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Violet Summers onlyfans videos, images, boyfriend, age best biography 2022


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Who is Violet Summers?

Violet Summers OnlyFans
Violet Summers OnlyFans

As a model, Violet Summers has inspired many women to feel comfortable about how they look in a world where several women fear how they look. Besides shooting bikini, lingerie, and casual wear, she is also an actress and model. Her Instagram following has increased over the past few years.

Since she has become more popular and famous, more fans are interested in her. This article is for Violet’s die-hard fans to quench their thirst and answer all their questions. She even has a pretty name, just like the violet color, doesn’t she? In no time at all, let’s have a look at what we have.


Violet Summers Biography

Born November 28, 1998, in Sacramento, California, USA, Violet Summers is a Sagittarius with American citizenship and a birthday on November 28. Known as an Instagram star for uploading pictures from her photoshoots and everyday life photos, Violet is an actress, model, and model. She has posted hundreds of images on her Instagram account.

Nearly six million people follow her account, and she’s uploaded over 600 pictures in which her breasts and buttocks are the focus – these attributes made her famous online.

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Violet Summers Wiki biography

NameViolet Summers
Profession(s)Actress, Instagram Star, Model,
BirthdayNovember 28 1999
Age21 years (As in 2021)
BirthplaceTexas, United States
HometownTexas, Texas, United States
violet summers biography

Violet Summers Age 2022, Height, etc.

1999 was the birth year of this hot model. Sagittarius is her sun sign as of 2020. She is 20 years old. In addition to being vigilant, intelligent, and creative, Violent is an innovative and brilliant vigilante. November 28 is always the day on which this lady celebrates her birthday.

credit card
credit card

The fact that Summers strictly follows Christianity may not surprise you. Models stand tall at the height of 5 feet 4 inches, and this gorgeous model is no exception. Even though this may not be the ideal Height for becoming a model, talent counts, doesn’t it?

Until now, the beauty hasn’t dated a handsome showbiz celebrity. She may be holding out on dating just yet due to her age, or she may have a crush on someone and is waiting for him to approach her. Fans are happy that she is living a happy life, regardless of the reason.

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Childhood and education

Her father is a lawyer, and her mother works at a local hospital. Violet grew up as an only child in Sacramento. Unlike many of her peers, she wanted to become an actress and a model when she was little, and she became physically active at elementary school, running track and playing soccer and tennis.

At age 16, she started going to the gym since she learned that sports weren’t enough to shape her body and prepare her for a modeling career. After enrolling in a local high school in 2012 and playing sports mainly to shape her body, she became interested in modeling. At age 17, Violet was spotted by a modeling scout, and she created her Instagram account simultaneously, steadily building her following.

She decided not to attend college after graduating in 2016 but instead focused on her modeling career and her career on the web.

Violet’s Personal life

Violet’s private life is not a surprise to people who want an inside look. The nature of her work deserves the attention it receives. People are more interested in her love life than anything else. The most surprising thing about Violet is that she has remained focused on her career and has never been involved in a romantic relationship. Our next topic will be her personal life, which has other exciting features.

Animals are Violet’s passion. According to her Instagram account, she is regularly seen driving around with a French bulldog as a pet. In addition, she enjoys bird watching, cat watching, and other animal watching.

Travel is another passion of Violet’s. In addition to experiencing new cultures and places, she enjoys meeting new people. Some of her posts describe her traveling through other states, having fun, and taking photographs of sunsets.

Her favorite thing to do is dress up. The models love mermaid-themed accessories and clothing, which is interesting to know. Violet is famous for her sneaker game, which is also enjoyable. After starting in flats and flip-flops, she switched up her style. To change her appearance, she scoured the internet for options and discovered Alexis Ren. Violet emulated Ren’s unique style by incorporating sneakers into her wardrobe. Ren has over 14 million Instagram followers.

Since then, she has bought high-end sneakers from Air Jordan, Yeezy, Louis Vuitton, and others. Her collection of sneakers has reached more than 110 pairs, and she keeps buying more.

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Violet Summers Onlyfans Career

Born on November 28, 1999, Violet Summers grew up in Texas but in Phoenix, Arizona. We don’t know much about the West Coast native’s upbringing or past. Nevertheless, Violet had a passion for cheerleading and dance as a child and spent much time outdoors. 

The actress has more than 10.6 million followers on Instagram, 1.1 million followers on her backup Instagram account, 181,000 followers on TikTok, and 774,200 followers on Twitter, as of September 2021. Summers’ official YouTube channel does not exist.

As a young adult film actress, Violet started her career. In her s*xy and seductive Instagram photos, the actress garnered her first exposure, she stands five feet two inches. Her following has grown to millions since she started her account, and she continues to build her brand online.

In April 2020, the adult film actress was named Penthouse Pet of the Month. Her first big break in the adult film industry was one of her experiences on social media. Penthouse Magazine featured her the same year.

Along with her social media accounts, Violet subscribes to Nudiez. If you want access to exclusive content that is too racy for social media, you can follow her performance, tip her, and pay for access.


