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Who is Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner Net Worth
Stu Feiner’s Net Worth

He was born and raised on Long Island in New York, where he is one of the top handicappers in the world. With more than 30 years of experience in pioneering, face sports handicapping, and continuous innovation, Stu Feiner is one of the industry’s most respected figures.

The Wikipedia article on Stu Feiner does not include his biography or details about his life. Consequently, very little information is available about his life. When it becomes available on the web, we will let you know here as soon as it becomes available. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Stu Feiner.

According to sources, Stu Feiner will turn 60 on 17 July 2021. Aside from serving in the army, Stu’s father also served in the German army twice. Les Barry Feiner, Stu’s only brother, died of substance abuse in 2006, shortly after his mother passed away from breast cancer.


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Stu Feiner Biography

There is no doubt that Stu Feiner is the best handicapper in the world. In the field of sports handicapping, Stu has been a pioneer, an innovator, and a face for over 30 years.

Because of his unmatched accuracy and expertise, Stu earned the title “The Source.”. A household name in the sports betting industry since 1982, Stu Feiner earned his title “The Source.”. However, no handicapper has seen the success rate or win percentage that Stu’s dedication and experience have resulted in.


In addition to defining handicapping, Stu Feiner changed the game and set the playing field into the digital age by continuing to change it. In addition to his nationally syndicated television show, Stu Feiner is known for his “Sports Advisors” show.

According to Sports Advisors, sports are a lucrative financial market with lucrative returns since 1989. This concept has now been adapted into a hit television show by co-hosts Dave Portnoy and Dan Katz called Barstool Sports Advisors.

Stu Feiner net worth
Stu Feiner net worth

During the recording of a brand new episode of The Barstool Sports Advisors show on Tuesday, September 12, 2021, Stuart ‘The Source’ Feiner, a famous Barstool Sports personality and self-proclaimed ‘greatest sports handicapper ever’, returned to Barstool Sports’ headquarters in New York City.

During an interview with Dave Portnoy on The Dave Portnoy Show, Feiner said, “I love everyone at Barstool Sports.”. I love you, but I would also give my life to you.”.


Source reiterated his admiration for Portnoy when he said, “My love for you and for your company is immeasurable”. Prior to Barstool Sports even existing, Stu Feiner had been picking games for years. It is true that joining the brand exposed him to a new audience, however.

In addition to picking games for Colin Cowherd, Feiner has appeared multiple times on The Herd. The third season of Barstool Sports Advisors, which premiered in October 2021, was hosted by Dave Portnoy and Stu Feiner.

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Stu Feiner’s Net Worth and Salary

There is an estimate that the net worth of Stu Feiner is going to be in the vicinity of $10 million by the time he turns 80 years old in 2022. In his capacity as the owner of sports handicapping business that collapsed after the internet came into existence, he accumulated a huge amount of money from his business, which ultimately led to his bankruptcy.

There is no doubt that Feiner has a large net worth. He had a net worth of $16 million before and currently, he owns a huge property in Farmingdale with a backyard that has 11 houses on it.

Stu Feiner Wiki biography

Full NameStu Feiner
Professional NameStu Feiner
NicknameThe Source
Date of Birth31 January 1961
Place of BirthLong Island, New York, United States of America
Religion Christian
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameSandra M. Feiner
ProfessionSports analyst, pioneer, and entrepreneur

Garrett Adelstein Career

He was a renowned sports handicapper before the advent of the internet era, and he made a name for himself in the industry. His involvement in handicapping goes back to 1982 when he began to actively participate in the field.

Stu Feiner net worth
Stu Feiner net worth

He has been featured in the nationally syndicated show “Sports Advisors” on national television. It was shown on the television show that gambling could be viewed as a financial market that can generate valuable returns.

During the year 1991, Feiner was featured in an article on the topic of “1-900 Ripoffs” in Sports Illustrated. His NFL picks were documented for four weeks by Sports Illustrated as he was getting popularity as a handicapper at the time.

Even though he was not entirely correct with his prediction, his win rate ended up being just 37%, which was disappointing. His records were later revealed to be falsified by Sports Illustrated as a result of his falsification.

As part of their attempt to expose Stu Feiner, Sports Illustrated strives to put different stories about the matter. The sports media company that Stu works with has reported that his brother-in-law Kevin Duffy published an advertisement in the New York Daily News in which he predicted the winner of the first week of the season.


The New York Daily News published an advertisement in the New York Post on the morning of the game, but the games had not yet begun. It is reported that Stu Feiner ran sports handicapping business worth $16 million in 1997, according to reports.

Around 200 people had been employed by the company at one point in time. After the internet was created, however, he was forced to close down his business entirely. In 2005, Al Pacino played Stu’s real-life character in the film Two For The Money, in which Stu was presented as the main character.

There is a true story behind the movie, which focuses on the life of former college football star, Brandon Long. A major plot point in the movie is how Brandon got to align himself with one of the most popular tours in the sports gambling business, none other than Stu Feiner, who at the time was one of the most popular tours in the business.

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How does Stu Feiner earn money?

He earns most of his income as a sports analyst, which is his primary occupation. The good news is that he has millions of fans and followers who cheer him up when he is down via social media platforms and the internet. Additionally, Feiner makes Facebook ads, Instagram ads, brand endorsements, contracts, and more, in addition to making Facebook ads.

Television shows such as Jalen Rose’s and Stu Feiner’s are a helpful way for sports analysts like Jalen Rose and Stu Feiner to earn money. During the year 2018, he appeared in a television show titled Barstool Sports Advisor, according to the IMDb database. His average income from this job was more than twenty thousand dollars on a yearly basis.

Additionally, Feiner began his career as a sports advisor on a national television show that aired on the network. His average income from here was more than 50 thousand dollars per year.

The salary of a sports advisor can, however, be as high as 100 thousand dollars per year. However, experience is the most critical factor to consider. Therefore, as a professional sports analyst, Feiner earns more than one hundred thousand dollars a year as an annual salary.

An analyst who specializes in sports can make a great deal of money in a variety of ways. As a result, they are:

  • Advertising
  • Knowledge is up-to-date
  • Participation in sports programs
  • A contract is a contract
  • Sports previews are welcome

Additionally, Stu Feiner has been a sports handicapper since 1997. During his career as a handicapper, he made more than 15 million dollars. However, sometimes it didn’t work out.

Aside from that, Feiner participated in the management of a sports media company in his capacity as a gambler. He made more than a million dollars here.

Stu Feiner Social media

Frequently Ask Questions

Stu Feiner is how old?

Around 60 is the age of Stu Feiner.

What is the marital status of Stu Feiner?

There are four children in his family

In terms of his zodiac sign, what is Stu Feiner?

Stu Feiner was born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign.

What is the nationality of Stu Feiner?

American Stu Feiner lives in New York City.

What is the net worth of Stu Feiner?

The net worth of Stu Feiner is $ 12.5 million.

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