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Viktoria Kay is a fitness and fashion model, Originally from Hungary and Germany, as well as a curvy model, a social media personality, a brand ambassador, and an Instagram celebrity. She is represented by TNG Models.

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Who is Viktoria Kay?

Viktoria Kay was born on October 31, 1983, in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. In this current year, she is 37 years old. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is a woman of many talents. Viktoria Kay was born and raised in Kassel, Germany, although she currently resides in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.


In order to pursue her dream of being a well-known fashion model, Viktoria Kay relocated to the United States when she was 21 years old. Viktoria Kay graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Viktoria Kay has always been highly sporty, and she enjoys participating in sports such as tennis. With her eponymous Instagram account, Viktoria is well-known for publishing fashion and lifestyle shots, and she has amassed more than 750,000 followers who can’t seem to get enough of her stunning photographs.

At the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show & Dub-Show Tour, Viktoria Kay posed for Forgiato wheels, which were on display. Furthermore, she has posed for several well-known apparel companies, like romance shop secrets, Shein curve, flat tummy CO, FashionNovaCurve, and others. She represents the FashionNovaCurve brand as a brand ambassador.

Viktoria Kay Onlyfans
Viktoria Kay Onlyfans

Viktoria Kay Biography

Viktoria Kay is a fitness model and video blogger from Los Angeles, California. She is also a fitness enthusiast. While she was growing up, she was incredibly sporty, and she excelled at tennis, which she pursued throughout her childhood. While growing up, Viktoria also acquired a great enthusiasm for modelling, which she combined with her athletic interest.

She had aspirations of becoming a professional model when she was a teenager. However, it wasn’t until Viktoria was 21 years old that she took the first step toward realizing her dream — she travelled to the United States on her own to follow her passion.

Viktoria worked ‘day in and day out to achieve her goals, despite the fact that she was faced with the difficult task of perfecting the English language, as well as adjusting to a completely new environment and making new friends. Her dedication to becoming a model was reinforced by her determination to become a model. In the end, it took several years for Viktoria’s tenacity to bear fruit.

She not only rose to fame as a successful model, but she also established herself as a popular social media figure. Viktoria is living the life of her dreams as a result of her dedication and perseverance, with supporters from all around the world cheering her on. Every year, she sets new personal goals for herself, adhering to her credo, “Dreams don’t work unless you put them into action.”


Viktoria Kay Wiki biography

NameViktoria Kay
BirthdayOctober 31, 1983
Famous AsModel
Zodiac SignScorpio
Net worth$600K US Dollars
BirthplaceBudapest, Hungary
Heightfeet and inches- 5’9”
Weightkilograms- 70 kg
Body Measurements36-27-40
Shoe size6 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried

Viktoria Kay Age 2022

As of 2022 Viktoria Kay is 40 years old and her date of birth is October 31, 1983.

Viktoria Kay Family

Viktoria was born in Budapest, Hungary, and grew up in Berlin, Germany, where she lived with her family and many of her closest friends. We are unable to provide any additional information about her family or siblings at this time.

We have as much information about Viktoria’s family members as we can get our hands-on. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Viktoria Kay Boyfriend, Husband, Affairs and More

When it comes to Viktoria’s personal life, she has never been married. As of right now, there is no additional information available on her relationships and affairs. We are aware of Viktoria’s relationship since we have knowledge about it. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Viktoria Kay height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 9″
  • Weight – 70 kg
  • Body Measurements – 36-27-40 (Breast: 36 Inches, Waist: 27 Inches, Hips: 40 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Hazel
  • Hair Colour – Brown

Viktoria Kay is 175 cm tall and weighs 70 kg (155 lbs). Her bust size is 36 inches or 91 cm, waist size is 27 inches or 109 cm, hip size is 40 inches or 114 cm, cup size is B, dress size is 6, shoe size is 9.5, she has beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes colour, and she is single at the time of her death. Nationality: a mix of Hungarian and German.

