Cops have 10 clues about Shraddha Walkar

1. After killing Shradhha Walker, Aaftab allegedly disposed of 35 pieces of her body in the forest. The head is still missing.

2. Veterinary forensics will determine if the bones belong to any animal.

3. Chhatarpur flat's kitchen had bloodstains. Examined samples

4. A DNA sample of Shraddha's father was taken to match the blood and remains.

5. Clearly, Aaftab used a lot of water -- probably to remove the blood and other physical signs of his murder.

6. CCTV footage of the area is also being sought, which is challenging because most CCTVs capture records for 15 days. Cops want the last six months' footage.

7. Whether Shraddha's possessions are in the bag must be determined by the family.

8. Aaftab will be tested for narcotics to determine whether he is telling the truth or misleading the investigation.

9. Aaftab saw a doctor in May for treatment of a knife wound. During fruit cutting, Aaftab claimed he got hurt and was restless. The doctor confirmed it wasn't a deep injury.

10. Using her bank account app, Aaftab transferred $54,000 after killing Shraddha.