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Who is Tana Mongeau OnyFans?

Her videos are all about sharing stories and complaining about her social life, and Tana Mongeau has made her mark as the laid-back YouTube vlogger.

Tana is a Las Vegas girl who expresses her views about social scandals and other debaucheries in her videos. Besides her videos with other YouTube stars such as Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson, she has also collaborated with some of them.


A year ago, when she started her YouTube channel, her life took a complete 180-degree turn. She initially had a lot of “haters” criticizing almost all her videos, but soon addressed them in her video and wisely avoided the criticism.

There has been discussion on the internet concerning the topic – “Is Tana Mongeau the new Jenna Marbles?” Tana’s current journey is leading to the shores of fame she so richly deserves.

Tana Mongeau OnlyFans

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Onlyfans Tana Mongeau Biography

An American social media personality and model, Tana Mongeau is known for her adorable pictures on social media. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA, on June 24, 1998.

Her popular YouTube videos have gone viral. As of April 2015, her channel had more than 43,000 subscribers. During the time of her video Storytime, she became famous.

As of November 2011, her YouTube channel had more than 3 million subscribers. One million views were acquired by her first video KICKED OUT OF WALMART.

In addition to YouTube, she has been active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bella Thorne and Tana were in a relationship from February 2019 to October 2019.


In April 2019, she broke up with Brad Sousa. Following this, she began dating Brad. She is currently dating Jake Paul since April 2019. In an announcement made on June 24, 2019, she announced that she was engaged to him.

In addition to Minute Match-Ups (2015), Escape The Night (2016), and Merry Christmas from Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau (2018), Tana has acted in other movies. Neither Rebecca nor Richard Mongeau is the name of her mother or father.

Tana Mongeau Wiki biography

NameTana Mongeau
Real NameTana Marie Mongeau
BirthdayJune 24, 1998
Famous AsYoutuber, Model, Social Media Star
Zodiac SignCancer
Net worth$4-6 Million Dollars
BirthplaceLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Heightfeet and inches- 5’5”
Weightkilograms- 55 kg
Body Measurements36–26–36
Marital statusEngaged
FianceJake Paul

Tana Mongeau Age 2021

How old is Tana Mongeau? As of 2021 Tana Mongeau is 23 years old and her date of birth is June 24, 1998.

Tana Mongeau Family

  • Father – Rick Mongeau
  • Mother – Rebecca Mongeau

The daughter of Rebecca Mongeau and Richard Mongeau, who own a pool company, Tana Mongeau is from the United States. No information is available about her siblings.

The only known details about her family are given in her video titled “My Parents React To Hefner Video (CRINGE).” However, nothing more is known about them. Additionally, there’s no information on her educational background.

Tana Mongeau Boyfriend, Affairs and More

Her relationship with American actress and model Bella Throne has attracted widespread media attention due to Tana’s relatively long relationship.

A romantic relationship existed between them between the summer of 2017 and the winter of 2019. As they were together, they each posted a lot of photos featuring each other on Instagram, and Bella even starred in her music video for Hefner.

Former social media star Somer Hollingsworth dated her until 2017, rapper Lil Xan during February-April 2019, and Brad Sousa during March-April 2019.

Youtuber Jake Paul and Tana began dating in April 2019, and their relationship caught the attention of the media when Tana posted a picture of herself lying in Jake’s bed.

Now, the couple has been going strong ever since. During her birthday celebration on June 24, 2019, she announced the news that she was engaged to her boyfriend Jake Paul.

During their Vegas wedding in July 2019, they announced their engagement. On January 20, 2020, just six months after they wed, the internet stars announced their split via their Instagram accounts.

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Tana Mongeau Height, Weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 5″
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Body Measurements – 36–26–36 (Breast: 36 Inches, Waist: 26 Inches, Hips: 36 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Black
  • Hair Colour – Blonde

How tall is Tana Mongeau? Tana Mongeau stands 1.65 meters tall, or 5 feet and 4 inches. In addition to being a talented individual, Tana is also breathtakingly beautiful. Breasts-waist-hip measurements measure 36-26-36, which is an ideal body figure.

With a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of 53 kg. In addition, she wears a shoe size 8.5 and a dress size 6. Her gorgeous features include blonde wavy hair and a pair of black eyes.

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Tana Mongeau YouTube

April 30, 2015, a video was posted by Tana to her YouTube channel. This video has garnered over 3 million views since May 15 of that year, when she uploaded “Hairdresser From Hell.”.

In less than a year after launching her YouTube channel, she has accumulated over 2.3 million subscribers. Not only did she enjoy fame, but she also encountered controversies frequently.

A video titled “The N-Word” and subsequent tweets and live streams attacked fellow YouTuber iDubbbzTV for his frequent use of the N-Word in January 2017.

