5 Facts about Brittney Griner's Ex-Wife

Family members of Brittney Griner continue to speak out about her situation,

Especially after her appeal was rejected and she was transferred to a Russian penal colony.

Cherelle Griner, the wife of the WNBA star, is concerned.

Cherelle Griner said at a Tuesday awards show she's been riding waves of grief and disbelief.

Today I stand before you guys without my best friend, my best supporter, and my sanctuary.

Having a loved one held hostage is truly excruciating. No words can describe the pain."

Brittney's first wife isnot Cherelle Griner. Her ex-wife's five secrets.

1. Glory Johnson was Brittney Griner's spouse

2. A teammate of Brittney Griner, Glory Johnson

3. While married to Brittney, she considers herself straight

4. A mother of two, Glory Johnson

5. For Brittney, she still wishes the best