Lionel Messi will be given the farewell he never received next summer when Barcelona re-signs him.

After the pandemic, the 35-year-old left Barcelona under a cloud, feeling betrayed by the club.

At the last minute, Barcelona withdrew their offer to Messi, resulting in his move to Paris Saint-Germain.

His deal expires next summer, so speculation is rife. Messi's Paris Saint-Germain is keen to keep him.

In Gracia, three attendees attended a meeting this week at the Botafumeiro restaurant, as Joan Fontes reported.

Among them were Alex Hernandez, brother of Xavi, Rodrigo Messi, brother of Lionel, and Fernando Solanas, expert in contracts and branding.

Meetings may not result in concrete decisions, but they do show that the two parties are in touch

Messi's return to Barcelona is a priority for Barcelona. It's likely the salary limit will be the problem.