stacey Dash is the mother of actress Austin Dash; his father is singer Christopher Williams, who is a model at the age of 20 for brands Kid Dangerous and F&C. On Christmas Eve of 2017, Austin brought Sophie a poodle puppy named Alfie, whom he named after his father, Austin.

Sophie Mudd Boyfriend, Affairs and More

Neither Sophie’s family nor her boyfriend has known of Sophie’s existence. Instead, her older brother Nicolas Mudd is aware of Sophie’s existence. The other day, Sophie posted some pictures of her with Austin Dash, as she has recently started dating him.

Sophie’s fans have often coined the term “Ausop” to refer to both of them. Listed as the “Future Baby Daddy” in one of Sophie’s Instagram posts, Austin Dash is both Sophie’s boyfriend and Austin’s husband. There is a good chance of getting married soon because they are serious about their relationship.


Is Sophie Mudd Dating After Her Break Up?

The relationship between Sophie Mudd and her boyfriend is quite famous nowadays, despite the fact that she keeps her family information private. Sophie dated the youngest son of multimillionaire Barron Hilton, brother of Paris Hilton, and ex-boyfriend of multimillionaire Conard Hughes Hilton Jr. Sophie and Conard began dating in 2014 after meeting on Instagram.

Afterwards, the two were seen hanging out several times. Unfortunately, they kept their relationship a secret due to a few issues. Like the other pair, they were unable to maintain their relationship. A few months later, news revealed that the couple broke up and even unfollowed each other on social media.

Sophie is currently engaged to Austin Dash (a male model who has starred in various brands including Kid Dangerous). Their relationship began in 2017 and is ongoing now. Their relationship began in 2017 and has lasted since then.

Further, we have heard that Austin has mentioned his first encounter with Sophie in a song included in his album as well called “Malibu.” This song is specifically dedicated to her and tells the story of their love.

Additionally, couples usually share pictures on Instagram demonstrating their love and respect for one another. As you can see, they look like they appreciate each other’s company.

Their fans can also be seen to appreciate their love and affection. In addition, fans refer to them as “Aesop“, which is an acronym for the first two letters of their names.

Sophie Mudd height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 5″
  • Weight – 58 kg
  • Body Measurements – 32-24-34 (Breast: 32 Inches, Waist: 24 Inches, Hips: 34 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour – blonde

In addition to modelling, Sophie is a fitness enthusiast who regularly goes to the gym. She has kept her body in the best possible shape, and she keeps herself slim and fit. She has posted several pictures of herself doing exercises on her Instagram account.

The hourglass figure that Sophie Mudd has is one with a slim waist, a broad torso, and ample breasts. In addition to her 5 ft 5 height and 128 pounds (58 kg) weight, the model has deep brown eyes and brunette hair.

The 27-year-old star of the movie is gifted in the bust department as she has a cup D bra size (32 in, 81.28 cm), a waist of 24 in (60.96 cm), and hips of 34 in (86.36 cm).


Sophie Mudd Carrier

When she was a child, Sophie Mudd had a fascination with modelling and photoshoots. In addition to supporting her modelling as well as photoshoots, her family members also help her. She began modelling at the age of 16, and she’s been doing it ever since.

Several brands approached her for modelling and promo opportunities after she uploaded her stunning and beautiful pictures to her social media accounts. She received thousands of followers and likes via her Instagram pictures that went viral.

There are 2.3 Million followers on Sophie Mudd’s Instagram handle. She also uploads some premium content to her OnlyFans account.

Sophie Mudd onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Despite having 1,068,403 followers on her Instagram account, she has only 300+ followers and 454 posts. Sophie is known for her brand deals with swimwear designers since her body shows off her eye-catching physique.

She spends time in Paris, New York, and Asian countries such as Asia, China, and more. During a live video of Sophie, she was wearing denim shorts and a US flag b**ini top. As she jumped, though, the top slipped off due to a wardrobe malfunction.

When Sophie Mudd uploaded a picture of her wearing a skimpy Bananhot bi**ni and modelling Anya Nicolodi, the internet was blown away. The video captured the attention of the “internet world” for months and generated more than 100,000 likes.

Earlier this year, Sophie and Cambrie Schroder made a YouTube video featuring the “how-tos” for creating healthy smoothies while flaunting off their curves.

There are over 2,500 followers of Sophie on her Twitter account. It was mentioned recently that she is planning to start a YouTube channel in the near future.

Sophie Mudd Onlyfans Images

Who is Sophie Mudd OnlyFans Reddit Hot Videos Instagram Best Biography 2022
Who is Sophie Mudd OnlyFans Reddit Hot Videos Instagram Best Biography 2022 13
Who is Sophie Mudd OnlyFans Reddit Hot Videos Instagram Best Biography 2022
Who is Sophie Mudd OnlyFans Reddit Hot Videos Instagram Best Biography 2022 14
Who is Sophie Mudd OnlyFans Reddit Hot Videos Instagram Best Biography 2022
Who is Sophie Mudd OnlyFans Reddit Hot Videos Instagram Best Biography 2022 15

Sophie Mudd Onlyfans Videos

OnlyFans Sophie Mudd Net worth

Social media star Sophie Mudd is without a doubt the most popular social media celebrity The Instagram account Sophie Mudd has millions of followers. Sadly, there is no precise information on her net worth and monthly income.

It is known, however, that she earns money from her OnlyFans account, from which people buy memberships to access her premium content, and from her Instagram account. According to internet sources, Sophie Mudd’s net worth is estimated between $300,000 and $500,000.

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