In response, iDubbbzTV bought a VIP ticket to her show in San Francisco and during the photo session he came near her and said, “Say, nigger!” He went after her and released a video entitled “Content Cop – Tana Mongeau”, which was part of his Content Cop series, in which he defended himself and accused her of hypocrisy by showing past clips of her saying the word.

Many of her fans blasted her for her drama, in which she lost over 100,000 subscribers. After the iDubbbz row, she posted a video entitled “Apology”, in which she admitted that iDubbbz was right to call her out on her hypocrisy.

Tana Mongeau Carrier

Tana Mongeau has over 5.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.5 million followers on Twitter, 5.46 million subscribers on YouTube, and 6.8 million followers on TikTok.

As of September 2021, Tana Mongeau has more than 5.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.5 million followers on Twitter, and 5.46 million subscribers on YouTube.

In 2015, Tana launched her YouTube channel and began posting videos about personal experiences and comedies.

Most popular on her channel, however, are her “storytime” videos in which she discusses a range of personal topics. Her YouTube channel has been viewed millions of times over the course of its life.

Her “ROASTING YOUTUBER COACHELLA OUTFITS” video received more than 10 million views on her channel and was one of the most popular videos she’s ever posted. Besides YouTube, the YouTube star is also involved in the music industry.

The video for her debut song “Hefner” featuring Bella Thorne was released in 2017. In 2018, Tana released her second solo single, “W.” She worked with Lil Phag and Dr. Woke later that year to produce her next song, “Deadahh.”

Her next track with Dr. Woke is “Deadahh.” Tana is currently starring on her very own reality series with MTV titled “MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21.” Tana’s first controversy came in 2018 when she announced #TanaCon, an anti-VidCon event.


In 2019, Tana released “FaceTime.” She has also appeared in an episode of “Maury.” In 2018, Tana announced #TanaCon, a VidCon boycott event.

A feature creator slot at VidCon was disallowed for her after VidCon refused to give it to her. A similar event was scheduled for the same weekend as VidCon and canceled the same day.

Besides Thorne, Shane Dawson, Casey Neistat, Miranda Sings, Ricky Dillon, Elijah Daniel, Jenn McAllister, Gabbie Hanna, and others, there would be more than 80 fellow celebrities appearing on panels.

In an interview with Tana, she said she had more than 20,000 people apply to attend her #TanaCon event, but the Marriott where it was held could comfortably accommodate 4,000-5,000 attendees.

There was a long line of people standing in the sun without food or water. Tana issued refunds to all of them later.

“The Truth About TanaCon,” a vlog by Shane Dawson, featured #TanaCon in a docuseries by a fellow YouTube star; Tana spoke freely about the entire event to Shane. Tana was invited to be a “Featured Creator” at VidCon 2019 two years after her first appointment.

Tana was not invited as a “Featured Creator” to VidCon 2017, according to VidCon founder, Hank Green in 2018.

Content creators have been involved in other controversial moments since #TanaCon. Several months after posting the video, Tana’s “The N Word” video received millions of views.

During a Twitter reply, she mentions the experience of being told to say the n-word by a person on tour with her, later revealed by YouTuber iDubbz. IDubbbz responded by making a video cataloging all the times she had disrespectfully used the n-word.

Although Tana apologized for using the n-word disrespectfully, many found the apology to be insincere. It has been openly discussed that Tana is bis**ual and has a personal life.

Her previous relationships include two years dating Bella Thorne, a year dating Brad Sousa, and a year dating rapper Lil Xan.

She is engaged to Jake Paul after dating him for a year and later announced this on her Instagram. Later that year, the couple married in Las Vegas even though it was an arranged marriage.

For a period of time before the couple split, her social media handles were changed to Tana Paul. Francesca Farago is another influential blogger she began dating in 2020.

Tana Mongeau Rumors and Controversy

iDubbbz and Tana Meet-up

Mongeau tweeted at iDubbbzTV on December 10, 2016, and criticized him for using the N-word often in his videos. Idubbbz tweeted, “@Idubbbz, you were subscribed to by 3 million people and you openly referred to retards and the n-word?”??? kill yourself”.

Mongeau went on to disparage iDubbbz through live streams and other videos. On January 21, 2017, iDubbbz attended Mongeau’s show in San Francisco using a VIP ticket purchased by the company.

When iDubbbz met Mongeau at the VIP meet-and-greet, he said “Say ni** er” while the photo was being taken.” The onlookers were angered by this, and Mongeau stormed out, prompting security to ask iDubbbz to leave.

Content Cop

In an installment of his Content Cop series, iDubbbz released a video on February 6, 2017, entitled “Content Cop – Tana Mongeau”.

Mongeau is shown past clips in which she has used the N-Word and is accused of hypocrisy since he defends its use. Using the word in a humorous context, he asserted that it is not intended to offend anyone, whereas Mongeau’s use of the word was considered to be mean-spirited.