Viktoria Kay measurements

Viktoria Kay Carrier

However, Viktoria Kay is originally from Europe and now lives and works in the Los Angeles area of California. She was born in Budapest, Hungary, and reared in the German capital of Berlin. Viktoria was a highly athletic young lady who excelled in sports throughout her childhood and adolescence.

She was a competitive tennis player for many years, right up until mid-college. Along with her enthusiasm for athletics, Viktoria had a strong desire to pursue a modelling career. As she neared her early twenties, this became increasingly clear to her. Viktoria came to the realization that modelling was her ‘true calling’ after a while.

Consequently, she made the difficult decision to travel to Los Angeles, California, United States at the age of 21 to pursue more prospects. Viktoria made her decision on her own, and she carried out all of her actions by herself. It goes without saying that it was one of the most difficult decisions Viktoria had ever had to make, but it was one that paid off.

Difficult Start in America

Viktoria didn’t have an easy time during her first few years in the United States of America. She had to deal with a lot of difficulties because she was a foreigner. For example, not knowing the English language, finding new friends, and living alone in a new area are all challenges for newcomers.

Viktoria, on the other hand, was tenacious. She was determined to make it as a model, and she was not going to give up until she achieved her objectives in life. Viktoria finally got a break after years of slogging it out when some modelling agencies and firms began to approach her about doing work for their clients.

As someone who has always been committed to physical activity as well as modelling, Viktoria made the decision to combine working out at the gym with modelling in order to pursue her dream of being a fitness model. “I pursue modelling full-time and am very involved in the fitness industry, which complements each other extremely well,” she explained.

Rising to Success

After several years of hard work, Viktoria was able to establish herself as a prominent fitness model. Viktoria, on the other hand, did not stop there. In the following months, Viktoria set up profiles on social media and video blogging websites, where she shared her fitness and modelling experience with people all over the world.

Her stunning figure, kind attitude, and unwavering work ethic enabled her to acquire a big number of followers to her websites, establishing herself as a social media influencer in the process. Viktoria is currently continuing to test the boundaries of her abilities in both her professional and personal lives.

She aspires to achieve her full potential while also inspiring as many others as she can along the way – by drawing on her own life experience as inspiration.


She believes that her stomach and glutes are her greatest body parts, saying, “My abs and butt are my most attractive physical characteristics.” “I put in a lot of effort into those!” With the goal of sculpting these body parts, Viktoria visits the gym many times per week,

with her abs and glutes receiving as many as four exercises per week from her trainer. Viktoria is able to keep a toned physique throughout the year by working out hard and continually experimenting with different workouts and routines.

Diet Based on Whole Foods

Viktoria puts in just as much effort into her diet as she does into her workout. She claims that if she consumes a large number of processed, high-glycemic foods, no amount of training will allow her to achieve a sculpted physique in the long run.

As a result, Viktoria consumes primarily whole foods such as avocados, oats, quinoa, berries, and other fruits and vegetables. Viktoria will consume a lot of chickpeas, lean poultry meat, and low-fat dairy products as sources of protein. The nutrients in these foods provide her with the building blocks she needs to repair and rebuild her muscles after a hard session in the gym.


Viktoria’s timetable, on the other hand, allows for the occasional cheat meal at a designated location and time. Cheat meals, she explains, are something she treats herself to as a reward for putting in the effort in the gym.

Maintaining a Lean Figure

According to Viktoria, the key to maintaining a slim figure is to follow a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, and be consistent. According to her, “the most important thing is to eat well and exercise regularly. I also take a lot of vitamins!” The most important thing is to be consistent!”

Idols and Influences

Viktoria’s inspiration comes from her admirers, who encourage and support her in her fitness, blogging, and modelling pursuits on a daily basis. Viktoria, on the other hand, had no one else to look to for motivation when she first arrived in the United States.

After moving to Los Angeles, Viktoria didn’t make much progress toward her ambitions during her first few years there. However, it was only through her determination that she was able to bring all of her aspirations to fruition — becoming a well-known fitness model, social media star, and video blogger.

What we can learn from Viktoria Kay

In the case of Viktoria Kay, we can learn that results do not always manifest themselves immediately. The case of Viktoria is an example of how she had to spend several years in America, overcoming hurdles after obstacles, before she was able to achieve her dream of becoming a model and actress.