Violet additionally enjoys collecting sneakers, tacos, acting, and collecting sneakers (she calls herself a sneakerhead).

Violet Summers Boyfriend

In the past three years, Violet has been in several relationships but has kept these relationships private, preferring to keep her business to herself. There is a widespread belief that she and her long-term boyfriend created s*x videos together and that he then publicly shared them after they broke up.

Violet initially felt hurt by this, but she later found out she could make money from these videos. Violet dated a boxer as her second boyfriend in 2016, whom she met online after he messaged Violet on Instagram. Violet dated her first girlfriend for only two weeks before dating her current one, although they dated for six months before parting ways.

The first time she discovered she was attracted to girls was when she was in high school, but she didn’t act on it until she was 17 years old when she kissed a girl for the first time, and at the age of 19, she began her first relationship.

It is believed that Violet’s now ex-girlfriend is the girl depicted in one of her internet s*x videos. The two dated for over four months.

Violet hasn’t explicitly stated that she is dating her second girlfriend, but it appears that she is. Neither Violet nor her second girlfriend has children.

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Violet Gym, Skating, and Sneakers.

Violet Summers looks toned, but she enjoys eating as well. Violet used to go to the gym regularly before the pandemic. To motivate her followers to get in shape, she posts these videos on social media. COVID restrictions have prevented her from going to the gym, but now that the gyms have reopened, she plans to return.

She does not appear to have skated as a child, but she has taken up the hobby as an adult. Despite switching her skateboards frequently, she admits that she needs to practice her skating tricks without hurting herself.

It is well known that Violet has an excellent sense of style for sneakers. Before switching up her class, the model wore flats and flip-flops. Instagram and Pinterest became her sources of inspiration when she wanted to change her look. Alexis Ren became her inspiration during this process.

Violet Summers Onlyfans news

Violet has both a Nudiez and an Onlyfans account, where she also makes money per view by selling explicit content. She can access her DMs on the exclusive report and access several unlocked contents. For $9.99/month, she can access these contents.

Violet Summers’s net worth

Lingerie companies have been using Violet’s content for endorsement deals, which account for a good portion of her income. Users subscribe to and pay for access to her content on Nudiez and Onlyfans, where she makes money. In addition, she recently created a YouTube account, where she uploads videos and earns money by watching them.

As mentioned earlier, it has not yet been determined what her net worth is. The estimated value of her estate today ranges from $700,000 to $2 million, a sizeable sum for a woman of her age and one that is most definitely going to increase over time.

Hobbies and other interests

Despite her trainer’s advice, Violet spends most of her free time at the gym working out, more than he recommends, because, as she describes it, she’s a fitness fanatic.

Violet also follows a strict diet as she cares about her appearance and her weight – she allows herself one cheat meal a week, and she usually has sweets for it. It is one of her interests to travel, which has led her to visit many states in the US, including Arizona, Texas, and New York, and has led her to two trips to Europe, including London, England, and Paris, France.

Animals are her passion, but she doesn’t have any pets. Runs, reading, and playing with plush dolls are a few of her hobbies.

She also enjoys watching movies in her free time, and some of her favorite actors and actresses include Leonard DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, and Angelina Jolie, and some of her favorite films include “Titanic”, “Dear John” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”.

Violet summers onlyfans videos and images

credit card
credit card

Some interesting Violet Summers Onlyfans facts

  • When Violet made her first Instagram post at just 17 years old, her journey to stardom started.
  • She has over 11 million followers combined on Instagram – 10.6 million on her verified main page and 1.1 million on her backup page.
  • Violet Summer is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 121 lbs (55 kilograms). Her Height is 160 centimeters, and her weight is 55 kilograms. The measurements of her body are 34-26-35.
  • Violet loves modeling and acting, but she is also very interested in fitness and staying in shape. No surprise, since the body is every model’s most prized possession.
  • Violet loves pets, traveling, and taking pictures, to name a few of her interests.
  • Having made her acting debut in 2017 with the film Oz Comic-Con the Movie, Violet Summers has since begun pursuing acting professionally.
  • To view Violet’s racy content not suitable for social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and the like, Nudiez allows users to pay a fee.
  • Her favorite footwear is sneakers. After searching for options, Violet found Instagrammer Alexis Ren, who rocked sneakers. She followed her example and began wearing them as well. Her collection now numbers over 110 pairs.
  • Despite Violet’s career choice, her family stood by her rather than criticized her.
  • Various sources report different figures for Violet’s net worth. Her current net worth, it’s somewhere between $700,000 and $2 million.

Violet Summers: Conclusion

Yet another example of how the internet and social media can create sensations. It takes just a few posts on the web for a teenager to become a sensation. Her reputation has been handled with maturity by Violet, and she has kept her personal and professional lives separate. In addition, she has kept romantic relations to a minimum and has devoted all her energy to securing the bag.

It is evident from the recognition she has received so far that she will achieve more in the future. Her career may lead her to become an adult entertainment legend, or she may explore other possibilities in the years to come. She already has the platform, and she will succeed no matter what path she takes.

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