Aside from showing footage from the incident at Mongeau’s show, iDubbbz criticizes her response to it in the video. In addition to derogatory language, he explores the scope of the use of offensive terms in society, and the weight that is placed on specific words.


Following Tana’s departure from VidCon 2018 for brewing issues between VidCon’s security and some of the bigger YouTubers, she decided she would create her own convention she called TanaCon.

The TanaCon event was scheduled for the same day as VidCon; however, on day 1 of the event, the fire marshals shut it down due to safety hazards, since there were over four thousand people on the site over its capacity of around 1000 people.

Several people posted a video on Twitter showing the whole line for TanaCon. The chant “We want Tana” and “Refund” was repeated repeatedly inside the “TanaCon building”.

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Tana Mongeau Merch

After last year’s drama, Tana Mongeau attended Vidcon this year after all. Congrats, you’re definitely a Tana stan if you’ve been following every detail of this engagement news.

It’s probably more convenient for you to watch her YouTube videos than to watch television, and that’s totally fine, because who doesn’t like to watch YouTube videos? Nevertheless, if you really want to be as edgy as Tana, you must get your hands on her merchandise.

When you look in a mirror and use some of these items, you literally can see her face every time. You should add all these items to your closet, according to this list.

  • Jana Crewneck – $44.95
  • Canceled Joggers – $39.96
  • F*ck Up Phone Case – $21.95
  • Tana is My Daddy Mug – $12.95
  • Tana Face Tattoo Hoodie – $44.95
  • Tana 2020 Campaign Shirt – $44.95
  • Tana 2020 Campaign Hoodie – $39.95
  • Diamante Scandalous Hoodie – $26.95
  • Diamante Scandalous Joggers – $44.95
  • Diamante Cancelled Phone Case – $21.95
  • Diamante Scandalous Phone Case – $21.95
  • Tana Mongeau: Cancelled Hoodie – $26.95
  • Tana Mongeau: Cancelled Phone Case – $21.95
  • Women’s Scandalous 3-Piece Underwear Set – $24.95

Tana Mongeau only fans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Besides updating the social media sites about her daily life, she also writes posts on different blogs about her interests. There are more than 5k followers on her Instagram account @tanamongeau. And on Twitter, she has 2.3k followers.

Additionally, Tana has 2.9 million followers on her verified TikTok account. Her Tiktok username is @tanamongeaulol, and she posts about her day-to-day activities and about Tiktok trends.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Tiktok
  • Snapchat

Tana Mongeau Onlyfans Pictures

Tana Mongeau OnlyFans - News, Video, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022
Tana Mongeau OnlyFans - News, Video, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022 17
Tana Mongeau OnlyFans - News, Video, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022
Tana Mongeau OnlyFans - News, Video, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022 18
Tana Mongeau OnlyFans - News, Video, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022
Tana Mongeau OnlyFans - News, Video, Pics, Reddit, Best Biography 2022 19

Tana Mongeau Onlyfans Videos

Only Fans Tana Mongeau Net worth

An internet personality and rapper, Tana Mongeau is based in the United States. It’s estimated that her net worth is between $4-6 million dollars as of 2019.

She has had over four million subscribers and more than 540 million views on her self-titled YouTube channel since she started in 2015. The videos she makes for her channel are known for their storytime content.

According to a 2017 post, the FBI was investigating her because her email was hacked and bomb threats were sent. Her debut song “Hefner” was released in 2017 and featured Bella Thorne in its music video.

Tana Mongeau Hobbies, Favorites and Facts

  • Jake Paul is Tana’s fiancé.
  • Nevada was her birthplace and her upbringing.
  • She posts mostly videos related to her personal life.
  • It is April 2015 when Tana launched her YouTube channel.
  • Rebecca Mongeau is Tana’s mother, and Richard Mongeau is her father.
  • Besides her Instagram followers, she also has a large following on Twitter.
  • It was 2015 when she made her television debut with Minute Match-Ups.
  • Tana Mongeau reached 1 million views with her video KICKED OUT OF WALMART.
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credit card

Tana Mongeau Discography


As lead artist

“Hefner”2017non-album single
(with Lil Phag and Dr. Woke)
God Hates Lil Phag
“W”2018non-album singles
“Fuck Up”
“Without You”2020

As featured artist

“Clout 9”
(Lil Phag featuring Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau, and Dr. Woke)
2018God Hates Lil Phag

Guest appearances

“Four Loko”
(Lil Phag featuring Tana Mongeau and Dr. Woke)
2018God Hates Lil Phag


2016–2017Shane and FriendsHerself
2017, 2019Escape the NightSaloon Girl / The Pin-Up Girl
2019–2020No Filter: Tana MongeauHerself

Awards and nominations

20199th Streamy AwardsCreator of the YearHerself
Best Ensemble CastShared with cast of Escape the Night

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