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Srushti Tawde Net Worth Age, Boyfriend, and Family & Biography


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Who is Srushti Tawde

Srushti Tawde Net Worth
Srushti Tawde Net Worth

‘Srushti Tawde’ is a young Indian rapper who is 20-years-old. This young rapper from India has been tagged as one of the upcoming rappers in the country. In the course of her career, Srushti Tawde became associated with a television show on MTV.

There were many reality shows in which he participated and she was invited to many of these shows as well. She has created a different image among the judges of the reality show and the public as a result of which She was dubbed as the best rapper singer or emerging Indian rapper by the judges of the reality show.

 That is a reason why Srushti Tawde in today’s world has been considered to be one of India’s most talented teenage rappers and singers. It is possible to watch him on Voot’s MTV hustle 2.0 program at the moment.


As shown in this article, Srushti Tawde’s life journey and how she became a rapper has been told, and this is an inspiring story for thousands of Indian youth who are looking for inspiration in life.

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Srushti Tawde Biography

Srushti Tawde is a Mumbai-based actress and model who was born in 2002. Despite the fact that Srushti Tawde enjoyed poetry and her well-being showed that she would become a poet, later on, she wanted to transform herself into a rapper-singer instead, which she did.

Srushti Tawde Biography
Srushti Tawde Biography

As a matter of fact, Srushti Tawde was always passionate about writing poems and reading them from the very beginning. The more he practiced the more he learned to write and rhyme, and the more his writing and rhyming skills improved.

Her studies began in Mumbai, where she decided to go to reality shows after completing his studies. As a result of her hard work, she was also successful in achieving her goal, and eventually, she was able to achieve it. In addition to Srushti Tawde’s rap music being praised by artists from other countries, it can also be said that the rap music of Srushti Tawde itself is worthy of praise.

Srushti Tawde gained fame and recognition after she appeared on the television show Voot, which was part of the MTV Hustle series. After performing on the show, her rap song became quite viral, increasing her popularity as a result. Srushti Tawde has also been praised a lot by renowned singer-songwriter Badshah of Rap Geet and he is very fond of Srushti Tawde’s songs that she has recorded.

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Srushti Tawde Wiki biography

Real nameSrushti Tawde
Caste category/clan and gotraGeneral
Zodiac signLibra
Age20 years
Date of birth2002
ProfessionRapper, singer, and writer
The reason behind the popularityMTV hustle program/ Rap songs
Present residence addressMumbai

Srushti Tawde Age 2022

As of 2022, she is 22 years old. Srushti Tawde’s birth year is 2000..

Srushti Tawde Height, weight, etc.        

Srushti Tawde’s height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 58 kg.


Early education of Srushti Tawdefrom Mumbai
School NameMumbai public school
Bachelor’s degreecontinues
Masters (post-graduation)No
Other qualificationsPoet, writer

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Srushti Tawde family information

Father’s name of Srushti TawadeMr. Tawde
Mother’s name of Srushti TawadeMrs. Tawde
BrotherSaurav Tawde
friend ( best friends)Yutika

Srushti Tawde Carrier

Srushti Tawde has lived all of her life in Mumbai, where she lived her entire childhood. Her early education was taken care of in the area where she spent her entire childhood. In Mumbai, Srushti Tawde attended a public school where she earned a degree from the Maharashtra Board of Education after she completed her schooling.

Srushti Tawde Carrier
Srushti Tawde Carrier

It wasn’t long before she started practicing writing rap songs and adding her own lyrics to a song. As far as we know, Srushti Tawde was not informed about the rap song career that she is pursuing, nor did she take any formal training in rap.

In the early years, Srushti’s parents did not give her training in any musical art field. This was the biggest challenge that Srushti Tawde faced throughout her life. On the one hand, the artist is given a variety of training, and then she can prepare for a live performance. He also presents himself by participating in a reality show, but there is no direct relation between his training and Srushti Tawde’s.