It was a difficult path, and Viktoria’s only source of the drive was her faith, as well as the conviction that she would eventually succeed. Viktoria has not only made it as a model, but she has also become an online social media icon with a devoted following, demonstrating to everyone that hard work and determination pay off in the long run.

Viktoria’s narrative ultimately leaves us with this lesson: learn to accept setbacks and struggles as a necessary part of the journey to becoming successful in your endeavours. Also, keep in mind that success does not come easily. In the event that you are able to maintain your composure and patience in the face of adversity, there is no goal that you cannot achieve.

Fitness Model Viktoria Kay

Sponsorships and Brand Promotions

Viktoria Kay is now enjoying not just the affection of her followers all over the world, but she is also gaining respect in the fitness and showbiz industries. Many prominent firms are looking forward to working with the model because of her impeccable fashion sense and flawless physique.

This lady has gotten a large number of advertisements and promotional offers, and she is currently endorsing a large number of products. Some of her endorsements include lifestyle fashion brands such as Novex, which she has worked with. Viktoria has also been selected to serve as the brand ambassador for Fashion Nova Curve and TNG Models, among other things.

She also walked the runway for Forgiato Wheels at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show and Dubshow Tour, among other events. Besides promoting brands on social media, Viktoria has cooperated with a large number of other social media influencers.

Viktoria Kay – Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok

Viktoria Kay is a well-known Instagram model, with approximately 879K followers at the time of writing. She gained popularity on this well-known social media network by sharing trendy and se*ual photographs. Her enthusiasm for modelling may be seen in these Instagram photos she has posted.

Likewise, her IGTV videos and Instagram reels are getting increasingly popular with the audience, establishing her as one of the most rapidly developing social media influencers on the globe. Kay has a strong desire to travel, as seen by her numerous writings on the subject.

She routinely shares her travel adventures in the form of tales and films on her blog and YouTube channel. It’s no surprise that her chic attire and trendy persona have captured the hearts of many. She also has a separate backup page for her main Instagram account, which she uses for backup purposes.

You can join the Viktoria Kay members-only Instagram page by following the account @viktoriakay. Viktoria Kay is also well-known for her video blogging skills. Her Youtube channel currently has over 525K subscribers and is rapidly growing in popularity.

Mostly, she uses this channel to offer fashion, fitness, and lifestyle videos to her audience, and she engages with them on a regular basis through comments and other means. Her interest in fashion and modelling can also be shown on her Tiktok page, which she has created.

Viktoria Kay’s TikTok account has a following of 168.5K people at the time of writing. As a result of her massive following across all social media platforms, she is proudly regarded as a popular influencer among the general public.

Viktoria Kay onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Viktoria Kay Onlyfans Images

Viktoria Kay Onlyfans Reddit

Viktoria Kay Onlyfans Videos

Viktoria Kay – Onlyfans Presence

People are also actively looking for Victoria Kay onlyfans account on social media. At the time of writing, she may be found on onlyfans as @viktoriakay. In the current state of affairs, she has 4.3K likes and 40 posts on this popular photo-sharing network.

However, this is only available to Onlyfans subscribers who have paid for the service. If you want to see her profile on this website, you can subscribe to the platform using one of the subscription plans that are accessible.

Estimates of Viktoria Net Worth

With each passing day, this fitness model’s fame grows even more. Her expected profits from other social media sites and endorsements are also unknown at this time. It is claimed that she earns between $1000-$1500 for every post on Instagram alone, based on her following.

In addition, she publishes one post every two days, which is a high frequency. Viktoria Kay’s net worth is estimated to be $200K a year based on these figures, with the majority of her income coming from Instagram.

When it comes to the video blogging portion of her life, she earns an estimated $13 – $214 every day from her Youtube channel, according to her estimates. And this results in a yearly income of approximately $50,000 for her. Viktoria Kay’s estimated net worth exceeds $600,000 when all of the other facets of her work, such as endorsements and commercials, are taken into account.

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