Corinna Kopf revealed that she spent over $8,000 on surgery for her 6-month-old cat.

Corinna Kopf has a wildly successful career as an online entertainer.

Only Fans makes millions a month from Twitch, Instagram, and Twitch streams.

She's shown off lavish trips, expensive cars, and designer clothes... and now this.

A photo of a cute brown tabby cat was captioned "Girly got surgery" by Corinna.

The influencer responded to fans' inquiries. According to Corinna, Storm had somehow been injured, which explains the cute cat pictures.

Aside from that, Kopf claims she spent over $8,000 on surgeries for the poor feline.

Kopf said, "She's an outdoor cat, so I won't know what happened.". Her injuries are not life-threatening.

Storm's health is clearly her top priority, as fans wish her well.

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January 31, 2020