Is mrunal Thakur in a relationship?

Mrunal Thakur says she was okay with her boyfriend using a dating app

Mrunal Thakur has made headlines with her stellar performance in Sita Raman.

It is not known about her dating life since she has kept it quiet.

There is always a lot of curiosity among Mrunal's fans about her dating life.

It's clear that the actress is quite specific about her dating preferences, but one thing she revealed surprised us all!

According to reports, Murunal wasn't concerned about her ex-boyfriend using dating apps.

According to reports, Mrunal was okay with her partner being on Bumble in one of her past relationships.

In a relationship, she stressed the importance of transparency and honesty.

In this case, she said, "I am very different and I think my boyfriend had a hard time digesting it too."

However, it is also necessary. I cannot travel all the way to Europe. As of that point, all I can offer is emotional and verbal support.

That's all I got. I'm fine. My response was, "Just don't tell me, but when I am with you, I am with you."