AJ McCarron's wife, Katherine Webb, knows what it's like to go viral on social media better than anyone in football.

As the then-girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback, the now-wife went viral several years ago. Brent Musburger pointed her out.

Webb has mostly stayed out of the public eye since then, though she has a huge social media following.

The wife of the longtime quarterback wentviral once again for her birthday swimsuit photo this year.

Another fan wrote, "No cardio needed!". In a more formal setting, Webb has posed.

Last year, she posed for Sports Illustrated's iconic swimsuit issue.

A football theme was evident in Webb's photoshoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Former college student turned model participated in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Since then, Webb has avoided most public modeling. However, she still goes viral on social media. Best wishes to the family.