There is a net worth of $5 million for Bad Boy Chiller Crew.

An English bassline collective from Bradford, Bad Boy Chiller Crew.

In the 2000s, the group began uploading prank videos online, then began making music influenced by the UK bassline scene.

The Bradford-based Bad Boy Chiller Crew is Gareth Kelly (GK), Kane Welsh (KW), and Sam Robinson (Clive).

Were the first to break through the West Yorkshire bassline scene.

In spite of the pandemic's impacts on many musicians, the MC trio's success was hastened.

With over 14 million views on YouTube, their debut single, 450, was released in 2020.

Jackass-style comedy and a down-to-earth demeanor have resonated with audiences,

Producing a mini-documentary with Vice to penning a song for a local pizzeria commercial.