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Tunisha Sharma Death Reason, who is, Age, boyfriend, Biography & More Facts


Tunisha Sharma took her own life and was found in the make-up room of her co-star in the film Ali Baba, Sheezan Mohammed Khan. This is a rundown of everything that has transpired in the investigation up to this point.

Everyone was taken aback by the news of the passing of television actress Tunisha Sharma. A makeup room in Naigaon was the location where the actress, who was 20 years old and now starring in Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul, committed suicide by hanging herself.

Tunisha Sharma Death Reason
Tunisha Sharma’s Death Reason

She was hurried to the hospital, but it was quickly determined that she had already passed away. Since Tunisha’s passing away was documented, some previously unknown details have come to light. The whole rundown may be seen here.

Entire film biography of Tunisia Sharma

List of all films starring Tunisha Sharma from 2019 to 2016: an actor with trailers, release dates, and other information. flicks like Dabangg 3 (2019), Kahaani 2 (2016), and Fitoor are included in an exclusive list (2016)
Entire film biography of Tunisia Sharma

Tunisia’s Sharma death: what we know

1. The initial reports stated that Tunisha took her own life on the sets of Naigaon, namely in the make-up area. She was rushed to the hospital, where the physicians pronounced that she had already passed away.


2. Almost immediately after that, the Waliv police arrived on the sets of the show in order to conduct further inquiry. She was reportedly in the make-up room of her co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan when the event occurred.

3. The post-mortem examination of her body will take place at the Nalasopra Hospital. Her mortal remains have been transported there.

4. Sheezan discovered that the door was locked upon his return to the room after being shot. After Tunisha did not respond to repeated knocks on the door, the door had to be forced open when she was discovered hanging in the room where he keeps his makeup. The actress was hurried to the hospital in a desperate attempt to save her life, but it was too late.


5. Actress Simran Budharup, best known for her role in the film Pandya Store, who has previously collaborated with Tunisha, recently revealed to us that Tunisha struggled with anxiety and sadness. She also mentioned that things were not always smooth sailing in her family life.

6. Sheezan Khan, who played Tunisha’s co-star in Ali Baba, has been accused by Tunisha’s mother of being responsible for her daughter’s passing. It is also stated that they engaged in a romantic relationship prior to the breakup of their partnership. According to reports, this was the final straw that led her to take her own life.


7. DCP Chandrakant Jadhav gave an interview with the press and provided some new information regarding the investigation. Cast members and staff members who were present on the sets have been questioned by the authorities so far.

8. Because she was living with Tunisha, Tunisha’s mother was also contacted. According to the DCP, the actress’s mother criticized her Ali Baba co-star Sheezan Khan in her statement and stated that he should be punished with abetment of suicide. She also claimed that he should be held accountable for her daughter’s death. According to the rumors, Sheezan and Tunisha had a romantic connection.


9. There were rumors that Tunisha was expecting her first child. When the DCP was questioned whether the same was true, he responded that the investigation and post-mortem were still taking place at the time of the question.

10. The Waliv Police Department has stated that they will investigate Tunisha’s death from the perspectives of both homicide and suicide.

11. There was no note left behind by the deceased at the scene of the incident.

12. Sheezan Mohammad Khan, who plays Tunisha’s co-star in the film, was taken into custody by the police and charged with incitement to suicide under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He is going to be brought up in front of the Vasai court.

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