As a rookie in the NYPD, one of the runners on Sunday's TCS NYC Marathon course knows the streets well.

The officer is using her running skills to pursue her dreams.

Kelly is the fastest female on the force. Her time is the fastest ever for a female NYPD officer at the 2021 NYC Marathon.

In fact, her time was among the fastest of all women competing in last year's marathon.

At the start of the race, Kelly felt amazing. As I just went with it, I finished and I couldn'tbelieve it. I was shocked."

The NYPD has just one year experience with Kelly, assigned to the Midtown South precinct.

After setting a record for the mile and a half with 8 minutes and 36 seconds during her time in the Academy, she joined the department's running team.

Only two weeks before the big race, she was asked to run the marathon. At the time, she wasn't training for the marathon.

I did a 20 mile run that weekend and I was like, alright... I've still got it," she said. "So I just did it."

She credits her love of running to her late grandfather, who also inspired her to become a police officer.

She now inspires runners and walkers. Her goal: to break three hours at the marathon.

It would be amazing if I could break three hours." Kelly said.