As a result of her practice and big artists’ recognition of her rap songs, Srushti Tawde is considered to be one of the country’s most talented young rappers. As for Srushti Tawde’s music career, she has written one of her songs that is essentially a rap song, and song. This song has been a thrilling symbol ever since, and her family has also recognized the talent within her.

In the future, she planned to do Abhinav on television shows. As a result, she became busy with preparations, during which Srushti Tawde wrote many songs for the show. After he appeared on the reality show, he was recognized and praised by the whole country and was able to show off his talent to the world.

The entire stage erupted in applause at the end of Srushti Tawde’s performance. The judges of the show stood up to express their appreciation for Srushti Tawde’s performance as well as wish her an amazing future.

In addition, Srushti Tawde was praised by the famous rapper Honey Singh and Badshah of an Indian rap song; Badshah was a judge on Honey Singh’s show, and Honey Singh had seen any of Badshah’s videos on the internet or social media platforms after which he also praised her.


Srushti Tawde’s Songs

Ek Tha Kauvva

As part of MTV Hustle 2.0, Srushti Tawde performed this song on the show. YouTube uploaded the song to their platform on the 10th of October 2022. The song was uploaded on the KaanPhod Music channel on YouTube and can be listened to there. In the first 10 days of October, there were 5.4 million for the song.

Chhota Don

There was a performance of this song by Srushti Tawde on the show MTV Hustle 2.0. It was uploaded to Youtube on October 20, 2022, after the song was performed on the show. A video of the song can be found on the YouTube channel KaanPhod Music. By the end of October 2022, 8.8 million people had viewed the song.

Main Nahi Toh Kaun

In a recent episode of MTV Hustle 2.0, Srushti Tawde performed this song. YouTube uploaded the song on 9 October 2022 and it has since been viewed over 1.3 million times. There was a song uploaded on the KaanPhod Music channel which you can listen to below. According to the 10 October 2022 statistics, the song had 3.8 million views as of that date.

Dummies Guide to Mumbai

In an episode of MTV Hustle 2.0, Srushti Tawde performed this song. It was uploaded on Youtube on September 2022, which is the date the song was uploaded. It was uploaded to the channel KaanPhod Music on which the song can be viewed. By the time 10 October 2022 rolled around, there had been 3.9 Million views of the song.

Chill Kinda Guy

Srushti Tawde performed this song on the show MTV Hustle 2.0 featuring the performance of Srushti Tawde. I found the song on Youtube in September of 2022 and uploaded it there. KaanPhod Music has uploaded the song to their Youtube channel on which it can be viewed. As of 10 October 2022, 11 Million views had been recorded for the song.

Srushti Tawde’s Net worth

According to Srushti Tawde, she earns between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 6 lakh a month (approximately).

Srushti Tawde’s Interesting Facts and Trivia.

  • Srushti Tawde was born and raised in India, where she is today.
  • I am very proud of Srushti Tawde. She is a gifted, independent, and creative individual.
  • The online fame of Srushti Tawde is enormous. Furthermore, she has a following of more than 101k on Instagram as well.
  • Many people liked Srushti Tawde because of the chill guy she had.
  • It is with great pleasure that Srushti Tawde enjoys writing poetry and sharing it with her friends and family.
  • During the pandemic, Srushti Tawde began writing poetry in rhythm as a way to cope with the stress of the situation.
  • It was reported that Srushti Tawde still had not decided on a stage name due to the fact that she did not want to perform under a false name.

Srushti Tawde Social media                             

FAQ  Related to Srushti Tawde’s

Who is Srushti Tawde?

Rapper from India who is just starting out

What was the place of birth of Srushti Tawde?

In Mumbai, India

What is the age of Srushti Tawde?

20 years

In what year was Srushti Tawde born?

In 2002

Is Srushti Tawde interested in singing in films in the future?

Yes, of course

What is the social media platform on which Srushti Tawde’s video went viral?

Ans. Visit our Instagram page to see what we are up to

What is the current status of Srushti Tawde’s studies?

Yes, of course

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