Controversial Murder Case Involving Model Courtney Clenney of OnlyFans

Courtney "Tailor" Clenney, who is accused of murdering Christian Obumseli, insists she acted in self-defense, but investigators say she was the more violent.

The Miami police found Courtney Clenney holding her bleeding boyfriend in her arms in her condo on April 3.

Christian Obumseli was stabbed to death in Jackson Memorial Hospital. Investigators are now charging Clenney with his murder.

Despite being followed by more than two million people on Instagram and OnlyFans, Courtney Tailor maintains that she acted out of self-defense.

Clenney's behavior escalated and ultimately resulted in his murder, authorities allege in the affidavit obtained by E! News despite their participation in multiple domestic violence incidents since November 2020.

After Clenney was arrested on Aug. 10 in Hawaii, her attorney Frank Andrew Prieto told E! News that her defense was "clear evidence" of her actions.

Obumseli choked Courtney that night, and Courtney had no choice but to fight back. Also, he said, Clenney had cooperated with police and was willing to self-surrender to authorities in an effort to be cleared of the charges.

He told her to expect a vigorous defense and to be cleared of these unfounded and baseless charges if she continues with her treatment for PTSD.

Upon her extradition to Miami, Clenney will have her first court hearing on Sept. 12. She has been denied bail and remains in jail in Hawaii on second-degree murder charges.

The arrest of Clenney is being referred to as a "progress" by Obumseli's brother, Jeffrey Obumseli, in a statement posted to social media.

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