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Who is Soulja Boy?

Soulja Boy onlyfans
Soulja Boy onlyfans

The alias Soulja Boy refers to DeAndre Cortez Way, an American rapper and record producer. Many of his singles, mixtapes, and albums can be found on his website. As a young boy, Soulja Boy moved to Mississippi with his father and started recording at the family studio. As an artist, he has become one of the most sought-after artists in the music industry today.

There, the young entertainer found all the connections he needed to pursue a career in music seriously. As a result of successfully promoting his music online and establishing his own label in 2004, he moved back to Atlanta to pursue industry leads and began doing live performances.

The singer’s debut single, titled “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” achieved a top spot on the  US charts. A non-consecutive seven-week run as a number-one hit on the U.S. chart followed. He released three studio albums and one independent album at the end of January 2017. A platinum certification was awarded to his debut studio album.


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Rapper Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, is also an entrepreneur, producer, actor, and record producer. “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” is his most well-known song. Other names for him are Soulja Boy and Tell Em.

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Download Hot Soulja Boy onlyfans Videos & Photos Best Biography 2022

As a six-year-old, Soulja moved from Chicago to Atlanta, where he began to compose rap music. He moved to Batesville, Mississippi, when he was 14 years old, where his father provided him with a recording studio so he could explore his musical ambitions.

 The songs were uploaded to SoundClick in November 2005. Having received positive feedback from the site, Soulja created accounts on YouTube and Myspace.

As part of his Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before da Album release in March 2007, Soulja released the “Crank That” dance video along with his first independent album.

Soulja Boy met with Mr. Collipark to sign a record deal with Interscope Records shortly after “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” received its first airplay in May 2007. The song was featured on the television series Entourage on August 12 and topped the Hot 100 and Hot RingMasters charts on September 1.


A major-label debut album by Soulja Boy, Soulja, dropped on October 2, 2007, reaching number four on the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. According to reports, the album was recorded using only the demo version of FL Studio.

Soulja released his third single, “Turn My Swag On,” on January 26, 2009, which reached the top of the US Rap Charts. According to August 23, 2009, over one million digital downloads had been sold in the United States.

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Wiki biography

NameDeAndre Cortez Way
Famous NameSoulja Boy
Age30 Years
Date of Birth28 July 1990
Birth PlaceChicago
ProfessionRapper, writer, producer, Actor, and streamer
soulja boy net worth

Soulja Boy Age 2022

As of 2022, Soulja Boy will be 31 years old. She was born on September 28 July 1990.

Soulja Boy Height, weight, etc.                

Soulja Boy’s height is 5 feet 8 inch and her weight is 67 kg.


His parents are Tracy Way and Lisa Way. Deion Jenkins, his little brother, died in a car crash on the night of March 22, 2011.

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A web-based platform gave Soulja Boy his early breakthrough in music. He had submitted a song to the site SoundClick in November 2005 that received positive feedback. In order to further his musical endeavors, he created accounts on YouTube and Myspace.

In March 2007, he released his debut album, titled ‘Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before da Album’. The song ‘Crank That’ was first airplay in May 2007. It was used on the television show ‘Entourage’ and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot RingMasters charts. He signed a recording deal with Interscope Records after the success of his single.

A major-label debut album by Soulja Boy called was released in October 2007. Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums both peaked at number four for the album. In December 2008, a follow-up was released called ‘iSouljaBoyTellem. It was generally unfavorably received.

With his third single, ‘Turn My Swag On,’ he silenced those who called him a one-hit-wonder. It reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the US Rap Charts. He used this time to create mixtapes like ‘Paranormal Activity, ‘Dat Piff’, and ‘Cortez’.

Soulja Boy has continued his streak of unsuccessful albums with ‘The DeAndre Way,’ his third studio album which has thus far had the lowest sales of any of his albums. Its lead single, however, reached number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100, number six on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and number five on the Rap Songs chart.

From 2011 to 2015, he released a series of mixtapes, beginning with “Smooky” and continuing with “1UP” and “Juice.”. Then he released an EP mixtape titled “Bernaud Arnault EP” followed by “21: EP” and “The Last Crown”. By the end of the year, he had released a couple of other mixtapes, such as ‘Supreme,’ ‘Skate Boy’ and ‘Gold On Deck’.

A series of Soulja Boy’s mixtapes including ’50/13′, ‘Mario & Domo vs. the World’, ‘OBEY’ and ‘Double Cup City’ were released in 2012. Juice II, his second mixtape, was his most downloaded. He followed up with mixtapes ‘Young & Flexin’ and ‘LOUD’, the latter being the first mixtape he distributed through iTunes.

