Instagram Model Makes $100,000 A Year From Pics Of Her 6.5-Inch Tongue

Despite her incredibly long tongue, an Instagram model may follow Kiss bassist Gene Simmons's example. 

Her name is Mikayla Saravia and she makes six figures at 21. 

@KKVSH's Mikayla has 2M Instagram followers and gets paid between $900 and $3,000 for licking food. 

YouTube is also her source of income, which she monetizes, as well as her website.

Mikayla explained that she made $35,000 last year, which should be more than double this year.

People love her tongue, and some want tattoos of it, while others pay her for their own pictures.

"I wish people understood that I'm not just about fame and fortune," she says.

However, she says, "I'm very proud of my accomplishments since I'm a young entrepreneur.".

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