Massive Shark Jump aboard a Fishing Boat

An online video shows a 330-pound mako shark jumping on top of a fishing boat in New Zealand.

A bigger boat is needed. An accidental hitchhiker jumped aboard a fishing boat in New Zealand as a group of people were fishing.

A group of five customers wentfishing off Whitianga over the weekend with Churchys Charter NZ.

The group was targeting king fish, but a much larger animal joined the party: the mako shark.

In the midst of fishing, the shark jumped out of the deep blue sea and landed on the boat with a thud.

An online video has goneviral. Our fight was normal, but it kept jumping.

The New Zealand Herald quotes Churches as saying 'if it jumps in the boat, get out of the way'.

It just so happened that it jumped onto the boat about 30 seconds later. Weird.

A line was going out to the side of the boat when it suddenly changed jumped at the same time and we got a fright."

Churches further explained that the shark managed to escape the boat after about two minutes.