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Earlier in 2011, Soulja Boy announced he would be working on his first studio album. Nevertheless, he released a mixtape in February 2013 titled ‘Foreign’ due to delays in releasing the album. He signed a record deal with Cash Money Records after his Interscope Records deal expired. The first single from the album, titled “Handsome,” was released as part of the re-titling of the album “USA DRE”.


It was in March 2013 that he released his EP ‘All Black’ and shortly thereafter his mixtape ‘Foreign 2’. During his career, he released a number of mixtapes and EPs, such as ‘King Soulja’, his second EP, ‘Cuban Link’, and mixtapes ‘Life After Fame’, ‘23’, and ‘The King’.

 King Soulja 2 was the second mixtape he released in 2014, and it was recorded in March. The following month, King Soulja released a digital album entitled ‘Super Dope’. He then penned ‘Yass Bish’ with Nicki Minaj, which received favorable reviews from music critics.

Download Hot Soulja Boy onlyfans Videos & Photos Best Biography 2022

The second digital album from King Soulja was released by iTunes in June 2014. In addition to Gudda Gudda and Rich The Kid, they are also featured in the video. His second mixtape, Young Millionaire, features Sean Kingston, Cap.1, and Rich The Kid.

Later that same month, he signed a new contract with Universal Music Group. Furthermore, he announced the release of his fourth studio album, “Loyalty”.

The fourth studio album by Soulja Boy, Loyalty, was released in 2015. Along with this, he released mixtapes, singles, and a digital album. In addition, he went on to chart with ‘Whippin’ My Wrist’ which reached number 48 on Billboard’s Trending 140. Then he released several mixtapes, such as ‘Swag The

Mixtape’, ’25 The Movie’, and ‘M & M: Money and Music’.Money and Music’. In July, he released his fourth digital album, King Soulja 4

A few mixtapes, singles, and videos were released by Soulja Boy in 2016. He released his sixth album, Better Late Than Never, after his fifth album, Stack-On Deck.

A number of singles were released, including ‘Drop The Top’, ‘Stephen Curry’, ‘Day One, ‘Rockstar’, ‘Max Payne’, ‘Hit Them Folks’ and ‘I’m Up Now’ along with mixtapes ‘Finesse EP’, ‘King Soulja 5’, and ‘S.’ Ignorant Shit’, King Soulja 6′ and Beezy 2′.

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Soulja Boy Onlyfans news

The posting of intimate images of Soulja Boy from his OnlyFans account sparked a trending topic on Tuesday, Jan. 11.

A social media platform called OnlyFans, launched in 2016, allows users to sell and acquire original content. Each individual must pay a monthly fee to access the content. Prices vary between $4.99 and $49.99.

His official Twitter link was shared the same day the photos were leaked by the 31-year-old, who has been using the video platform since February 2021. Big Draco, also known as Soulja Boy, charges followers $29.99 for subscriptions.

Fans began expressing their emotions through gifs and puns as they discovered why the “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” emcee was trending on Twitter. The tweeter went as far as to say they should’ve minded their own business after viewing the photos.

The pictures came out weeks after Soulja Boy announced that he would focus on his acting career. In an Instagram Live posted earlier this month, “Pretty Boy Swag” lyricist said, “2022, we gonna start the year with positive vibes, you know what I mean?”? There’s no beef between me and anyone.

There’s no smoke, no problems, no nothing. I’m just watching TV shows and movies. Aside from music videos, Soulja Boy has also starred in episodes of the hit television series “The Game” and in the film “Officer Down” in 2013.

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Soulja Boy Onlyfans Networth

The most popular Indian celebrity, Soulja Boy, has a net worth of $ 30 million as of 2022. That’s approximately Rs 216 crores in Indian rupees.

It is estimated that he earns around $1,500 per month. In 2022, he is worth 130 Lakhs and will earn 55.5 Crore in annual income.

Apart from all of his gains, he will earn a salary of 60 lakh each year from his investments, various real estate. As a separate matter, he also charges the brands up to Rs 70-80 lakhs for endorsements.

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Soulja Boy Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Soulja Boy Onlyfans video, images and pics

Soulja Boy Onlyfans video, images and pics
Soulja Boy Onlyfans image
Soulja Boy Onlyfans video, images and pics
Soulja Boy Onlyfans pic
Soulja Boy Onlyfans video, images and pics
Soulja Boy Onlyfans pictures
Soulja Boy Onlyfans video

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